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  1. To be fair I used to take reviews to be gospel till I tried a few games that are generally hated and I actually liked em. So I don't pay attention anymore. Good times!!
  2. If reviews are affecting your decision to buy a game, you seriously need to stop paying attention to reviews and just make your own decisions. Watch gameplay on YouTube first maybe, or just buy it if you're interested..
  3. Only need 2 more for Driveclub Bikes trophy, date and time to be determined at a time that suits us all. Any help would be awesome :)

  4. Need 3 more for Driveclub Bikes MP trophy. Need 3 more. Placeholder time, we'll sort summit to suit us all.

  5. Anyone fancy giving me a hand with Driveclub Bikes MP trophy please? ^_^ Need 5 more .. 


    1. Precision-Playyy


      I can help, need time to download it though, you may need to give more time for people to join aswell.

    2. Cobby


      Yeah, that's cool, cheers man, I'll keep editing the time till we get 5, then work out a time to suit.

  6. I'm buying the shit outta this game, I'm hype as fuck who cares if it got a plat or not...
  7. I wanted to replay this game like 2 days but I was doing the Mars DLC so, I'm all for this. Gonna be good.
  8. Anyone done the 2nd Wolfenstein 2 DLC on Mein Leben? Agent Silent Death (Part 3 - Moon)?

    1. PlatynowyKot


      Me 😆


    2. Cobby


      Was gonna ask for tips for the final 30 seconds or so.. But it's done :) 


      Now just for base game, not sure I'll ever manage it but I'm happy I managed all the DLC.

  9. I guess I didn't enjoy the game.. or the car combat. Damn.. I don't know my own mind sometimes.. I need therapy. NF where you at?
  10. For all you boys pretending to be T H I C C grils on the interwebs (we all know grils dont use the internet).
  11. Little Red Lie and .... some other game and I'll be happy. Don't give a shit about PS3 or Vita cos they both deader than my pet Dodo.
  12. Return to us, dear friend!

  13. We need you more than ever Fearless leader :(

  14. We miss you just so you know <3

    1. Oowa


      Yeah we miss you bae :wub: 


    2. Sun_emperor1


      don't answer these knuckleheads, with you gone i finaly rule the CB

    3. BlindMango


      Cobby is multiplying, someone save us! :ninja: 

  15. You guys are forgetting some girls do have balls ... EA are way ahead of all of you in terms of acceptance.