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  1. Doesn't include a trophy for rubbing an animated girl's titties.. Shameful
  2. Oh wow a premium reversible cover
  3. Base one, pro aint worth it. My PS4 is basically a £350 DVD player at this point..
  4. How are we meant to know? Look yourself, see what you find interesting, buy those...
  5. I'm not a JRPG fan.. But there's a few JRPGs I do like
  6. It's probably the auto upload crap to Plus, never fuckin' works.. Even after it being out for like 5 years or whatever at this point.
  7. It's it aint hard or or whatever your prefix for your country is.
  8. There's a big website named after some river if I remember correctly.. Just can't quite remember the name. Thames? Nile? .. I dunno summit like that.
  9. Who said I was bein sarcastic
  10. I did, but I lost it at work while ruining the 6th customer's Christmas
  11. I blame entitled gamers, bunch of pricks want games that don't involve the game constantly tryna rip you off with microtransactions. Entitled pricks..
  12. *sigh* Bethesda.. Bethesda.. Bethesda. Are you trying to self implode.. Jesus. 😂:facepalm:

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. KANERKB


      Well am glad they are getting heat they need to suffer for the shit they are pulling and yeah. also kind of glad of watching the fire go as they f ing killed fallout with 4 and just kicked the poor dead thing with 76. quake has been killed by them too along with wolfenstein and to me doom as well.

    3. MidnightDragon


      Just need to burn it to the ground.

    4. Cobby


      @TJ_Solo They only just released shit in the atom store for FO76, which is breaking rules based on deceptive pricing, so it's a new thing in terms of Bethesda.

  13. Alan Wake on PS4 would be legit. Easily one of my favourite games.
  14. None... Cyberpunk is CDPR, they take time with their titles, pretty sure it's 2020. Borderlands 3, which is mostly likely announced at PAX in April, so probably 2020 too. That's it. WoW Patch 8.2 when we can get some actual content. *Glares at Blizzard*
  15. Says PS4 .. and it's a Friday which some games do release on.. Probably correct.