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  1. who's got their 15th Plat?? that's right :) AC II - once I got better with the controls it was a fun game.

  2. well, after a lot of hard work and perseverance, I have gotten my REmastered Plat. 1st plat of 2016 and 14th plat overall. Boo YEA!!!

  3. 13th Plat SR IV, 9 plats in one year - Wow, never thought I would manage that. Time to just play some games for fun now and then.

  4. Figures my first trophy in Doom 3 is "Kill an enemy with 1 health remaining in DOOM 3"

  5. *sigh* trophy goodness. NOW with MORE MARSHMALLOWS...Yay!!!!

  6. I have worked so hard for those 2 trophies in Doom II - I think they have to be among the most rewarding. It was a long time, but worth it :) YAY ME!

  7. - yay!
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    2. JadedDragos


      Well that's nice and all, but I always hope for a remastered versions of maybe 2 or 3. Oh well.

    3. DragonCharm


      maybe, depending on how this one is received, they'll do 2 and 3 ....

    4. JadedDragos
  8. well, I've been working on Portal 2, I am getting better at it, but I may have to buy a new thinking cap, mine is getting worn out from all this thinking ... just when do I get the shotgun in this game?

    1. Gotakibono


      Speaking from experience, I can safely say there are problems in that game that could've been solved much faster with the blast of a shotgun.

    2. DragonCharm
    3. Firusha_Firu


      u playing Portal 2 ? If u Need help with Coop I may help ;)

  9. there needs to be a gaming site for people who just aren't as good as the gamers/trophy hunters on here. Seriously, I cannot jump across that floating debris in Deadpool. *collapses* I will never get the plat in that game :(

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. DragonCharm


      it seems like it should be so simple. Thanks! I will give it another shot. On the bright side I am making progress in Portal 2 (who would've thought)

    3. Padman88Garrott


      kimm dont worry im not that good either ^_^

    4. DragonCharm


      just found out I can use the teleport while jumping to the debris, wonder how much that will help ....

  10. yes, that's right, I got some trophies in Portal 2. Sure makes a difference to your game when you get the portal gun.

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    2. DragonCharm


      you can ;) thank you for encouraging me :)

    3. Rowdi


      Anytime. ;)

      Wish I could help out with the co-op. I may have forgotten enough of the puzzles to make it challenging. I almost never see you online though.

    4. thepeaguy


      Portal 2 is an awesome game and one of my favourite achieved plats.

  11. Trophies, trophies! I am now LEVEL 7!! Yay me. Trophies in Doom, Doom II, RE6 and yes, even Deadpool. Whew!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Zonpakuto
    3. xf22Razgriz


      feels GREAT isn't it.? :)

      Know exactly how it feels! Keep grinding and remeMBER!

      'It meant to be FUN' ^-^

    4. JadedDragos
  12. stupid beta code

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    2. DragonCharm


      Yes, it is ridiculous!

    3. DarkStar83x


      Cancel it there and get it at Amazon. They'll give you the code.

    4. DragonCharm


      went and cancelled the order in store and placed it online, now to see if I get my code this morning

  13. so, I preordered Destiny, BUT, did not get my Beta access code - grrr

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. streethawkfan


      Does it state on the pre-order about getting a beta code with the pre-order as i know some retailers are not in the beta program

    3. DragonCharm


      after several emails and phone calls, I am supposed to get an email with the code, still waiting .... we shall see

    4. StrickenBiged


      Fingers crossed for you.

  14. Got some nice progress done in Riptide, and a couple trophies too, thanks to Gorg ....

  15. Doom Episode 3 - Complete - yay me!