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  1. Small animals (gerbils, mice, rats, hamsters, etc.) and cats. Worst movie you ever saw.
  2. Dog With a Blog. Made me wanna off myself. Same question.
  3. Hell yeah I would Favorite anime this season?
  4. So far I've spent over $2.5K on games alone.
  5. Yes. The ice caps are melting twice as fast. The dumbest thing you did to get attention?
  6. Asian history and culture, emphasis on Japan especially. Has a nice dragon thing
  7. Probably hangs out with Sadako
  8. Any situation that hurts my so or little sister What is your favorite movie of all time?
  9. The Book of Eli is a massively underrated film.

  10. Title. Amazon is no help, and the listings for Aliens are all UK, but I live in the US. I already have the Anthology, but I want individual copies for collection purposes.
  11. Because even though they're old and on an outdated system they're still great and there's still a lot of fun to be had. Technology moving forward does not negate the achievements of past technology and it doesn't stop the system and games from being great. I still play my PS2 and PSOne games. I still play my old DS games and Wii games. I still have fun with all of my old games. That's why I still play "old ass games on and outdated system."
  12. Yes you'll be fine if you do that. It's what I did to get the trophy myself. Also make sure you DON'T go to Castle Volkihar before awakening Serana. She will not activate the castle gate if you do.
  13. Prinz Eugen is my true waifu in Azur Lane but when it comes to smol loli destroyers I cannot choose. They all captured my heart completely but I think I might lean kinda sorta heavily towards Kisaragi-chan. Her begging me not to eat her melts my heart completely.

  14. Be sure to finish all the Daedric quests before progressing AT ALL in Dawnguard. I cannot stress this enough. Dawnguard has an unpatched bug in it that causes the Daedric quests to not register as finished after you get the final one.