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  1. Cos I'm a loser with no social life and I get bored easily.
  2. Just platted Thronebreaker and it's not bad, but it aint great. I would do a guide so anyone who wants to plat it don't have to follow that pile of crap on PS3T, but I can't be arsed. Have fun kiddos.

    1. DamagingRob



      But congrats on the Plat!

  3. 1) Shoot/kill all turrets/guns. 2)Run in front of MINAC and shoot the claptraps as theyre spawning, this spawns way more = way more drops = more chance of the stuff dropping. It sucks either way. 3) Rinse and repeat, then when you wanna collect safely just kill and collect.
  4. Go into settings > options increase your sensitivity. Did it first try after that.
  5. I treat myself with beer, coffee and cigarettes. Though I haven't always platted a game
  6. Derp.. Yeah misread. There's no real safe glitch from what I'm aware. Just dodge.
  7. It does, but it's a different spot on the PS4. Can confirm it works.
  8. http://bfy.tw/NUN0
  9. People who don't enjoy fun maybe ...
  10. Who cares about the trophies. It's 10tons Ltd, They're generally pretty solid for fun games - Shameless plug for Tesla Vs Lovecraft, go have fun!!
  11. Getting a life would help me.. I only do it cos boredom meh
  12. https://forums.2k.com/showthread.php?4368720-PS3-Borderlands-Japanese-GOTY-claptrap-DLC https://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/t/borderlands-japanese-ps3-claptrap-dlc/2238541 Both links from the email.
  13. 7/10 means the game is decent (above average), seems about right. Not every game can be The Witcher 3, or AMY