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  1. Can't confirm. But I'd say yes HK store usually has the AS versions.
  2. No platinum so it goes into the stack of fake games, alone with Resident Evil 4.
  3. Why is there no option for The Quiet Man, man?
  4. That's LEGO for ya That's why you take every precaution not to risk a bug like completing a mission fully, waiting for the save to complete before going into another room.. etc.. etc. .
  5. I mean it's a game about being a shark and eating people. No one wants to do that for 60 hours...
  6. Not played 3 at all (not even on PS3). But I thought 5 and New Dawn were great and really fun games, even if all 3 endings for 5 sucked reall bad and the New Dawn story was questionable.
  7. I want mine to stay in the tissues and not develop into money sucking fiends.
  8. Thronebreaker Rocket League Driveclub The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn's Quest Gravity Rush All the Borderlands have 15+ (I'm sure 3 will when it's 2 DLCs are released)
  9. So I've ended up with a bit more free time than usual today, anyone fancy helping me with my final 3 maps on UC4 Survival? Got about 4 hours or so.

  10. Flame Over PS4 stack is 0.1% and it's not too difficult either. Slight RNG but nothing too bad.
  11. 38 million monthly fees. 38,000,000 x $9.99 = $379,620,000 Totaly not worth it. It's dead guys, move along.. DON'T DO Thattt.. STOP POKING IT WITH A STICK FFS.. Christ people..
  12. There doesn't need to be a refund scheme. Don't pre-order/ buy it day 1 and research the game
  13. What do you expect when the trophy list main image is It looks just as shit as every other desert island survival game ... Or actually no.. At least they had decent art work and marketing.. This just looks straight up shit.
  14. Well people are bored as fuck stuck inside... Not surprised. Maybe if they heard the voice acting before hand tho... Christ lol