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  1. 🤔I guess I'm the only person here who experiences AT LEAST one server crash or shutdown and one game crash to the XMB a night for the past 3 weeks.
  2. Those nightmare trophies look to be a pain in the ass.
  3. T2 is set to release this September!
  4. For others looking for help, I'll share what I did. First off I played through all of the songs on Easy 4K before attempting this. Obviously you don't need to do this, but it helped me as it let me see which songs would make good candidates for this trophy. I choose the song "Anger Force: Strikers". It's kind of short, has a fair bit of steady and rapid rhythm, and doesn't grate my nerves having to listen to it repeatedly. I was doing great with this, and kept nailing at least 121%, but couldn't break 122%. What I ended up realizing is that I was pressing the buttons a hair too early, even though I was scoring the cyan "Exact" rating. Each song has some settings you can adjust. Typically you see the basic menu after selecting a song, which lets you change the speed and any sound enhancers. But, if you press "up" on this screen you go to the advanced settings where you can adjust the timing and judgement of the notes. This is intended for situations where you're using a wireless headset (or in the case of the PS4 version, a wireless controller), and you want to account for any lag. I tweaked my Judgment setting to -5, which I believe based on some testing allows you to press the button before the note crosses the bar, and still line up a cyan "Exact". To me the 5ms adjustment was enough to push me to the upper 121%'s and eventually, to over 122%. Overall I played that song maybe 20 times before getting it.
  5. @MaxieM0us3, that's some nice Fievel artwork and animation.
  6. I messaged them privately on Facebook (though now I'm thinking maybe I should have made it public, so that they are more likely to respond). I'm waiting on a response. They are in California, and I wrote them at 8AM their time, and it's a holiday weekend, so I honestly don't expect to hear anything until Monday. However, I think it couldn't hurt if others reached out to them as well to show that there's interest in them restoring the servers before the 25th for those of us who are currently playing it.
  7. I didn't think that was a feature? If it were I'd imagine there'd be something in the profile settings to allow you to use it versus some other customization.
  8. I had the same problem right at the end of the game. Here's a guide with images showing where to find all of the relics in the game.
  9. The splash image for the game is misleading you to think this is the NES version. I never played the arcade version, which is a completely different format than the NES version, but how hard could it be, right? 😂
  10. I don't recall exactly but I think you aren't allowed rewinds or save states in the time trial mode, and some games like Tale Spin are very difficult to control, and with limited lives/continues, so people are probably not able to actually complete them.
  11. This is what I'm referring to, however I find that the rarity ratio has more relevance than the adjusted point value of a players trophy collection. For instance, all or most Ratalaika games on TT will have a ratio of 1.0 (rounded to the tenths), meaning you're actually hurting your rarity average by earning them, whereas games with more difficult to earn trophies will have a higher ratio, thus bringing your average up. Rogue Aces, for example, has a 2.89 trophy ratio. Having that average alongside your name in the trophy card or on your profile page would help offset the "quality" of a profile's trophy list against the rest of the community, for those who care. Regardless I agree with some of the others about how we're feeding the Ratalaika machine by buying into their games just for easy trophies. It's only going to encourage them to keep releasing poor trophy lists. I'm guilty taking advantage of them myself and I HATE stacking even though I do it, but I have many obsessive compulsions that drive me to feed into the madness, as I'm sure others on this site do. It's a shame that the publishers are banking on those compulsions in order to sell their software.
  12. Good to know, maybe now the time to bring that number back to the front page or on a leader board
  13. For those that care about the prestige and rarity of their plats compared to those of others, there is another tracking site (which I won't name here) that does what PSNP does but also includes a rarity ratio. The harder, less frequently earned trophies are valued higher and your overall score is higher. It's all based around simple math that I think PSNP could easily implement given what they've already managed to track so far. Put that feature on the site and I think everyone could stay happy.
  14. They are a guilty pleasure for me. I'm just glad I have some decent trophy history on my account that will offset those easy plats.