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  1. I'm in Uk and i found it no problem, just search for it, rather than go through game page list stuff, pretty sure they don't update it anymore.
  2. I go for neither cos I'm a lazy so and so .. I just play games and see where it lands me..
  3. Ass Creed Origins £34.99 .. What we saying? Worth it? Not been a big fan of the 4 games I have played .. Bloodlines and one of the early 360 ones, don't remember which one were awful. Syndicate and Freedom Cry were okay, but really buggy and broken, woulda been more fun without the crashing and performance issues.

  4. Nope .. just a really awkward person socially, I want to get out and do stuff, but I just dunno how to be around people, so isolation and pause menus suit me better.
  5. Whenever I'm not at work, cos I got no friends or life ... horayyy 🙄
  6. To be honest, the fact that the main quote comes from "Daily Mail", it's nothing to worry about, they're the most unreliable shitbags in actual Journalism.
  7. They made it clear they're releasing the physical versions in EU same time as US :/
  8. Tokyo Xanadu Ex+ is definitely being released on the 8th right? No delays? It's not available to buy anywhere in Europe and Aksys said it would be :/

    1. Jigglypuff


      You can get it on Amazon, but I live in the US, so that won't help you. :(

    2. Cobby


      It's listed on EU Amazon (both versions) but you can't actually buy it :/

    3. Jigglypuff


      Well, that sucks.

  9. Tokyo Xanadu and Wolfenstein 2
  10. Loving the game on Vita, stopped playing and was gonna grab this, but you cant buy it anywhere in Europe for some fucking reason and Aksys won't respond to anyone asking why ...
  11. Early / review copies, no lifers, probably some cheap method to get it since its been out on PC for years... The usual blah blah blah
  12. Probably lower sales than it should be just cos a few whinge bags wanna cry about a trophy, saying that I personally think the "trophy community" is pretty small in comparison to the rest, so I'm sure it did fine, it's always been a bit of a "niche" title anyway. Fucking ace game
  13. LOL It's your own fault .. I pre ordered Wolfenstein 2, and its not going on sale for like £25 less than i paid just over 2 weeks ago .. I don't care cos I enjoyed the game that much
  14. If it don't affect me .. I couldn't give less of a fuck than if half of Hollywood was exposed as sex fiends .. Oh .. Wait ..
  15. I'm severely deaf and I hear "Thank you", just people kicking up a fuss about nothing. Surprise surprise ... Seems to happen a lot these days. Even if it was "Fuck you" I'd find that funnier, cos he turned the burglar's intentions around and made him see he can do good.