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  1. Same here... I have about 80 unstarted games currently in my backlog, plus a number of work-in-progress games, and have tried to refrain from buying any at all until I can clear at least 15 of those games. Nothing in this sale is really crying out to me, so I can save some money this month.
  2. Reading through this thread just makes it seem like Mafia III simply isn't worth bothering with, especially with having to downgrade the game to a previous version in order to even render several trophies possible. Think I'll just strike this game off my backlog and sell it. I have more than enough other games to play in the meantime.
  3. Turrican?! Jesus, that takes me back. I spent a lot of hours playing Turrican II way back on the Amiga. The trophies do look like they'll be a pain, but I might just play this and not give a damn about the trophies.
  4. Nah πŸ˜‚ It's only hair, after all - there are more important things in life to concern myself with than how much hair I do or do not have on my head. If it all fell out overnight, I wouldn't give a toss.
  5. I did specify body hair, dude - body hair. I don't have much hair left on my head, but there's more than enough elsewhere on my person. πŸ˜‚
  6. I have an excessive amount of body hair. I'm talking Robin Williams levels of hair. You'll never see me going swimming or being topless on the beach! πŸ˜‚
  7. Just Cause 2 - huge open world to explore, no online stuff, batshit crazy story. HUGE collectathon though. Sleeping Dogs - GTA-style sandbox game set in Hong Kong. It was remastered on PS4 though, if you'd rather play it there, with all DLC included. Metal Gear Solid 4 - cannot recommend it enough.
  8. Never heard of the company, never heard of the game, and some big-boobed women and some controversy won't make me sit up and pay attention to said company or said game. Next.
  9. Jeez, mate... who pissed in your chips?
  10. Just updated my list - I've now earned 20 platinums in 2020. 01 - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remastered - 04th Feb 2020 02 - Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition - 26th Feb 2020 03 - Drowning - 27th Feb 2020 04 - Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - 1st Apr 2020 05 - Duke Nukem 3D - 3rd Apr 2020 06 - Tekken 7 - 6th Apr 2020 07 - Planet RIX-13 - 11th Apr 2020 08 - Battlefield Hardline - 18th Apr 2020 09 - Batman Telltale - 22nd May 2020 10 - Word Sudoku by POWGI - 29th May 2020 11 - Batman: The Enemy Within - 4th Jun 2020 12 - 101 Ways To Die - 12th Jun 2020 13 - Saints Row IV - 22nd Jul 2020 14 - Late Shift - 27th Jul 2020 15 - Far Cry Primal - 11th Aug 2020 16 - Mad Max - 26th Oct 2020 17 - 36 Fragments of Midnight - 28th Oct 2020 18 - Erica - 17th Dec 2020 19 - Life Is Strange - 28th Dec 2020 20 - Crosswords by POWGI - 29th Dec 2020
  11. With regards to RDR2 at least, there are only a few trophies (Strength in Numbers, Posse Up, All's Fair and The Real Deal) which require other players, but they're all pretty easy to do. For The Real Deal, just play the Hostile Takeover mode and camp at one of the 5 capture areas for the entirety of the match. Most players are more concerned with scoring kills than with actually capturing the areas, so just hide behind a wall and only shoot at an enemy if they get too close to you. You can rank up to level 50 (and further if you wish) almost entirely solo - just activate the Trader and Collector roles and farm their missions/collectibles repeatedly. They do get boring after a while, but it's a fairly quick and very easy way to level up and earn cash and gold. Pretty much every other MP trophy will come naturally as you progress toward rank 50.
  12. Enough said πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  13. Can you put me down for a Lady Croft award, as I completed the 3 Lara Croft games some time ago but forgot all about this thread. πŸ˜‚ Thanks.
  14. I would advise against starting over. If you wanted to start anew because you were unhappy with your profile as a whole and didn't like the majority of games you were playing, then that would be one thing, but to scrap all your progress because of just one game really doesn't make sense. Your profile should be an accurate reflection of your gaming history; it should show your failures as well as your successes, your highs and your lows. My first plat was the much-maligned Terminator Salvation - looking back, I kind of wish it hadn't been, but I didn't really care enough about trophies back then to bother, and I've done far too much work on my account since then to ever consider starting over. So, it is of course up to you, but chances are that you would regret throwing away all the progress you've made thus far. If you dislike the VN genre so much, then just use this as a reminder to not play any more of them.
  15. I doubt that very much.