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  1. • God of War III introductory cinematic • Kratos first encountering Cronos in God of War • Kratos vs Megaera/Hecatonchires in God of War Ascension • Kratos vs Cronos in God of War III • Bringing to life the Steeds of Time in God of War II • Ending of God of War II • Kratos vs Poseidon in God of War III
  2. Uh no. That is NOT what a 10/10 means, and every reviewer has said so. A 10/10 is a game that exceeds all expectations and excels in every area of game design and story, cinematic presentation, gameplay and fun factor. A 10/10 game may have some problems but they are so negligible as to go nearly unnoticed throughout your time playing because everything is so damn good. No reviewer has ever claimed that a 10/10 game is perfect. It’s just very close to being a perfect game.
  3. I do, because the story is what got me involved to begin with. You may not think anything of it but I and many others find Kratos’ story to be compelling and interesting to play through. Contrary to what you think Kratos is not just a “shouty and angry” man. He has just as much character development and depth as any other. He has been shown to be a loving father willing to go to the depths of Hades to rescue his daughter, a caring husband who loves his wife, a brave warrior, a cunning problem solver, and a gentle protector when rescuing Pandora. He has real conflict withon himself because of his past and the actions he has taken to get to where he is. He has suffered more heartache and betrayal at the hands of the gods than most other characters can claim. His quest for vengeance and retribution are well deserved, and Olympus had everything coming to it that it got.
  4. Entertaining thought but TreyArch can’t do that. Infinity Ward owns the Modern Warfare series.
  5. Welcome to the Vita family! • Mortal Kombat • Uncharted: Golden Abyss • Killzone Mercenary • Toukiden: The Age of Demons • Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Complete Edition • FEZ • Hotline Miami • Super Star Wars • Home: A Unique Horror Adventure • Murasaki Baby • Yomawari: Night Alone • Hotaru no Nikki: The Firefly Diary • Dead Nation • Shantae: Half-Genie Hero • Soul Sacrifice • Dragon’s Crown • Persona 4 Golden • WipEout 2048 • Super Stardust Delta • Gravity Rush • Fairune • Race the Sun • Kung Fury: Street Rage • Muramasa Rebirth • Lone Survivor • The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth • World of Final Fantasy
  6. Kicked my cat then ran away laughing
  7. I can’t hate esports I can hate American football though
  8. God of War Collection on my PS Vita is really frustrating me. The trophies are consistently failing to unlock despite every troubleshooting option I’ve used. What the fuck?

    1. Stevieboy


      Apparently, letting your vita go into rest mode (black screen) while you are playing the game causes the trophies to stop unlocking. At least that was what I heard.

    2. Daft Gamer

      Daft Gamer

      Unfortunately for me I have not done that. I just booted up the game and the trophies just fail to pop

    3. Stevieboy


      I don't know what could be causing that then. I just know the vita versions are really glitchy for trophies not popping, and rest mode was one of the causes.

  9. Loves Iris Heart
  10. I love these alternative options Steel Cog Hardness the Fourth is pretty great! Original Title: The Last of Us Literal Title: Fungal Apocalypse Survival Game Alternative Title: There Are Very Few of Us
  11. Okay so the basic idea of this game is simple. Take the title of any game and turn it literal. For example: Original title: God of War Literal title: Kill All the Gods Alternative title: Deity of Combat If you can’t think of a literal title, just come up with a silly alternative title that best matches the game! You can do more than one if you want! Let’s see how ridiculous you guys can get!
  12. Has quite the messy mop on his head

  14. Has a Jak and Daxter profile pic