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  1. UNTIL DAWN Fatal Grudge Chris chose to shoot Ashley The Exorcism of Emily Mike shot Emily Ashley Snaps Ashley snapped and let Chris die You Let The Wrong One In! Ashley or Chris opened the trap door and let the monster in This Is THE End Nobody survived until dawn Wow... some pretty messed up kills in this game...
  2. Okay, got 4 plats ready to pop now, and have amended my list one final time: 1 - Truck Racer (PS3) - 49/51 - 98% - ready to pop 2 - Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom (PS3) - 45/47 - 97% - ready to pop 3 - Guardians Of The Galaxy (PS4) - 0/31 - 0% 4 - Hitman GO (PS4) - 15/17 - 98% - ready to pop 5 - Until Dawn (PS4) - 17/19 - 97% - ready to pop 6 - Tales From The Borderlands (PS4) - 0/36 - 0% 7 - inFAMOUS: First Light (PS4) - 17/25 - 57% 8 - The Deadly Tower of Monsters (PS4) - 0/24 - 0% 9 - Volume (PS4) - 0/25 - 0% 10 - DC Universe Online (PS4) - 0/14 (excluding DLC) - 0% I don't imagine it'll be an issue getting these remaining games ready in time.
  3. Uh huh.
  4. Ah crap. I accidentally popped my BioShock 2 platinum just now... 😡 I was aiming to finish up the Hard run and leave the 9-Irony trophy aside - and was unaware that this particular trophy is apparently not needed for the platinum. I find it very strange that a platinum trophy can be unlocked when one of the core trophies is still unearned, but it's too late to do anything about it now. Just have to replace it with another game. So, here's my amended list thus far... 1 - Frozen Synapse Prime (PS3) - 26/30 - 87% 2 - Truck Racer (PS3) - 49/51 - 98% - ready to pop 3 - Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom (PS3) - 45/47 - 97% - ready to pop 4 - Everybody's Gone To The Rapture (PS4) - 0/19 - 0% 5 - Hitman GO (PS4) - 15/17 - 98% - ready to pop 6 - Until Dawn (PS4) - 0/19 - 0% 7 - Tales From The Borderlands (PS4) - 0/36 - 0% 8 - inFAMOUS: First Light (PS4) - 0/25 - 0% 9 - The Deadly Tower of Monsters (PS4) - 0/24 - 0% 10 - Volume (PS4) - 0/25 - 0% 11 - DC Universe Online (PS4) - 0/14 (excluding DLC) - 0%
  5. Got Assassin's Creed: Origins Deluxe Edition for my birthday :)

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    2. Charizarzar


      Happy birthday, have fun with it. Might get it for myself for christmas.

    3. nfsmwuk


      The game is supposed to be good. Enjoy it, mate.


      Happy birthday.

    4. ee28max


      Happy Birthday! :) 

      Great present, hope you enjoy it. 

  6. Yeah, I have the 2 tonics that award greater research bonuses, and the one that extends filming time, and have found/bought every Plasmid except for the final story-related one, so theoretically I should be fine. Sometimes I actually forget to start rolling the camera early enough though, or forget to use all the weapons and abilities instead of just using a few of them. I do save before fighting every Big Sister or Daddy, so I can reload if the research doesn't go well enough. It's a little annoying that you can only research each enemy once, but I guess it makes sense really. We'll see how it goes.
  7. I'm currently on my first playthrough of BioShock 2, and am starting to fret a little about the All Research trophy. I'm at the very beginning of the Fontaine Futuristics chapter, and have just 3 Big Sisters left to fight in the game - however, I still need 2 full bars of Research to max them out. How likely is it that I'll be able to fill up 2 bars with just 3 Sisters? Any advice on how I can go about getting as high a score as possible on each Sister? Which Plasmid/weapon combos worked for you? And if I can't max out the progress bar in time, and have to do it again on my Hard run, do i need to research every other enemy again? I'm sure I read somewhere that some guy maxed out 8 enemy types on his first run, then did the 9th on a different run and still got the trophy. Not sure how much faith to put in that, though.
  8. Doing my first story mode run of BioShock 2 - about damn time I got around to playing this game!
  9. I heard about DCUO earlier today. I'm thankful that I got the platinum several years ago and returned to it this year to do the majority of the DLC trophies. Ended up with 101/123 trophies, which is pretty good progress for a game whose average completion rate is just 2%! Still, feel bad for all the PS3 gamers who were intending to do this one day and now won't have enough time.
  10. Eh, not interested. 😁
  11. # Afrika BioShock Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 DC Universe Online Enslaved: Odyssey To The West Far Cry 3 Ghostbusters: The Video Game Helldivers Injustice 2 Just Cause 2 K LittleBigPlanet Metal Gear Solid 4 N Oddworld: Munch's Odyssee Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Q Red Dead Redemption Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Twisted Metal Uncharted 2: Among Thieves V Wolf Among Us, The X-Men Destiny Y Z
  12. Bought A Slot Bought one Plasmid or Tonic slot at a Gatherer's Garden Fully Upgraded A Weapon Installed the third upgrade to a weapon Master Hacker Hacked 30 machines at a distance with the Hack Tool First Research Researched a Splicer with the Research Camera One Research Track Maxed out one Research track Grand Daddy Defeated 3 Big Daddies without dying during the fight Trap Master Killed 30 enemies using only Traps Counterattack Killed an enemy with its own projectile Big Spender Spent 2,000 dollars at Vending Machines Confronted Grace Confronted Lamb's lieutenant in Pauper's Drop
  13. Trying the Master Protector trophy in BioShock 2... God, this is hard...

    1. Garbodor


      There's a section early on in the game that makes it pretty easy. In fact, I'm talking about the first chance you get to gather. 

    2. StewartBros


      I'm trying it on the 2nd opportunity.  I've hacked the turret, got 2 security bots on my side, and have chucked down around 20 Traps, and yet someone always manages to get through.  Just gotta keep trying, I guess.

  14. Daddy's Home Found your way back into the ruins of Rapture Distance Hacker Used the Hack Tool to hack an object at a distance Protector Defended yourself against Lamb's assault in the train station Well, I finally decided to start playing BioShock 2's story - more than 3.5 YEARS after doing the core MP trophies! Better late than never, as they say.