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  1. Oh cool. Problem is however that I already looted that place so there may be nothing to loot now. I'll try anyways though. EDIT: YES! I looked again and there it was! Thank God they fixed it with 1.12 patch! Don't have to do New Game+ anymore.
  2. I understand. Thank you for the help. I have now finished the main story and gotten all the missable trophies except Card Collector. I guess it's time to start New Game + for it.
  3. Nope. Haven't finished the main quests. I am at Skellige main quests atm. Why'd you ask?
  4. Yeah I looked near the tree 3 times now but nothing there. I started playing the game on patch 1.11 I attached the screenshot of how it looks for me.
  5. I know it has been asked before but here's my problem. So firstly I missed Zoltan Card at the beggining of the game and I know there is a way to get it by a loot at Hanged Man's Tree. However, for me the loot only has unfinished book and no card. Some people did manage to find it there but some couldn't like me. Has anybody had this problem and were able to find a solution?
  6. I had the problem of Nothing Personal trophy not unlocking also and then I tried your method of fixing the glitch and it worked.
  7. Battlefield 4
  8. Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. I love the game but the trophies are time consuming, not that hard.
  9. Yay alright so I did choose the True End path and I am in January now so it's good that I'll be able to max all Social links this playthrough. Thanks for the confirmation.
  10. Well I hope you're not wrong. I'll keep on playing and see.
  11. I wanted to know if it is possible to rank up Nanako's social link after completing the Heaven dungeon. I am done until Social rank 9 so it's only 1 more rank till max. It's only this and Adachi's social link left to max. I am on my first playthrough and I have also finished reading all the books. I hope I didn't miss it.
  12. Need for Speed: The Run Show Off Post a photo using Photo Mode
  13. Back up your to a USB stick before playing single player and even multiplayer. Back up often