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  1. All these hands of death make the trophy unobtainable... Unbelievable. All of my efforts vanish like water receding into the sand. What should I do?!
  2. You mean crossby? If I buy ps4 version it will appear in download list on PS Vita Store and I don't have to worry it is not appearing now in Vita store? Thanks!
  3. My Vita station can't find that game (Hong Kong). 😱 How can I buy it? It happened in different stores there are some games called gibberish in the download list, мaybe the same thing happened to this game?
  4. To play that game is the hardest thing. Just progress somehow through insane crashes which reloads Vita system is real challenge.
  5. Hello?! Sometimes you?! That game on the Visa needs a patch! The problem with the game is clearly in the save file. Looks like I have to start the game all over again.
  6. There is no option to use them.
  7. Same issue. More than 10 hours all the time.