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  1. I'm in a similar situation. I find it incredibly boring. Not sure about the platinum but I did read somewhere that because the marketplace is down you can't get 100% across all DLC.
  2. If no one else will admit it, I laughed.
  3. I watch the show with my daughter, so there's my excuse to play it 😂
  4. I got a full charge and then full refund right after it. The email states that I won't be charged until it ships.
  5. If you're like me then you're a total fashionista! We should totes compare fabrics and stitch methods. Tell me about your needles... I'm all ears!
  6. I think they are lovely!
  7. As others have mentioned, I too got the BFG kill mid-match and with only one direct hit kill. The trophy unlocked after the match ended.
  8. I haven't had any trophies glitch and not pop, but I have seen associated milestones still be marked as locked even though I know I completed them.
  9. My top experiences were RE7 and Pixel Gear.
  10. With the save/load feature does it even matter?
  11. The account creation thing is a bit much and unnecessary, yes, and patching the add-on levels into the game rather than downloading them from the in-game menu might be preferable... but I don't think you understand how the DOOM engine and WAD files work. When you load WAD files you're replacing the base game content, so enabling the add-on is actually the proper was to handle this. If you find the trophies in the base game too difficult to get I don't think earning them in the add-ons is going to be any easier. Final DOOM and Sigil are much more difficult than the original releases.
  12. No
  13. A tear just rolled down my cheek.
  14. I found the sequel to be a better in terms of story and gameplay. Trying to plat this one was a grind.
  15. Your words are as empty as your soul.