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  1. I've been playing the PS Now (Plus) version, finishing it last night. It's been available, but I will say that when I tried to continue my progress on the PC instead of the PS5 that I couldn't find it listed. I'd say use a PS4 or PS5 and use the text search, a feature that doesn't exist on the PC client.
  2. What crap. Did this 4 times before finally getting it. Definitely need between 300k and 310k. I went slightly above the range and didn't get it.
  3. I thought I had a similar situation in the true ending final area but you can warp the vehicle to you when you get to those outdoor save points. You need to press while standing on them.
  4. Your suggestion worked. Thank you!
  5. We timed it as you said but didn't try with the majority of the group dead. We'll try that. Thanks.
  6. My group has been trying to complete the achievement Evacuation Bell on Legend. We're pretty sure that we've satisfied the time requirements about 5 times over different runs. We even saved recordings of the runs for verification. For whatever reason the challenge isn't completing. Has anyone else had a problem like this, where you're sure you met the time requirements yet didn't get credit? Did you find that old solutions were maybe out of date or omitted a useful fact? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Are you using any in game cheat codes? I thought those were supposed to disable trophy unlocks.
  8. I'm in a similar situation. I find it incredibly boring. Not sure about the platinum but I did read somewhere that because the marketplace is down you can't get 100% across all DLC.
  9. If no one else will admit it, I laughed.
  10. I watch the show with my daughter, so there's my excuse to play it 😂
  11. I got a full charge and then full refund right after it. The email states that I won't be charged until it ships.
  12. If you're like me then you're a total fashionista! We should totes compare fabrics and stitch methods. Tell me about your needles... I'm all ears!
  13. I think they are lovely!
  14. As others have mentioned, I too got the BFG kill mid-match and with only one direct hit kill. The trophy unlocked after the match ended.
  15. I haven't had any trophies glitch and not pop, but I have seen associated milestones still be marked as locked even though I know I completed them.