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  1. It's awesome, Sly! =D Why? In general it's better to improve only one guide, instead of having multiple ones, isn't it?
  2. Awesome Sly =D
  3. Yes, it is what I'm talking about!
  4. First played: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune First owned: GTA IV
  5. Yes, I had some clarity problems =P Anyway, it's not trophy advisor, it's the list of my earned trophies ordered by rarity. I don't know if it affects trophy advisor too.
  6. Yeah, I read how it works. Probably it's not the best precise way to count DLC owners, but it's surely the fastest one and on the average it perfectly works, also because who purchases a DLC often earn its trophies. Thanks for your support ;-D
  7. Yes, it's the total amount of owners of the game and yes, it should not be there!
  8. I edit my previous post, check the link ;-)
  9. Could you please tell me where you read it? EDIT: sorry, just found it. But look at this link and search #783: As you can see owners is 300K...
  10. I know it, I don't write things at random. As I wrote, owners count was set to 300K. Where do you read 10K?
  11. Hi everybody, today I was checking my earned trophy in rarity orders, and these two uncharted 3 trophies caught my attention: | About 300K users can achieve those trophies, but only 1k actually achieve them. Percentage is 10%. Now, if math doesn't fool me, right percentage should be 3% (with varoius approximation, of course). Am I missing anything? Or new DLC-based rarity has a bug?
  12. There are no hidden cages in the Livid world
  13. 100% Uncharted 3! It has been stressful!

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      It's impressive,whatever,congrats.

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      Congratz. :]

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      Thank you too! =)