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  1. I have problem to trigger the (Select Achi 15.30 and "That Guy" from Time Chart. Upon reaching the "shirt") to happen . If any one can point out what i need to do that would be swell,i have done everything up to that including all endings and the epilogue leads to the True End. tnx
  2. Well now Veedramon`s medal is the problem.....his damn case does not pop up and he himself does not drop shit with full Large Capacity USB stack on all 3 fighting party members(all of them bing BkingNumemon) The only one i need....F the RNG GOOD!!
  3. got Blue Metal Greymon 3 times but Black Agumon is a no show.....F the RNG!!
  4. yeah, done them both 100% finaly
  5. yeah it was easy(for some reason i did not find the room)
  6. anyone have a clue how to do this,it's the only one i have left in the game
  7. Well that's vague as all hell..nothing new i suppose
  8. anyone else have a problem with the hitman server being shitty all the time?
  9. only thing i have left hehe
  10. Yeah me to man
  11. yeah the 4rth game in the collection for the vita includes 1 alpha 2 and 3(3 is the only one with trophies) well you can't download the other 3 on the cart if you don't have a japanese account on the vita
  12. Have no clue what i'm missing her, have done everything enny guide say i need to do. Edit 1: Well i am stuck have collected the 3 bg crystals for the quest but i cant complete it Edit 2. well i know what i need and where to find it, i need 世界樹の花冠 at the top of the world tree but it wont spawn. Her is an image of where it is: http://snoopdogman.com/chaos-rings3_mainiti_gifuto/3574.html What do i need to do to make it spawn? Edit 3: Who!!! will if you have the same problem as me skip the time on your ps vita with a year(didn't help with a week or two),it fixed it for me and it spawns :-P F this quest !!!!
  13. I need cg 111 and i have no idea how to get it. I also need to stripp the characters that has no ending, any tip on how to do it? Edit: well i found out that you can get CG111 by playing through Wei compagne without romancing enny of the officers. Then battle Deng Ai(鄧艾) with Zhang Liao(張遼) in youre party, wen she switches side after the event were the old man dies
  14. yup NEVER! want to do this crap again :-P
  15. Any clue how to grind effectively for this?