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  1. Well i went ahead and got it for PS5. Put in 9 hours so far and it’s running great! No glitches, no crashes and a constant 60fps.
  2. The Witcher 3
  3. I’ve been holding off getting it for awhile. I’m thinking of taking the plunge on the PS5. If it keeps a constant 60fps and doesn’t crash every 2 minutes i’m happy. Thanks!
  4. I farmed about 20 outside the High Lord Wolnir fog gate. To be honest i seemed to get summoned very often. I was never waiting more than 5 minutes. And the boss is quite easy.
  5. I got the platinum a few weeks ago
  6. Right i seem to be getting somewhere now haha. I’ve been equipping the sunlight covenant and placing white soapstone down outside the High Lord of Wolnir boss door. I’ve been summoned about 6 times in the space of 20 minutes currently got 14 medals. Going to just grind this to 30. Shouldn't take long.
  7. The thing is there are never any summon signs on the floor next to the bosses. Think i’m on the 7th boss and i’ve only ever seen one and i did summon them and defeat the boss but i never got a medal lol.
  8. Thanks for the info buddy. Appreciate it. Yeah i know it’s not difficult but the Souls games don’t give you any guidance on anything. And a noob like me is clueless on how to do stuff like summoning
  9. Ok thanks. So would you suggest just forgetting this method and just farm them later on against the Lothric Knight? How long does that take?
  10. I did that and didn’t get a medal. I had it equipped. I was just outside the Curse-rotted Greatwood and i interacted with a yellow sign on the floor and it summoned an ally. We defeated the boss together, both didn’t die and i didn’t receive a sunlight medal. I received the ‘Soul of the Rotted Greatwood’ and ‘Transposing Kiln’. No medal. Unless i did it wrong?
  11. Ah right thanks. How do i become a Sunbro then? I’m kind of clueless 😂 There is so much to take in lol. I just want to fight a boss in my own game with a Sunbro and get a Sunlight Medal after defeating it.
  12. Ah ok. I just managed to summon a Sunbro. We defeated a boss and we both survived and i didn’t receive a Sunlight Medal. Any idea why? Do i have to do anything regarding the story to be able to get Sunlight Medals?
  13. Ok thanks. Is it worth just forgetting about summoning sunbros then to get the sunlight medals and just farming them against the lothric knights later on in the game?
  14. I'm kind of a noob to the Souls games. I read you can summon allies to help you and if you use them to kill a boss you get sunlight medals. I’ve read there are yellow signs on the floor and you use these to summon the sunbro. I can’t find any of these yellow signs though? I have the Sunlight covenant which apparently i need. Can anyone just shed some light on this, thanks.