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  1. It was a phenomenal game in its time. Great story and good history. Hit detection is piss poor though and there are so many glitches that you don't really have much control over the game. Hard mode is hard as shit, but mainly because the hit detection blows. Frustrating as hell but I'd still rather play this game than any cod after black ops
  2. Disregard. The red font doesn't mean anything! Just shared my first discovery. Royal Convoy at 158,88
  3. It keeps telling me in red font to "add friends to compare stats with them" even though I have around 7 or 8 friends who have this game. I also tried switching servers and unlinking my Uplay account but the message is still there. Does anyone know what I should try next?
  4. Thanks. Do you have to get the unstoppable star as well for the master trophy? The unstoppable star requires that you win while the other side has less than 40 points. On Hoth, thats impossible, even for a computer. Did you have to get the unstoppable star as well? This is the star you get for winning when the other team has less than 40 points on master difficulty.
  5. Does anyone know if the collectibles have to be obtained on master difficulty for the master trophy?
  6. Trophy is glitched. Only way to get it is to have most kills and have the time limit run out. If the max amount of kills is reached the trophy will not pop.
  7. Anyone know why the black ops servers are down? Today is 3/20/15
  8. Can anyone please explain to me why my highest round does not update on the leaderboards after a 2-player Tranzit game? This is extremely frustrating since I am a very serious zombie player and want to have my highest round displayed. Thanks
  9. My fasted platinum was Modern Warfare 2. I played spec ops for 7 hours straight with one of my friends and got the trophies. The last spec op with the juggernauts was so frustrating, but so much fun.
  10. Finally finished my Call of Duty World at War plat after 2 years and a smashed controller!!