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  1. Imma be that guy but I'm sure there was a worse fire in the 00s which 10-15 more deaths and they didn't catch the guy .. But humans are assholes. Whats new
  2. Anyone give me a hand? Dunno what I'm doing wrong, but I've played near 30-40 games now and nothing ..
  3. ... You answered your own question.
  4. Anyone with PES19 explain the CO-OP Contributor trophy please? I'm at a loss and as usual the PS3T is vague as fuck.. 

  5. ANOTHER post deleted... Lul

     Image result for its a joke not a dick

    1. Venocide


      I've had a few of those with no explanation. I expect they'll delete this as well. 


      In before the delete.

  6. Is anyone able to give me a hand with the PES19 co-op trophies at some point?

    1. Sir_Bee


      You may have already tried this, but I recommend making a gaming session in order to try and find people.  You should have better luck there.

    2. Cobby


      Tried a few, aye. Got 1 open at the moment. Guess we wait and see 👍

  7. Probably Ebay / Amazon. Doubt you'll find them that cheap these days though, with manufacturing having stopped now.
  8. Just add a wishlist on your forum profile
  9. You done the Misc ones? Jimmie Jenkins etc.
  10. You need to get point blank shotgun kills and rocket launcher splash damage kills to level 5, to unlock another challenge for the respective guns. You've probably already done those to level 1, but you still gotta unlock em..
  11. Resi 2 and Borderlands 1/3
  12. You'd be better of just getting 2 GOTY edition for like £10 or however cheap it is these days.
  13. Yeah, around the open world you gotta find cauldrons... Which defies the idea of FREEPLAY and it sucks.. but whatever.