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  1. Yeah well, these are the same people who made Rambo. Did you honestly expect any better? It's a full on FPS, not an on rails shooter.
  2. Unlike the majority of people I love Andromeda and would be exited as hell for a sequel.
  3. Diablo III is offline capable for consoles but online only for PC. I believe it will be the same for Diablo IV.
  4. 38 HIT ULTRA



  5. My friend is paying me serious money to help him clean house and move tons of shit to storage so I might get an Xbox One today.

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    2. Honor_Hand


      Awesome news and great use of that money. I'm also looking to get an Xbox One much later down the road only to play some of the exclusives it has, just like you. Happy cleaning and shopping over there. :D

    3. SarDarniTron


       Thats great ..Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition purchased 2 months ago just for its vintage lookout.

    4. DaisyVilla102


      Just in case your interest includes exclusives for Xbox 360, Crackdown and Crackdown 2 are still free. And they are both backward-compatible, so they are playable on the XBO.

      A couple of caveats, though--

      • If you get either game through an Xbox One or the web store, then you must have a payment method associated with your Xbox Live account.
      • If you get them through an Xbox 360, then you do not have to have a payment method associated with your Xbox Live account.  So (I think) if you know someone who has an Xbox 360, you could log in with your account and "purchase" the games there.
  6. Just have to beat Titan mode and collect Helios' godly possession and the God of War III PS4 platinum will be mine!

  7. The capital building is one of my favorites. Troy Baker really shows his mastery of emotional ranges here. "It is OVER, Tess!" still sends chills down my spine every time.
  8. Will they have croissants?
  9. I don't know where to put this so I'll just make a status. Sorry for typos I'm really emotional.


    I usually weigh betweeb 95-98 pounds. Work and stress over the tumor I developed, along with my little sister's school/after school activities, etc. have made me gain weight to 113 pounds. When I had my weight taken the doctor made a snide comment about "laying off the cheeseburgers" and I got so embarrassed because this was in front of several other patients waiting to be weighed themselves. One of them covered their face in an attempt to hide their smirk.


    When we went into the patient room the doctor asked me if I had any children and I said no and don't plan to. He asked why and I told him I already spending most of my life raising my sister and don't want to raise another child. That aside I can't physically have children. He huffed and did the breast exam and made another comment about my breasts "being on the small side, eh". He pressed way too hard and it was extremely uncomfortable, his comments aside. The pelvic exam was no better. He was very blunt and seemed dismissive of me. He was not gentle at all when performing the exam and it was very uncomfortable for me getting the swab done. He made a comment about my lack of pubic hair and how I "need to let it grow". I'm still sore from the pelvic exam. He practically shoved the swab into my cervix.


    I'm trying to hold back from crying but I felt very objectified and the doctor made me feel extreme uncomfortable. I'm self conscious enough regarding my body without a doctor making mean comments about me. This was a horrible experience and I don't want to go back if I end up seeing him again. I'm an emotional wreck right now. 


    I've already reported hom to the clinic and medical group and state board. I don't know what else to do and I feel extremely violated and gross. I've never felt so much shame and disgust. I expected better from a doctor.

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    2. Honor_Hand


      How terrible. :( When I started reading I thought the doctor was trying to be funny or something but the further I read I noted that guy was an absolute SOB. Were you alone during that consultation? Glad you stood up and reported him. You don't need to be handled in such a way, much less by a "doctor".


      As a side note, if this happened close to me to any female I know, I probably would have gone there to punch that asshole in his face. I know violence doesn't solve anything but stuff like this a big no-no.


      Hope you're feeling better now.

    3. Stocking


      Honor_Hand, I was not alone. There was a nurse but she did nothing to stop him

    4. Honor_Hand



      I was thinking more of a family member or a close friend. At any rate, if the nurse had noticed you were not feeling comfortable, she should've done something to stop the whole thing.


      Again, I'm really sorry to hear what you went through. It can be really enraging and sickening when someone tries to take advantage of you like that. Now, be strong and don't let this put you down. If it ever happens again, don't be afraid to speak your mind up, preferably on the spot. Let others know how you feel so that they don't go ahead and treat you in inappropriate ways.


      Hope your next doctor's appointment goes a lot better. Cheers. =)

  10. PSN is one unified network. They can't just shut down PSN on one console or it shuts down for all of them. The UI looks different but that's it. When PSN gets hacked or maintenance happens, it affects ALL PlayStation systems.
  11. Very kind of you to do this! Voted for the PSN card.
  12. Not sure if this is permanent but it looks like it is. On the NA store, at least, God of War has been price dropped to $19.99. It must have happened sometime in the last week because last I looked it was $39.99. So, good news for those who still haven't played this amazing game.
  13. Just achieved 50% of all trophies on Uncharted 4. 50% core, 46% survival, 50% overall.

  14. Might not work. It's never a guarantee with PS3 games. A lot of codes still work well after their expiration date.
  15. Finally got the Utopia trophy in Uncharted 4. Just about pulled my fuciung hair out getting it. It's my first UR trophy.

    1. douchebro


      nice! now go for 'crushing' & 'it' :devil: