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  1. Why don’t you just wait for patch and move onto something else?
  2. All i did was sell items to the vendor and then buy them back and repeat.
  3. There is a video on youtube that shows you how to get the one graffiti stuck in the wall. I tried it for 10 minutes and couldn’t do it. But it’s doable as a friend of mine has done it.
  4. I noticed that VII and VIII were switched too when i looked at Powerpyx’s guide. That maybe the reason why it’s glitched. They may have switched by mistake and the game is only counting one of them.
  5. Thanks for that. It was there
  6. It says i’m missing the Pogo Bouncer but i’ve killed him several times and he doesn’t drop anything. Is it bugged?
  7. Thought the latest patch would fix the glitched trophies but nope 😞
  8. This game is just a joke 😂 I’ve got 3 trophies bugged.
  9. Could i roll back the patch to the day one patch? Because i have the disc. Or will my save game then be incompatible with the old version?
  10. I wouldn’t bother. I’ve just hit 80 hours playtime and 3 trophies have bugged on me 😂
  11. Oh man this sucks. I really can’t be bothered 😂 What happens if it happens again? 😂
  12. The Hunting for Hunters graffiti is not there. So now the trophy is unobtainable. Seriously this game is an absolute joke.
  13. God knows then. The game is just full of glitched trophies. I myself have got the true nightrunner trophy glitched :/
  14. Fuck sake. I was planning on doing a new game plus run. Meh i don’t know what to do then :/ The only option is to start a brand new game i guess.
  15. For the encounters you’ve got to ‘save someone’. So only certain encounters count. The ones with just the enemies don’t count. You have to save a civilian. So it may take more time. The airdrop one, did you actually pick something up from the crate? On some of them, you have to pick something up from the crate before it counts. Check every one on the map and make sure it has the tick next to it.