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  1. If you want it, buy it. I know it's rocket science, but ya know.. Buy it ...
  2. I feel you needa get good at the game, instead of supporting micro transactions. But what do I know ..
  3. Flame Over, not super difficult, but pretty fun.
  4. I don't see an issue, just turn it off meh.
  5. Seems like it has few gold trophies, but more silver and bronze trophies. Also has a platinum, so I can confirm it's a real game.
  6. None, if a game's that boring or the final grind to a plat is that boring to me I don't bother
  7. I have none... Maybe Exodus after I finish First Light, but .. Nothing.
  8. Why did no one tell me Metro was good games? Gawd... smh

    1. Dead Weight

      Dead Weight

      you wouldn't believe me anyway if i told you

  9. Nah Active Duty is fixed, it just takes a long ass time.
  10. Ah not played it, fair nuff.
  11. Might be wrong, but if theyre 2 seperate characters, maybe Hellblade woman? With whatever the fire thing is.
  12. Not being funny, but where's the International Men's Day one?
  13. If you liked the main game, why not. If you didn't, no. The 1st DLC is just shite, the 2nd they just ramped up the difficulty for no reason, making it just as annoying as the vehicles randomly veering to one side in the 1st DLC.
  14. 1) Square Enix wanted people who had never touched FF before to play it... It says it in the damn game "A game for old and Final Fantasy Fans" or some other thing. So giving the game to people who haven't played FF and if they enjoy it and say they haven't played it, more sales, more people play FF, more games in the future. 2) A review is only their opinion, if the game interests you, why do you care what others have to say about the game?