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  1. Okie dokie!
  2. Alright calm down. Use your cursor to go to the top of the screen and drag the beer bottles to the trash.
  3. Seriously wtf do you do? Haha. I’ve just woken up, grabbed the beer bottles and i don’t know how to get rid of them. The game doesn't even tell you the controls properly. I’ve clicked on every possible item in my room with every button. Wtf do you do? lol. Edit: Nevermind i figured it out. Great start lol.
  4. Ok so i’ve just had a game of Kill Confirmed on Black Ops 3 and got in a game straight away. Then i loaded up Infinite Warfare and played a search and destroy match and got in a game straight away. Thought you said you could only get in TDM lobbies? Edit: Oh and played every single mode available in Black Ops 4.
  5. No chance. Cod is so popular it will thrive for years. So you are saying one year from now and literally no one in the world will be playing search and destroy, domination, headquarters etc? Yeah ok then.
  6. Oh so it’s not glitched then ? I have to do them in order?
  7. I’ve only played that first spec ops mission a couple of times and jeez there are so many enemies. I actually thought it was really hard lol
  8. The lobbies will be full for years. It’s cod. It is very popular.
  9. Tried that. Didn’t work. Some of the challenges have completed. Like the equipment kills and smg kills. But most of them haven’t. Hmmmm.
  10. Are some of the multiplayer challenges glitched? For example the ‘Warrior’s Code’ set of challenges, one of them has you to get 5 wins in gunfight. The counter is still at 0/5 even though i’ve won way more than 5. And also the last one in that set is win 10 public matches. It’s still at 0/10. And yes i have got the set of challenges active. Are they glitched or am i doing something wrong?
  11. Mine does the same. During a match it is fine. But on the menu where the player is walking, it is really really loud.
  12. Just finished the campaign on veteran. Thought it was really really good. Loved the story. The graphics are amazing on the pro. And there are some really interesting missions.
  13. Then how have 82 people got the platinum then? Edit: Nevermind haha I played 2 of those spec ops missions earlier. The one where you have to hack the 5 devices around the stadium. Jeez man it was hard as fuck! Just enemies everywhere and no cover. And i kept running out of ammo :/
  14. Is there only 4 spec ops missions? That’s it??? There were like over 20 in previous modern warfares.
  15. You’ve got 7 months. Plenty of time lol. Also, why do you need to boost these mo trophies? They are super easy. You will get most of them without even trying. The fact that you have to complete loads of matches, you will get all the map trophies naturally.