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  1. Honestly.... probably nothing. I retired my PS3 some time ago, once it stopped reading discs, and just moved on to PS4. The only thing I can think of that I MIGHT buy, if it were on sale, is the DLC for the first BioShock, so I could finally get that game to 100%, but I likely won't bother. I have too many games to get through on PS4 alone without going back to PS3 just to earn a few more trophies.
  2. Completing every level without dying might be tough, since just about everything in an Oddworld game tends to be a one-hit kill. Hopefully we can abuse the Quik Save / Quik Load feature...
  3. Have to agree with @AJ_Radio here, guys - these time trials really are extremely unforgiving. They're the reason why I haven't platted the game myself yet. I got bronze on one of the 6 trials by the skin of my teeth. For another, I've fallen short of the bronze time by a TENTH of a second. TWICE. The other 4 trials, I can't even get within 5 seconds of the bronze requirement time. The other races in the game are, almost without exception, pretty easy, but these trials are far harder by comparison.
  4. I draw a lot of Transformers pixel art sprites, and have set up an Instagram page to start showing them to people.  Here are a couple of examples.  If you want to see more, check out



    Thanks for looking!

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    2. AJ_Radio


      Transformers was a bit before my time. Tried to watch that 1980s cartoon show but couldn't get into it.

    3. StewartBros


      @AJ_Radiothe 80s Transformers show is definitely a product of its time.  It would be considered cheesy and even somewhat camp by today's standards, but I was a few years old when TFs debuted in 1984, so of course I watched the cartoons, had some of the toys, etc.  I maintained an on-again, off-again interest in them over the years, and started drawing these pics around the time that the first Bay movie was released.  I'd estimate that I've drawn somewhere close to 800 of them by now.

    4. AJ_Radio


      TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), the 80s cartoon show was one of the very first cartoons I was hooked on. I was a Disney kid, watched Darkwing Duck, Goof Troop, Bonkers, etc etc.


      Personally I don't like Michael Bay, as he relies purely on CGI and his movies leave a bad taste in my mouth.

  5. I haven't pre-ordered a game in 9 years, but I'm about to do so for Oddworld Soulstorm, so I can have a physical copy of it. Just debating whether to nab a Collectors Edition, or the vanilla version.
  6. Congrats on finishing Ducati so quickly.  How easy/hard were the Time Trials then?

    1. AJ_Radio


      Haven’t wrote my review for the game yet. 

      Mostly easy but the time trials are a huge spike in difficulty. 

      I finally used front brake and that made a huge difference. The back brake is way too slow. You have to go fast

      around corners but not incur a penalty. 


      Thankfully you only need Bronze, because getting Gold on the time trials is a real serious challenge.


      Still, worth the $1.50 I paid for the game.

  7. #172 - Oddworld New N Tasty.  So much fun. 😁

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    2. StrickenBiged


      Nice one! I think the trophy guide for that game is excellent, I have to say. One of the very best on this site. 

    3. LuckySIime


      Congrats! 🎉

    4. ihadalifeb4this



  8. #172 Against All Odds Mudokon God, Mudokon Saviour 2.68% Ultra Rare Time to Platinum: 3 years, 3 weeks Wow, I'm kind of embarrassed that it's taken me so goddamn long to finish this game, especially since I love the Oddworld games! I started playing New N Tasty back in March 2018, to try it out and see how it looked and played compared to its original PS1 counterpart. Earned 4 trophies, then evidently returned to whatever else I was playing at the time, intending to come back to Oddworld later and continue it. But, I never did. Then, when the Oddworld studio announced that the next game, Oddworld Soulstorm, would be released in April this year, I knew I had to fire up New N Tasty again and go for the plat. I ignored the trophy list for my first playthrough and just did a blind run on Normal, and the majority of trophies popped just during natural play. Then I did the 3 hour speed run on Easy and finished in about 3.5 hours, so I replayed several areas and got down to 2 hours 47 minutes. Then I went back to my Normal run and rescued all the Mudokons I'd missed before, then rescued everybody once again on Hard, and finally relaxed a little by purposely killing 99 of them for my final trophy. 😂 So I definitely did more playthroughs than are actually required for the plat, but I didn't mind at all, since the game is fairly quick once you know where everything is, and it's just so much fun. I've just bought the Alf's Escape DLC mission as well, and will play that this weekend. Bring on Oddworld: Soulstorm!!
  9. Dino Crisis - either an all-new game, or a ground-up remake of the first 2 games. Or both. Tenchu - really disappointing that this series barely made it past the PS2 era. Tenchu is probably my most-desired "needs to return" series. Command & Conquer - Red Alert 3 was great fun. I believe there was talk of a new game a few years ago. but it obviously didn't happen. A Bulletstorm sequel would be good fun. A Mini Ninjas sequel would also be cool.
  10. Finished my 3 hour Oddworld speed run in 3 hours 22 minutes.  Need to replay a few levels to get my time down.  Should be manageable.

  11. The MP trophies are very easy to boost with just 1 other player, and you almost certainly will need to boost as the online is utterly dead. The majority of the 1-player races are quite easy, but (at least to me) the Time Trials are very unforgiving. There are 6 in the game and I've only managed to score Bronze on one of them. The other 5, I can't even get Bronze on. Graphics are average, and there's little or no music while racing. It's an easy plat aside from the Time Trials, but they may not be as hard for you as they are for me.
  12. I'm doing the speed run just now, and my times so far have been pretty terrible, haha. I'm just at the start of Scrabanian Temple, and I'm already 2 hours in! I'll be lucky to finish this run in under 4 hours! I'm gonna have a LOT of replaying to do once I beat the game.... EDIT: Got my time under 3 hours now: 17:41 - RUPTUREFARMS 17:28 - STOCKYARDS 04:18 - MONSAIC LINES 11:27 - PARAMONIA 14:31 - PARAMONIAN TEMPLE 02:00 - PARAMONIAN NESTS 10:31 - SCRABANIA 23:31 - SCRABANIAN TEMPLE 02:00 - SCRABANIAN NESTS 05:01 - FREE-FIRE ZONE 19:41 - ZULAG 1 11:50 - ZULAG 2 16:03 - ZULAG 3 11:06 - ZULAG 4 ?:? - BOARDROOM (time does not show and also does not show that I saved the Mudokons, even though I did) Total Time - 2 hours 47 minutes
  13. Literally just finished watching this. Gonna watch BVS again tomorrow in preparation for the Snyder Cut coming out on Thursday.
  14. Who doesn't? 😉😂