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  1. good luck for all my favs game, the last of us and persona 4/golden...
  2. platinum trophy for Killzone 3
  3. platinum trophy for SPIRAL SPLATTER
  4. platinum trophy for SPIRAL SPLATTER
  5. RiME Platinum Trophy
  6. Platinum Trophy for RiME
  7. Platinum Trophy for Her Majesty's Spiffing
  8. Her Majesty's Spiffing Platinum Trophy
  9. whitetail, mayo, albedo, little adven, orc slayer, toro. thank god its short process 😕
  10. Grand Slam Killzone 3 Gold Trophy
  11. Platinum Trophy for 36 fragments of midnights
  12. persona 4 arena maybe, bcoz of the combo challenges and score attack (already finish with 5 char if im correct, 7 more to go). need invest more time bcoz need a dedication to plat this game, from the perspective of below-average-skill-in-fighting-game person, the sum it all, need a lot of practice and of course perseverance. salute for all p4a plat achievers
  13. Platinum Trophy for XBlaze Lost: Memories
  14. Platinum Trophy for Marvels Guardian of the Galaxy