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  1. A lot of them probably are, there are also a lot of older parents and also those who just don't know a lot about technology (case and point, my mum 50s and step dad 60s have a 10 year old kid together and the pair of em are fucking useless when it comes to anything technological). Sure, some of it probably is bad parenting, just ignoring the potential of it happening, but there's definitely some cases where the parent doesnt know or fully understand and the depending how young the kid is, they just see "oh packs need Fifa points, Fifa points isn't real money let's get a load of it".
  2. I'd say no. You're paying for a service. Online play, cloud saves and a few other bits I think. The games are a bonus/added incentive.
  3. The thing is, not many older parents understand it. They put their details in to buy their kid a game, then the details are stored and you don't need any passwords or anything to prevent kids spending thousands of pounds/dollars, the game itself doesn't cap it either, so a lot of damage can be done, it's not like buying off a website that'll ask for passwords or the security number of the back of ya card.
  4. The biggest problem I have with em, besides getting people addicted to spening obscene amount of money on em, is kids who don't understand how easily money is spent, if a parent has their card details on a console, a kid will quite easily rack up hundreds/thousands of pounds/dollars of debt and not realise what they've done.
  5. It's still gambling, whether it's real money or in game, you're gambling your chances at earning something better. It's gambling.
  6. Pay money for a chance at a prize (big or small), yeah it's gambling...
  7. Nope, ya need 2 controllers, or a Vita remote play and a controller.
  8. Higher skilled players derank on purpose to get easy objectives done. You are matching up fairly to people on a similar skill rating. Nothing you can do.
  9. They haven't confirmed anything.. Sony's being Sony and being vague as fuck,so when something doesn't work it doesn't bite them in the ass.
  10. Anyone else have any issues with this? What worked for you? Must've killed at least 25-30 with deflections and it's not popping.
  11. So.. Tryna locate the Never Alone JP and CN stacks. I've found the CN stack, but can't find any CN PSN top up cards.. and I can't find the JP version at all, despite people 100%ing it recently? Anyone know whats up and how to get em?
  12. Most likely, then JP and CN versions down the line (if at all).
  13. Who else is getting this? Releases Thursday I believe. Cannot wait personally, Never Alone was great and they've confirmed this game will have the insights (small documentaries as well) (Gameplay below)
  14. Can't confirm. But I'd say yes HK store usually has the AS versions.
  15. No platinum so it goes into the stack of fake games, alone with Resident Evil 4.