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  1. Absolutely but I can't be bothered to go check it right now. Which series would you want to see adapted for theaters, and who would you have direct it?
  2. Rayman Origins
  3. Phineas and Ferb, but not because it was embarrassing or easy. I just happen to have more pride in my other platinums for some reason. I still love the game a lot, and it was my first platinum so it's got a special place in my heart. Which platinum infuriated you the most?
  4. Arkham Knight!
  5. Until Dawn!
  6. P4G! You're so close!
  7. It's hard to choose, but I gotta say Mass Effect 3. Insanity was a nightmare, especially the three Geth Primes and the return to Earth during the finale, but I felt so accomplished once that platinum dinged. Same question.
  8. Fuck Limbo.

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    2. fabmorais_2011


      Having trouble with five or less death/Ding? If that's the case, I thought it would be too hard at first, but I can say it is very feasible with practice.

    3. Hemiak


      Limbo is a good game. The trophy for 5 deaths isn't too bad, I went back and practiced the saw blade parts before starting my run. Also, if you ever reach a part and get confused, just pause it and pull up a video. As long as you know what to do it isn't that hard to avoid dying. 

    4. Star Butterfly

      Star Butterfly

      It is a good game. I was venting my frustration but I can't be bothered to play it again.

  9. RIP FFXIV on PS3. On the bright side I got a free upgrade to the PS4 version.

  10. Looks decent. I will reserve final judgment for release.
  11. Neverland
  12. Welcome to the horiffyingly fun and dismal game we call trophy hunting! I hope you have many platinums in your life
  13. That game is on PS3 as well. As for the question, it depends. I get an adrenaline rush from shooters and a sense of adventure and epicness from RPGs. I guess it depends on which one elicits the best response at the time. WRPG or JRPG?
  14. Akihabara district, Tokyo, Japan Worst game you paid full price for?