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  1. M Y A M B I T I O N I S E V E R Y T H I N G
  2. Never enough
  3. I hate them so much
  4. Dynasty Warriors waifus: 1. Bao Sanniang 2. Wang Yuanji 3. Bu Lianshi 4. Diaochan 5. Sun Shangxiang DW husbandos: 1. Lü Bu 2. Lü Bu 3. Lü Bu 4. Cao Cao 5. Lü Bu Samurai Warriors waifus: 1. Okuni 2. Lady Hayakawa 3. No 4. Oichi 5. Aya SW husbandos: 1. Yuikimura Sanada 2. Nobuyuki Sanada 3. Nobunaga Oda 4. Hanbei Takenaka 5. Mitsunari Ishida
  5. I fucking love Dynasty Warriors. DW3 was my jam on the PS2. Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires and Samurai Warriors 4 are my favorites in the series. I just got a copy of DW8XLCE on my Vita-chan last week, and have been obsessively playing it lately. As for why I love the series, well, it's Romance of the Three Kingdoms!
  6. Someone who understands me! Has a lot of highly rated games and likes to play series-focused games.
  7. This thread is to discuss the solar eclipse that occured today in the continental United States of America. The eclipse cut a swath across the entire contiguous United States, making landfall in Oregon at 4:06 PM PT (9:06 AM ET) and ended in Charleston, South Carolina at 4:10 PM ET. The following 14 states were able to view the eclipse in its totality; other states and countries only got a partial eclipse. • Oregon • Idaho • Wyoming • Montana • Iowa • Kansas • Nebraska • Missouri • Illinois • Kentucky • Tennessee • Georgia • North Carolina • South Carolina The longest point of duration for the totality was 2 minutes 41 seconds at Giant City State Park, Carbondale, Illinois. This is the first solar eclipse visible from the southeastern United States since the solar eclipse of March 7, 1970, which was only visible from Florida. Solar eclipses signal the beginning of a new moon, and is the only way to view this phase of the moon. To learn more about solar eclipses, visit
  8. Really enjoys role playing.
  9. Oh you~
  10. Why do people insist on putting PSN Plus and not the correct name? It is PS Plus, not PSN Plus. This really, really grinds my OCD to uncomfortable levels. And to answer your question, yes it is worth it.
  11. Impressive. Most impressive.
  12. MWR
  13. The progression system in Ragnarok Odyssey is so weird

  14. I bought Ragnarok Odyssey for my Vita and I love it.

    1. Iris Heart

      Iris Heart

      Have fun, it's a great game, I was playing it one year ago with friends. We had a lot of fun. :)

  15. Skyrim!