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  1. So i’m about 20 minutes in and i am completely stuck! If anyone has completed this can you help me? I am in a room with two radios which i have to interact with. I interacted with one and 3 zombies appeared behind me. Then i got lead upstairs into the bathroom and saw a woman lying in the bathtub and i picked up a flashlight. No idea what to do next lol Any ideas? I’ve tried to interact with everything in the room but to no avail. Thanks! Edit: Ok so i managed to get past that part. You have to go through one of the doors on the top floor. Also, how did any of you get the adventurer trophy? I’ve finished the game but not got it. Thanks! P.s If any of you are thinking of getting this. Don’t! It’s absolutely awful!
  2. I mean not impossible but will take a hell of a lot of time. I think being a decent poker player will help too.
  3. I cheesed it lol. Oops haha. I equipped the Thief Ring. Get him to start following you down the walkway and hide behind a pillar. He will start to walk away. Back stab him and repeat.
  4. Anyone got any tips for the fight with Old King Doran in Boletarian Palace? I’m really struggling. I’ve just started my second playthrough. So naturally he will be tougher. But none of my weapons do enough damage to him. I have been using the Claymore+9 and it barely touches him. Taking off around 35 damage. At this rate i will have to hit him about 150 times before he will die. Whilst also avoiding not getting hit because he basically one hit kills me. Are there any really good strategies for him? Which weapon is the best and deals a decent amount of damage and not a pathetic 35 lol. Or are there any cheap methods? Thanks!
  5. Yes you need to do 3 playthroughs then because that’s the only way to get her soul. When you backup saves, use cloud on the psn.
  6. I’m in my second playthrough. Need to get all spells, miracles and rings still. When shall i do this Mephistopheles though? I’m just wondering because obviously if i start it and start killing some npc’s, the end one is Yuria the Witch and if i kill her, i can’t get some spells.
  7. Same happened to me. I killed all phantoms and i still wasn’t pure white. I wouldn’t worry about it though. Just boost it with someone. Get someone to invade you with a password and kill them a few times to get to pure white in no time. I did this earlier.
  8. Just did this on New Game+ Just take your time. You want to attack his legs just after when he either does a big stomp or when he slams his shield down. Depending on what kind of weapon you have, just go for 1-2 hits. I could only go for 1 hit because i was using a slow sword. Do this and just constantly move around to avoid the archers. After some hits he will go down. Just go in and get as many hits as possible on his head. Beware of the archers though. Because you are standing in one spot attacking the head, the archers will have some joy hitting you. I went for a hit, rolled backwards, then went for another hit. Keep doing this and you will eventually do it.
  9. Ok thanks for the info buddy.
  10. I’ve just killed all of the black phantoms and got my character to pure white. Then i finished the game and completed Boletarian Palace and now my character tendency has gone down to just white and not pure white. It’s really annoying because now i have got to get a few worlds to pure black again to kill the black phantoms again to push my character tendency towards white again. Any idea why it has changed?
  11. Ah yes that sounds easier. If you get killed as an invader does your character tendency change? Also, can you do it more than once with the same person?
  12. I’ve got Boletarian Palace to pure white and unlocked the gate on the left of the starting area. I found Miranda and killed her by mistake, just not realising. If i get PBWT in Boletarian Palace now, will Phantom Miranda spawn again? Or do i have to start a new playthrough for her to spawn again? Also, if i get PBWT in Boletarian Palace, will the gate still be open on the left? Or will it now close because the world is in PBWT? Thanks.
  13. I’ve just beaten the Flamelurker. But unfortunately i just totally forgot to kill myself in the Nexus. As soon as i killed the Flamelurker, i went to the Nexus to upgrade, then i went back to the tunnels to pick up the Hands of God and died in the process. I’ve also saved the game so i can’t revert back to an old save game. It just dawned on me i hadn’t killed myself in the Nexus. So have i now voided the White Tendency trophy? Is there anything i can do to fix this?
  14. As a big poker fan, i am going to pick this up after i have finished with Demon’s Souls
  15. Ok thanks for the info!
  16. I’m about halfway through the game. Boletarian Palace was pure white. I went back to it to go through the gate on the left. Once i collected some stuff there i carried on with the game and killed the Maneater in another world. But when i go on the tendency page now, Boletarian Palace is now neutral. Why is this? I don’t think i’ve done anything to make it shift towards black. Thanks.
  17. Ah i’ve just looked now. I think i’ve killed Executioner Miralda lol. I assumed you needed pure white tendency in this world to get the rings near the dragons? I thought they disappeared when it was pure white?
  18. Ah right ok thanks. So i’ve killed the Dragon God, killed myself in the Nexus, now i can go back to 1-3 and enter the Inner Ward. I’ve done that and killed the Perpetrator. Now on the tendency screen, it says both archstones are pure white. I’ve looked at the link you gave me and looked at the picture which tells you what each tendency image means and as far as i can tell, both archstones are pure white. So hopefully they are both pure white now. To be honest, i don’t know how it’s pure white as i died in human form. I was under the impression that if you died in human form it would take one step towards black.
  19. Is it worth farming souls early on to level up? I’m on the second area, the lords path. Is it worth farming some souls at the beginning of this area for a few hours to level up my weapons and stats? Or shall i just carry on?
  20. Hi. I’ve just opened the big gate which leads to the first boss in Gate of Boletaria. If i leave the area and return to the Nexus, then come back to the Gate of Boletaria, will the gate still be open? Or will i have to open it again? Thanks.
  21. I’m new to Demons Souls and never played anything like this before so i’m not the best at this game, so i die a lot lol. I’m aiming to go for the platinum however. I’ve noticed whenever you die, you lose the souls you had, and you can go back to where you died and pick them back up. But if you die whilst going back to pick them up, they are gone forever. So i’m wondering does this matter? Will this affect the platinum? Does it matter if i lose a bunch a souls? thanks.
  22. Yeah i’ve been stuck on the first level all day lol. Gets me annoyed when i die and then have to start right at the beginning. My sword is now damaged and deals way less damage. I bought a sword from a random NPC and i can’t use it because i’m not strong enough loooool. What is going off haha.
  23. Any differences? Or is it the same? The one in this site seems really useful. Just wondered if i could use that one for the PS5 version.
  24. How do i attack from afar? Haha.
  25. Seriously wtf. I just keep dying over and over and over again haha. Can’t get past the Gates of Boletaria. I’m using the Royalty character. Any tips?