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  1. Splinter Cell: Blacklist
  2. 100% 1 week, 2 days
  3. # 141 >OBSERVER_ Earn all trophies This game had been in my backlog for some time, but when I heard of Rutger Hauer's passing recently, I knew the time had come to finally play it, and do so in his memory. Although quite a short game, it is quite immersive, and really evokes a Blade Runner type of appearance in its game world. It's amazing just how much detail the development team has managed to pack into it, and having the entire game take place within a single apartment building gives it an element of claustrophobia as well. There are several crime scenes for you to analyse, and a bunch of collectibles, many of which have to be found within a single playthrough, which was kind of annoying. You'll definitely need the subtitles enabled if you play this game, as some of the dialogue is barely audible, but this isn't too big an issue. I ended up missing 3 of the cards on my first attempt at gathering them despite following a video guide (I'm positive I did actually collect them, so I'm guessing the game failed to register a few of them, which it has been known to do), so rather than utilise the reload trick to get both endings, I just started a new game anyway, since I had to collect all 69 cards all over again. I used a USB stick to back up my save after every 5 cards or so, as well as after every dream sequence, and the trophy popped with no issues. EDIT: Also, my 1,001st post! 😁
  4. Pandemic Find all Nanophage patient cards in a single playthrough The Prodigal Son Embrace Adam >OBSERVER_ Earn all trophies
  5. Currently working on >observer_. It's been in my backlog for a while, but when I heard of Rutger Hauer's untimely passing last week, I decided to make it my next platinum in his memory.
  6. Ash x 6 Manic Street Preachers x 5 Paramore x 1 Texas x 1 U2 x 1 Oasis x 1 Suede x 2 Eminem x 1 Kaiser Chiefs x 3 Bryan Adams x 5 Dream Theater x 1 Belinda Carlisle x 2 Meat Loaf x 2 (+1 in-person meet and greet Comic-Con appearance) Travis x 5 Shed Seven x 1 Public Service Broadcasting x 4 Ugly Kid Joe x 2 Ocean Colour Scene x 1 Colonel Mustard & The Dijon 5 x 3 (at least)
  7. Street Fighter IV / Super Street Fighter IV - I knew I'd never beat all the Trials (literally not even half of them), or finish the 500 online matches in IV or ranking everyone up to C in Super IV, or beat Arcade Mode on Hardest with all characters.... but I'm a longtime SF fan, so I played them anyway. Metal Gear Solid 2 - no way was I gonna be able to beat Extreme difficulty, and I cannot beat those VR sniping missions where you have to defend a target for love nor money. Metal Gear Rising - I was never gonna beat the hardest difficulties, or beat the bosses without taking damage, or beat the VR missions... but it's Metal Gear, so I did what I could and moved on. Injustice: Gods Among Us - the Battle mode is impossible for me, and I couldn't be bothered to turbo my way to level 100. Bulletstorm - the online servers were down by the time I really got into this game. If I'd finished the MP in time, then I'd now have the platinum, but oh well.
  8. STEINS;GATE #138 - Sky Clad Observer Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 This was the first visual novel I've ever played, and when it was offered on PS+ a while back, I had to give it a shot after hearing the almost universal acclaim for both the game and the anime. It featured one of the most amazing stories I've ever encountered in a game, and its description of the consequences of time travel was really quite breathtaking at times - just what would you do if a certain event was unavoidable or predetermined by fate, and no amount of time travelling on your part could prevent said event? I got quite attached to several of the characters, especially Mayuri, as Trophy-wise, pretty much everything popped when it was supposed to, with the only exception being the trophy for receiving all the Rainet episode summaries - I missed one during my initial playthrough, and since I didn't know which one it was, I worried that I'd have to replay most of the game to find it - but luckily, it was just the very first one. MUHAHAHAHAHA!!! El. Psy. Kongroo.
  9. Playing through Steins;Gate on PS3, and some of my progress percentages (Hero of Rainet, CG Progress, etc) aren't as far along as they should be. Looks like I'll need to start from scratch again, since there doesn't seem to be any way to identify what I must have missed.
    Can I skip the dialogue that I've already read so far, or will starting a new game mean that I'll need to read it all again?

    1. WaffleJedi


      There is a great guide out there that will give you an idea of where you may of missed something (percentages you should be at).  See if this helps - it definitely helped me out.  That way you can start at an autosave section and skip some of the dialog.

  10. ^ Mortal Kombat. You know why.
  11. Just have to wait and see. 🙂 And, my bad about BioShock 2 - I did think the DLC trophies were incorporated into the platinum for some reason. Cheers for correcting me on that point.
  12. Thing is though, remasters like the AC titles you mentioned (plus BioShock 2, among others) had DLC trophies that could be implemented into the platinum to replace the now-missing multiplayer trophies. Ghostbusters had no DLC, so removing the MP trophies would cut the trophy list down to about 35 trophies instead of the 51 that the "old" game had, and I can't see the remastered game being given another dozen or so all-new trophies in their place.
  13. They likely just want to finally leave the PS3 behind and focus on PS4 and the upcoming PS5. They can't keep maintaining their PS3 games forever. I'd imagine that in a year or two, virtually all PS3 servers will be closed down. So, if you have any remaining PS3 online trophies still to do, I'd get on them now,,,
  14. Day one buy for me. I hope it still has the online component as well - online was brilliant fun when playing with friends or a group of people who would work as a team and help each other out. I never really encountered many problems when playing online aside from a few crashes, and the platinum remains one of my proudest to this day, even after 8 years. Good times... good times indeed.
  15. Solid Snake and Sam Fisher. Should be an obvious pairing. 😁 Lara Croft and Chloe Frazer, anyone?