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  1. You should be okay with playing the chapters out of order, as long as you play the final chapter once you are done with all the others, as that is where the game checks whether or not you have completed every chapter and sub-chapter on a specific difficulty. So, let's say you finished Chapters 1 to 7 on Survivor, then dropped down to Normal for 8 and 9, then went back to Survivor for 10 to 12. Then you replay 8 and 9 on Survivor and finish them accordingly, and then replay Chapter 12 again, you should get the trophy then. I could be mistaken, but this should work for you. Remember, though, that you can simply sneak past most enemy encounters. There are relatively few occasions where you are forced to fight large groups of enemies, and if you have a companion with you, like Bill, then you can actually let them do most of the work for you. In Chapter 10 (Bus Depot) for example, you can sneak past every single Infected without needing to engage them. In Chapter 11, the Hospital, you can sneak past almost every soldier. You may have to take out a few of them, but there's no need to kill them all. The hardest chapter on Survivor is definitely #9, where you're playing as Ellie. If you can beat that, then you're golden.
  2. For the most part, I only try to have every 1,000th trophy be a platinum, rather than some crappy, forgettable bronze trophy. It doesn't really matter which platinum it is, but I like to try and keep the streak going. It's just a fun little challenge to set myself, and I only have to think about it every year or so. So far, I've managed the following: 1,000 - Transformers: War for Cybertron 2,000 - Metal Gear Solid 3 3,000 - Assassin's Creed III 4,000 - Far Cry Classic 5,000 - L.A. Noire 6,000 - Beyond: Two Souls 7,000 - Saints Row: The Third 8,000 - inFAMOUS: Second Son 9,000 - Erica And hopefully, #10,000 will be Metal Gear Solid V. The one time I imposed an extra "rule" on myself was for my 100th platinum. I went out of my way to have it be Metal Gear Solid 4, as I was, and still am, such a huge fan of that game.
  3. Now that we're halfway through the year, I have achieved my initial goals of completing Hitman 2 and MGS: Ground Zeroes. However, The Phantom Pain is taking longer than expected, and I still have a lot of work to do in it before it's finished - I'm currently sitting at roughly 150 hours played, and I'm only 72% done. Once it is finally over, I'm going to relax with a couple of quick and easy games, but I'm not talking about the mountains of shovelware crap that is unfortunately plaguing the PS Store. Hopefully I can FINALLY finish up Onimusha, and maybe try the likes of Glass Masquerade, Trine 4 and Assassin's Creed: Chronicles.
  4. It's been a few months since you got this one, but nice work on getting it finished. I tried for ages to do the Ice Storm mode (think that's what it was called, anyway) and just couldn't do well enough to get the gold badge for that mode. Also, I may now have to check out A Street Cat's Tale....
  5. You do need to be connected to the Konami servers to develop your nuke, and also to dispose of it before another player can steal it from you. This is what happened to me - someone stole it from my FOB (Forward Operating Base) before I got the chance to dispose of it, so now I have to build another one and hopefully be able to dispose of that one in time. Also, you need to invade another player's FOB to get the Intruder trophy. This is a very simple trophy, as you get it upon spawning into their base, so once it pops, you can abort the mission if you don't feel like completing it. Invading FOBs is, however, a good way to steal resources and soldiers from other players, and the points you accumulate from doing so can be exchanged for high-ranking soldiers. Yep, it has been a great game so far - even if the story isn't on par with the previous games - but it is starting to drag a bit. I'm currently sitting at around 145 hours of play time, and I'm only 72% done. I still have about 70 mission tasks, 8 Key Dispatch missions, 60-odd Side Ops, and a ton of collectibles etc to do, so it will take a while yet.
  6. Quite a good bunch of reviews you've written up there, AJ. Max Payne 3 is one of those games that I looked into playing in the PS3 days, but ultimately never got around to. I think I played a bit of the first Max game way back when, though I never took the time to really dive into the series. #3 does seem to be regarded as one of the more prestigious PS3 platinums, so hats off to you for getting that one under your proverbial belt. Miles Morales should be fun to play, though of course I would need to play Spider-Man first. My 10-year-old nephew actually managed to plat Miles, so i need to follow suit one day! It would be fun to play an open-world superhero game again. I played Dead Nation back on PS3, and quite enjoyed it. You're right in that (in my opinion, at least), it's more enjoyable in couch/online co-op than in single-player. The throwable weapons are absolute lifesavers on the higher difficulties, and the same goes for shooting cars to distract the zombies long enough for you to charge up a power shot or throw a grenade and take out a whole crowd in one go. It got pretty hairy at times, and I definitely got carried through the later levels by my co-op buddy, but I enjoyed it. It was a nice change of pace, if nothing else. Looking forward to seeing what you finish up next.
  7. Elite Complete all missions with an S rank. So, the S-ranks have been finished at last. Surprisingly, many of them were actually fairly easy, and were done on my 1st attempt after watching an outline of what to do. Some of them, like Sahelanthropus (Extreme), Cloaked In Silence (Extreme) and A Quiet Exit, were a pain to beat, let alone S-rank, with the first 2 of those 3 taking me a couple of days each to finish - Sahelanthropus in particular would ALWAYS one-shot me when it only had about 3% health left, which got real old, real fast. Next, I need to wrap up the remaining mission tasks, of which there are still about 60 or so, which will take a bit of time, though it shouldn't be too bad once I develop the Stealth Camo, which will allow me to just run around whilst invisible instead of skulking in the shadows and tranqing any guard that gets too close to me. I'm also currently building my nuke for the Deterrence trophy, and will finish by grinding out the Side Ops and any remaining collectibles, etc. So, there's still a number of hours yet to invest into MGS V, but it should all be plain sailing from here on out. It's only a matter of time.
  8. I have so many fond memories of playing the Conquest and Escalation MP modes on the 2 Cybertron games. Optimus - "We have captured A" Megatron - "WE HAVE LOST C!!" Good times.
  9. Assassin's Creed: Freedom Cry Flower Journey rain Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops (also on PS4) TMNT: Turtles in Time Re-Shelled Valiant Hearts: The Great War Vessel
  10. Goodbye, Dad.

    Those of us who held you in high regard were there for you today.  Even if your own brothers were not.

    I love you.

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      Sorry for your loss. :( 

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      My deepest condolences to you.

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      My condolences. 

  11. Most of Naughty Dog's trophy lists are pretty poor - TLOU2's list is pretty much entirely comprised of collectibles and crafting, and the lists for the first 3 Uncharted games were almost identical (barring the MP DLC for the sequels). Some of TLOU's collectibles are very well hidden, especially the Firefly pendants that are hanging from trees, but the point is to encourage you to explore the game, rather than simply running to the end of each area. It does, yes. Chapter Select shows you a complete breakdown of collectibles, so you can see whether you missed a comic in chapter 6, or a training manual and a pendant in chapter 8, etc.
  12. Most people won't, though. They'll just use this exploit to cheat Authentic without even attempting to play it legitimately. I beat SE3 on Authentic with my co-op buddy, and although we were aware of the glitch for that game, we did not use it, and managed to beat the campaign without too much trouble. It's a shame that many people will happily use all manner of cheats and exploits to avoid having to put some actual effort into their games.
  13. Sorry, but this is bullshit. You cannot make the frankly ridiculous assumption that one "does not care about trophies" if one doesn't get 100% completion on every game they play. 100% profiles are, quite honestly, more trouble to maintain than they're worth, and in some cases, they create the illusion that the player is only playing "safe" games that they know they will be able to easily complete. I suppose you think that I "don't care about trophies" because I won't grind out 40,000 online kills in Battlefield Hardline? Or because I couldn't complete every single trial in Super Street Fighter IV? Please - we are not obligated to get every last trophy in our games, and if we decide to leave some games as incomplete, then what's the problem in that?
  14. GRAND THEFT AUTO V Elitist GTA Online: Complete all 3 Elite Challenges in The Doomsday Heist Masterminds GTA Online: Complete all 3 Criminal Mastermind challenges in The Doomsday Heist I enjoyed playing the regular Heists and the Doomsday ones with 3 friends. We had a laugh along the way, even when we screwed up a mission by making silly mistakes that got us killed or something. And we all decided that we didn't want to then tarnish those fun memories by struggling to perfect the Mastermind challenges. We were all content to let those 2 trophies sit in the corner, alone and unloved. And there they remain, to this day. BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE Enforcing the Law Get 10,000 kills with the Enforcer class Operation Successful Get 10,000 kills with the Operator class Mechanical Trigger Finger Get 10,000 kills with the Mechanic Class Have Some Professionalism Get 10,000 kills with the Professional class Become Legend Reach Rank 150 F*CK. THAT. UNCHARTED 1-3 REMASTERED Charted! - Brutal Finish the Game on Brutal Without Changing the Difficulty I love these 3 games, and don't want to potentially tarnish my enjoyment of them by struggling through a bullshit, clearly untested difficulty mode.
  15. Best thing to do is simply vote with your wallet.