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  1. Ah that’s useful for others to know. Yeah my buildings were fully upgraded to level 3 but i hadn’t built a house, which was the one i was missing. Can’t remember which one, it was on the left side of the settlement and didn’t have a white icon for it. So that’s why i missed it lol.
  2. Astro’s Playroom. One of the most fun platinums out there!
  3. I didn’t really give it a chance to be honest. I think another game came out a few days after i started playing it and i never went back to it.
  4. Evil Within. Love this game!
  5. I’m 5/6 at the settlement. I’m pretty sure i’ve upgrading everything. I’m right at the end of the bar for level 5. Just need one more thing to upgrade and i have the level 6 trophy. Problem is i’ve looked everywhere. Nothing needs upgrading. Is there any hidden building to build/upgrade? I’ve literally got every other trophy except this one. Edit: Done it. I was missing one final building to build on the left side of the settlement.
  6. I got the platinum for this when it first came out. It was really tough. But they have since released a lot of patches that make a lot of the sections way easier. For anyone that has got the platinum in the last year or so, count yourself lucky haha. They have completely removed or reduced enemies in some sections of the game. I downloaded it again and attempted the insane run for the first time in 2 years or so last week. It honestly wasn’t really that difficult to be honest. I kind of knew what to do in certain sections of the game from getting the platinum a few years ago. But it wasn’t that bad. At the time of getting the platinum i’d probably give it a 9/10. Now it would probably be a 7/10.
  7. I’m playing on the PS5 version. To me some audio is very quiet. Especially combat audio. The sounds seem muffled and toned down compared to other audio in the game like the voice audio and music. Is it just me?
  8. How do i look at members of a club? I want to look at the guy in the top ranked club you mentioned. I’d love to see his stats to see how long it has taken him and how many hands he’s played etc.
  9. But only one player has the trophy for winning 100 million. Only 2 players have the trophy for winning 10 million. I think that the player who has the trophy for 100 million has probably played against bots for a majority of their games. Especially at the higher buyins. He must have put a serious amount of time into this to get up to that level. But yeah i’ve noticed the AI are just terrible lol. I played a couple of headsup matches and they just folded pretty much every hand when i raised lol. And when they finally did decide to go allin, they had Q5 lol.
  10. Just the grind getting up to that level seems absurd.
  11. As far as i know Patches isn’t needed for any trophy besides killing him for the mephistopheles trophy. You can get the cat ring elsewhere.
  12. Just happened to me too.
  13. Yeah you could definitely boost it this way. Obviously depending what the buy in is. Going to take longer the smaller the buyin and vice versa. Let’s say the starting chips are 1,000. One player could raise to 999 and the other player calls. Then on the flop, the raiser bets 1 and the other player folds. Then from then on just go allin every hand. Then swap turns the next match. The only problem with going allin blind every match is that one player may win 5-6 matches in a row. I mean that’s fine as long as the player who lost has enough money left to carry on. And as long as the session is evened out to the same amount of wins. But i agree. Donating 50 million chips is absurd. The horrible thing about this is the chips donated need to be from your own pocket. You actually need 50 million in your balance. You've can’t boost this. If anyone plays poker in real life. They should know that this is really tough. You basically start off with a bankroll of 50,000 and have to build It up to 50 million. This is really really tough and will take hundreds and hundreds of hours to do this imo.
  14. The second video. Be handy to know how you actually obtain the Hands of God. Useless video really because it doesn't even tell you where to find them 😂. All of the rest are good though.
  15. You could probably boost it pretty easily though. Just constantly play heads up matches and take it in turns winning. Obviously the higher the buyin, the quicker the boost will be.