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  1. You realize no-one's forcing you to play the MP, right? You can just play the story and leave it at that?
  2. Thanks for your informative review on the game explaining how exactly it is "bugged" and alerting other gamers as to what they should expect when they go into this game. You, sir, have a bright future as a journalist.
  3. Thinking of maybe buying Lifeless Planet.  Anyone played it? What's it like?

    1. Deluziion90


      lurking, Im curious as well 

    2. Fidel


      Garbage. Do not recommend.

  4. Ah hell. Now I gotta play Just Cause 3.... 😁
  5. At a push, I might buy the Croft Edition, but it won't be at launch. It'll likely be several months down the line, when I've finished its two predecessors and will actually have time to play it. The Ultimate Edition looks nice, but it's too expensive, the accessories are a bit of an odd mix (a bottle opener?!), and the extra tombs, outfits and weapons will be released later on as DLC anyway.
  6. I'll keep an eye on this one. I actually just bought DOA5 Last Round today, although I've yet to platinum Ultimate on PS3. Just can't finish the Tutorial or Combo Challenge.
  7. I owned Alpha 3 for the PS1 and never had any issues with its performance or gameplay, and I never played the arcade version so can't compare the two. And I know that they confirmed the arcade versions - I just feel that omitting 7 characters and multiple game modes is a pretty big deal. I used to live in hope that console Alpha 3 would receive a standalone release one day, but Capcom clearly don't give a damn about any of their franchises bar Resident Evil these days.
  8. Can't say that I had particularly high hopes for this trophy list anyway, but the main deal breaker for me is that we're getting the arcade version of Alpha 3 as opposed to the console version, which means no Fei-Long, Guile, Evil Ryu, Dee Jay or T. Hawk, and no World Tour mode (this mode alone could have multiple trophies dedicated to it). So, on these grounds, it's a no-buy from me I'm afraid. Nothing to do with the trophy list or the lack of a platinum (which is no big deal anyway).
  9. Nothing here that appeals to me thankfully, so I'll pass. Why did you play it for 300+ hours if you didn't enjoy it then?
  10. 4 hours & 16 minutes to complete, including a break for dinner. My maternal grandmother was actually born in the Hebrides, and I've been there myself numerous times, so that was a pretty big factor in my wanting to try this game out.
  11. Bah wheep graanagh wheep nini bong!
  12. Bishop
  13. And that's LBP Karting now finished as well. I'm getting there, slowly but surely, seeing as there are PS4 games to play too! - Worms: Ultimate Mayhem (63%) - Worms: Revolution (82%) - Frozen Synapse Prime (88%) - Little Big Planet Karting 100% - Dead Or Alive 5 Ultimate (88%) - TMNT: Out Of The Shadows (68%) - Street Fighter X Tekken (88%) - Hitman: Blood Money - Lego Jurassic World 100% - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - BioShock 2 100% - Dishonored 94% - Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath - Okami HD - Resistance 3 - Saints Row The Third 100% - Skydive: Proximity Flight 82% (don't think I'll get much further with this one)
  14. # 126 FAR CRY 4 Master of Kyrat 19.02% - Rare I've had Far Cry 4 for some time now, and just started on it about 3 weeks ago. Far Cry 3 was great fun and so was this game - I had a great time playing through this. Definitely the most diverse FC world I've experienced thus far... clearing out a group of enemies whilst riding atop an elephant and wielding a grenade launcher never got old, hehe. I'll get to work on the Yetis DLC next, and probably round up the remaining collectibles and side missions as well. # 127 LITTLE BIG PLANET KARTING 100% Complete 2.68% - Ultra Rare Wow... 3 years and 5 months to finally finish this up! I completed the first "hub" and did the online trophies ages ago, and then pretty much forgot about the game, before finally deciding to at least try and finish the story. Since that was quite easy, I ended up going for the prize bubbles as well - most of the levels were easy to star, but Stuck In A Jam can go die in a hole somewhere. Just think how much more quickly this would have been done if I'd bought the Timesavers pack, back in the day...