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  1. >mission 1 I think you mean lady First off just run around the arena and collect all orbs, then go to fight dante. IF i remember correctly you can cheese that mission with lady's grappling hook while shes in the air I dont remember the exact combination of moves, but its extremely easy They key is jumping and doing the grapple move where she lifts dante up, and then again to smash him into the ground. Maybe you can skeak up a lvl3 handgun shot here and there to make the gauge fill faster. He might dodge the glappling hook once or twice, just keep spamming. Also it should go without saying to not use any items and not get hit at all
  2. TES IV: Knights of the nine?
  3. Its easier than it looks at first, you dont need to be a GOD on DMC4 to get the platinum, if you play your cards well. By that I mean: (pls no bully these are just tips that make the plat easier) 1- Use automatic mode for Nero (dem EXceeds) 2- Use Lady and Trish for S ranks (charged handgun for enemies, charged shotgun for bosses as Lady; Round trip+Charged bare fists as Trish) 3- Complete the game on DMD to get Super costumes for Nero, Dante and Vergil for bloody palace (you can just stockpile items and gold orbs and go at it) 4- Use Lady or Super costumes to get SSS ranks on bosses 5- Use super costumes for tough secret missions like royal guard or the one with the lasers 6- When using Vergil, spam DT summoned sword attacks (they are very overpowered) 7- When using Trish, always have sparda on round trip mode and use charged attacks, use DT handgun for de-cloaking, use pandoras revenge against blitz, use pandora cancel to build up DT 8- When using lady, just jump around and spam Lv3 handgun+grapple shot until everything's dead 9- When completing bloody palace, move the camera away from enemies; they wont attack you unless they are visible 10- Use super Vergil on HAH mode (judgment cut end) 11- For the untouchable trophy, use Super Dante's pandora or Super Vergil's JCE 12- Play in turbo mode all the time to save time
  4. I recently noticed that my PSN trophy level (as displayed in the ps4), does not match my psnprofile trophy level (yes, everything is updated). Yesterday I got to level 31 on my ps4 but psnprofiles still says that im at 95% of level 30. Is it a bug or has it always been like this?