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  1. Metal Gear Solid 3 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Red Dead Redemption Assassin's Creed IV Street Fighter Alpha 3
  2. Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell - SO. MUCH. GRINDING.  This is getting beyond a joke!

    1. SKiL_Clash


      I enjoyed it. Then again, it was years ago. Don’t remember too much. But I don’t remember getting annoyed by the grinding. I just had fun running around being all super human lol.

  3. I don't recall having any issues when I used the app to play the game. I always exited the game before exiting the app, though.
  4. Jeez, I don't think I've played a Mega Man game since the early 90s. Sounds like this game will not be the one to bring me back to the series. 😂
  5. Would it though? A dozen or more entries from the same series, all in one place? Bleugh. No thanks. Personally, I wouldn't buy any of them.
  6. Ok, I've got 3 games lined up thus far: PINK ORANGE If I can find any other games that fit the criteria, and if I'll have enough time to play them, then I will add them in here, but for now I will stick with these three. :)
  7. How about Degrees of Separation for an orange entry? I accept that there isn't MUCH orange here, but there is some.
  8. Hmm. I definitely want to finish up Hitman 2 this year. I did all the Hitman 1 missions and trophies earlier this year, then took a break from it to work on other stuff. There are about 50 trophies still to do, so that will take up a fair bit of time. The lack of a platinum doesn't bother me at all, as the game is excellent and has immense replayability. I also need to try and finish up Onimusha Warlords. The damn Oni Spirits minigame is the only thing standing in my way; it's given me a lot of grief so far, but I'm determined to beat it and then complete my Ultimate playthrough for the platinum. And, given EA's track record for shutting down games at short notice, I should probably knock out Need For Speed 2015 as well...
  9. Lots of people will want to make the whole process as easy as possible, though.
  10. This took me a couple of tries. You need to trigger your character's Break Blow move, then press and hold after the first hit connects. This will briefly stun the opponent, so you need to IMMEDIATELY follow up with a chain combo of at least 3 hits (generally, hitting or three or more times will suffice). You also need to win the match after performing the combo, as the trophy does not unlock until the round ends. It will not work if you attempt this against an idle opponent in an offline 2-player match - you need to do it against an online opponent or in Story/Arcade/Survival/Time Attack mode, etc.
  11. SNIPER ELITE III: ULTIMATE EDITION Platinum Trophy Win all other trophies to take your place as the world's greatest sniper 3.90% - Ultra Rare
  12. Like @kinnymansaid, having (and maintaining) a 100% profile is undoubtedly going to be more trouble than it's worth. You'll either have to limit yourself to playing easy games that you may not enjoy, or you'll have to commit to potentially many MP boosts and spend many hours grinding out soul-destroying activities purely to maintain that full completion. Don't worry about it too much, and just play what you want to play. By all means, try to get the MP trophies wherever possible, but if a game's servers go down before you can finish it, then it's not the end of the world. I lost out on MP trophies for the likes of Motorstorm Pacific Rift, Bulletstorm and Quantum of Solace (all on PS3) because I neglected those games until it was too late, but I just accepted it and moved on to the next game. If you accept from the beginning that you almost certainly won't be able to finish everything, then you'll have a more enjoyable time. You win some, you lose some.
  13. #178 Gnasty's Demise So, this was the first time I've ever played a Spyro game. It's one of those franchises that just passed me by back in the PS1 days because I was playing stuff like Street Fighter, Tenchu and Metal Gear Solid. In the years since, I never really felt the need to try the games out until a friend recently set me over a disc copy of the trilogy - he'd bought himself a duplicate copy without realising that he already owned it. The game was quite simple for the most part, although there were a few sections where I wondered how in the hell the developers expected young kids to have the reflexes to pull off certain maneuvers (looking at you, Tree Tops!!). A few secret areas were very well hidden, and some of the Egg Thieves were annoying to chase down. I heard a bunch of horror stories about the various flying levels, and expected to have some difficulty with those, but in the end, each one took about 25 mins to complete, and I did them all in one sitting. Overall, the game was fine, though not really a standout title for me. Perhaps it's due to the barely-there story, or perhaps it's because the game doesn't hold that nostalgia factor for me since I never played it before, but I'll probably just give the trilogy to my nephew to play, and concentrate on the backlog of games I already have. At least I can finally say that I've played one of the Spyro games though.
  14. Fixed your quote for you.
  15. No Shark cards.