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  1. They're just nit picking at this point, i'm putting the blame on B1rvine but i'm not sure it's even him or who is doing this to me
  2. And It's not just as simple B1rvine, you can't just take 10 years of trophies, memories and hard work, and just magically create a new profile because of a mistake on your behalf
  3. Thank you for saying that, nobody seems to believe a word coming out of my mouth. It could be the chatter, i'm just so annoyed, when someone accuses crap like that and their lives are all perfect in a dream world where glitches don't happen. It really hurts
  4. Jesus christ! Do you even play these games? You are fucking clueless, ALL of you, shame to you fucking ♥s, wasting both our times, because you bastards are blind as bats. Here we are arguing like wee children, fuck away off, i'm done with you all. Here I am collecting trophies towards leaderboards in my spare time off work as a hobby and for what? I'm trying to understand the bullshite excuses your mustering. Braindead knobheads do what you want. I and my friends know how many hours I put into getting some of those trophies, some 300+, especially GT5 and that's all that matters. Have you seen some of the ridiculously hard platinums i've gotten by just playing the tits out of those games? Obviously 2 is greater than 35 in some dumbass' mind, how do 2 reflect the rest? You tell me. I'm sorry i'm no wizzard, I can't defflect glitches from happening, I can't look into my magic globe a see what the fuck the craic is, I can't prey to the non existing gods for everything to be concrete, there are millions of people and if a handful of them experience a mishap, it's suddenly assumed that they're cheating get off your lazy arse and do something with your lives thst actually makes a difference, reach for the dreams you have and do them. And start believing the truth from peoples mouths. one last thing: fuck you, fuck it all, fuck what you stand for, and fuck off you utter bunch of clunge sweaters. Dickheads, if i could only punch you I would.
  5. Explain this: paterphobia (final boss) was earned on 1 august 2017 an bibliophilia was earned on 9th february 2016 check out this discussion: https://steamcommunity.com/app/241600/discussions/0/34093781683189698/ And what do you mean "the amount of glitches that'd had to of happened" one glitch with trophy delay, and yes I will report them.
  6. Sorry B1rvine dude, but this is frying my lid. I just want to sort it. As far as I know I have explained somewhere in that pile of words. If I haven't please let me know. Again I apologise for being angry at you, its 1 am where I am
  7. B1rvine that's enough of the sarcasm, I thouht you were dead on, are you that bloody blind? What proof do I need to show you? Are you that fucking miserably stupid to realise that I have beaten the game once, and have played the shit out of it and do know exactly how the game works. And that quote: "Anyway, you're at 5 flags, and probably have more cheated games." Your a pathetic sack of shit, and watch what you say. And to just assume that your again, a stupid ♥. You run your beady eagle eyes over my profile as many times as you want, I wanted to be nice but you crossed the line with that quote. And as i've said 3 times now "I put my hands up to 2 of them" I didn't specify which, now just to make it clear enough which; uncharted 2 and lbp2. Do you want a hand written letter, or a tattoo in black and white for you to grasp the hold of those words that are so hard to understand? Mw2 is not my fault, it was unavoidable and I understand yes, but you speak of hiding the sync.
  8. Now I would like to apologise for the amount of swearing. I appreciate the hard work you are doing as a community to stop unrightful people from appearing on the leaderboards, however this has gotten out of hand, there are now 5 games I am flagged on, two of which Yes I put my hands up to, but just because those happened it is not okay to just assume that I am a cheater, and that "oh he must've used a game save here" because he is actually gifted at a certain game. I have looked into other disputes and have seen that there are many people on the same boat as me with the false accusations of this that an the other. Three, yes three games have been unrightfully flagged, utter stupidity. How the hell can you even use game saves on ps4, exactly you can't so for rogue legacy what's the issue. And yes to the chap who said that "there is no mod that can do that" for MW2, there is as is the same for the rest of cod games and what if we actually want to enjoy the game because were not sad shits sitting trophy hunting 24/7 and have friends to play with. How do you just "avoid" playing online, you don't know what people are out there in hacked lobbies or if the game glitches out and puts you into someones private offline lobby. I have seen some of you folks saying that you can hide the sync to get back onto the leaderboards, if this is true please let me know and how it is done. Thank you once again.
  9. Matt5230 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Another retarded thing, glitchy as hell game problems with unlocking orders. Same with fear 3 which I played on insane difficulty and completed but no matter how many times I replay it, the trophy for level 5 and the one for completing the game and on insane difficulty just wont unlock. Rogue Legacy Right that's enough, I would like to speak to someone in charge of this fucking site, who ever the wanker is that's doing all the nit picking here needs to fuck off, I care deeply about my trophies and to tell the honest truth I have "cheated" you could call it twice. Now this trophy is flagged for no god damn cunting reason I have LEGITIMATELY earned it by playing the game. For the person who flagged this is an utter spastic who has never played it before, the journals are random every time. All rooms are random every time. I am very sorry for swearing but this is an absolute joke on your behalf. Have you seen all fucking 3500 trophies earned legitimately? And how many hours i have dedicated to this profile for some trolling asswipe to come through it and make up a steaming pile of horse shit. Get this shit sorted, and I MEAN SERIOUSLY. There are thousands of hackers on here who aren't banned that have gotten 20+ platinums start to finish in the same day, now explain that! And before you say anything, I have every right to be pissed the fuck off.
  10. Matt5230 Gran Turismo 5 This was at the time when synching trophies after earning them with no internet connection, where the time stamp would be upon that of when you signed in to your playstation account. As a side note; my first trophies were in LBP 1 but are now ones from batman arkham city which have a dash as a time stamp. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 How is it possible to avoid a randomly generated lobby who have stupid hackers in them with their unlimited health, mod menus, trophy lobbies, and xp lobbies, ruining gameplay too. I believe that this can't be avoided and is not my fault. And how come it's taken 4 years to file a complaint to me? Thanks. LittleBigPlanet 2 Fair play but the reasoning is because I have used a friends save to get me the items to decorate my pod and map building materials to build a really cool map.