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  1. Well mine finally popped. Thank god! It’s 100% a little glitchy. I replayed the enemy of my enemy and it popped at the end of the mission. Even though i completed it without dying yesterday. Look, don’t listen to anyone that says you can’t kill friendlies. That makes no difference what so ever. If you kill a friendly and the game doesn’t fail the mission, then it’s fine. You aren’t restarting from a checkpoint so it’s fine. There are times when the game will fail the mission when you kill too many or you kill a civilian. If that happens, restart the mission.
  2. I’m not complaining bro. Thanks for the tips. I just personally don’t think it would matter if you killed a friendly. Obviously sometimes the game will send you back to the last checkpoint. Especially if you kill civilians. But if you kill a friendly fighter, 9/10 the game just lets you carry on and doesn't fail the mission.
  3. That can’t be right though. The trophy description says don’t restart from a checkpoint. When you should a friendly, even if you kill them, the game doesn't take you back to a checkpont. It just carries on as normal.
  4. You don’t have to restart the mission if you fire at a team mate and they say that. You aren’t restarting from a checkpoint so it doesn’t matter. It’s definitely glitched for some people. Me included. I definitely didn’t die. And if i did, i restarted the mission. Nor did i kill any civilians. I’m currently going through mission select and completing missions i thought i died and restarted the mission in. I’ve done about 10 up to now and still no trophy.
  5. How are people struggling with the tutorials? lol. It tells you exactly what to do in each one.
  6. I got no where near the platinum. The zombies trophies were a joke. If i really really wanted to get the platinum i probably could have got it. But the zombies were far too complex. Near impossible to do them solo. You need 3 other good zombies players who know all the steps for each EE. I love zombies and i used to like doing the EE. But they just got way too complicated and took the fun out of it for me.
  7. I’m going for the 100 cops taken down trophy. If i crash a few cop cars and then get busted or wreck my car, does it still count? Or do i have to visit the garage manually to save it?
  8. Nice one on finally doing it! But i’m trying to work out how you failed to be honest. I used the Koenigsegg Regera and it was unbelievably easy. I finished like 2 miles in front of second place. And i also had a2-3 crashes as well. Did you play on easy difficulty or higher? I played on easy.
  9. Ok thanks. Did you use any of the ultimate parts? And yeah the Regera is fast enough but i agree it seems to go around the corner too slow because the handling isn’t as good as the other cars.
  10. Hi guys. Anyone got any tips for this speed trap? It’s the one in Fort Callahan where the 3 star speed is 210mph. It is giving me a really tough time. From all the comments about the drift zones, i expected those to be troublesome. But in fact they were really easy and this is the only tough task i’ve had to do in this game. First of all what is the best car to use? I currently have the Koenigsegg Regera but i can’t seem to do it in this car. It’s definitely fast enough obviously. But the little hill slows me down too much when you come in from the north. Also which is the best way to go through the speed trap? From the north or the south? Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the replies guys. I’ve been doing the rivals race in Heights and beating my own time by 1 second each time which gives me $66,000 each time i do it. I’ve just racked up 1 million in about 45 minutes which i am happy with. So i will just keep doing that on different races too :)
  12. What is the best way to earn money fast? Is there an exploit of some sort? Thanks!
  13. Thanks will take a look at that.
  14. Hi. What is the quickest way to level up rep after the latest patch? I’m on level 30 and need to get up to level 50. Are there any good exploits? Or is it just a case of winning races over and over again?
  15. Cool. Thanks!