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  1. Scrap that - it just pinged - but I got nearer 27 wins!
  2. I have just won 22 races 1 in someone else's lobby and 21 in my publicly hosted lobby Trophy hasn't pinged - anyone else having this issue?
  3. I just tried this and no pop - are you able take screenshot of your game preferences - I must be missing one simple piece... this is SO frustrating! Transmission: Automatic Clutch Override: On Allow Exterior Cameras: ON Automatic Launch Control: On ABS: 5 Traction Control: Off Stability Control: Off Entire HUD: Off Co-driver Calls: Normal Camera Shake: 100% Cockpit Driver & Wheel: Enabled Manual Windscreen Wipers: Off FINALLY unlocked it - it makes no sense why allowing external cameras would alter whether or not I won. If anything, allowing them should be set to OFF to force the user to headcam. Anyway - vague trophy descriptions were the issue here - glad it's been resolved! Thanks for the feedback everyone
  4. Well I just tried that and the When Jon Met Paul trophy pinged - but the I am the 5% did not...
  5. Cheers for the LOLs! I can't see any other mention of it and clearly it is unlocking for some on here! Hmmm.
  6. Please can someone tell me how the F**K to unlock this piece of crap trophy... * Win an event using the headcam (which is the description of the trophy) * Win an event using the headcam and forcing external cameras to off * Win an event using the headcam, forcing external cameras to off and turning HUD completely off * Win an event using the headcam, forcing external cameras to off, turning HUD completely off and disabling Cockpit Driver & Wheel * ALL of the above + all driver assists OFF + custom league 12 stage (Maximum attack pinged) - post from Lord_Of_Ra :: using http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/dirt-rally/287171-i-am-5-maximum-attack-trophies-easy-guide.html * Win an event using the headcam - using a Custom Event 1 stage (When Jon Met Paul pinged) - post from Need4Weed2 * SOLUTION HERE: http://psnprofiles.com/forums/topic/36615-i-am-the-5/#entry963543 I am playing the championship rally circuits. As you may have noticed I get quite pi**ed off with vague descriptions which are NOT true! HELP!! ~GG~
  7. Got this. These are the coloured dots on your circuit map. "Drift score" Orange "Cornering" Blue "Speed" Yellow On the tour mode you can only complete these once - once unlocked you can't see them again. I think there are about 30-35? The rest will come from online racing or single events. I got mine on single events. Do a 25 lap race and eventually when the servers kick in you should get up to 3 face offs in a lap. If you choose to just beat the opponent then the next lap it will be another face off just slightly more. The next face off will always be more than what you just achieved. Pretty easy trophy to get - especially once the servers are working
  8. It's strange because I actually found assassinate to be quite fun!
  9. How about release the game on time and then patch it whilst working on enhancements for Project Cars 2? I don't think I've seen SO many delays in game titles. I'm not looking for perfection. I've waited AGES for Driveclub and it still isn't fully operational - but I don't care. I finally have a racing game. Do devs not realise how much of a market they could capitalise on? Hell I'm pissed Codemasters couldn't be fecked with releasing F1 2014 on new gen - I won't be buying it on old gen. It's not worth my time. And F1 games are dead certs for me. I would understand if games couldn't be patched or in old days where they were in cartridges. I don't want a game with lots of social interaction and 'take a photo of this' or 'beat your friends drift score'. NO - I just want to race! Rant over
  10. basti - we're full now and we've reached level 10 so once you get online you should get your *ding*! Now we each need to get 1000 miles in the club so don't boot us off! Cheers!
  11. Just reached club level 6 4 more for trophy 9 more to unlock all cars!
  12. Hey all - I'm joining if that's ok? The club is level 4 and I can see all the members on there now. Cheers
  13. The problem is I followed that list and bought each ability/weapon separately and used them and this morning I went through the game modes but no *ding* occured hence the worry! I can't say I've enjoyed the grindfest much so would like to get the plat to make me feel a bit better lol. Just checked on the leaderboards as you can check game mode - looks like it didn't register my 'assassinate' game this morning and there is NO-ONE playing this game mode. FFS! Got the plat - thanks everyone!
  14. Hey everyone! Is there anyway to check if I have completed the game modes, used the abilities and used all weapons. I ask because as far as I know I have completed everything and I don't want to have to check them ALL again! It's the last trophy before the plat so I can't let it go! Cheers
  15. Hey all, first of all - apologies for those who wanted to be in the gaming session. I had emergency gf duties!! then, if i'm honest, i got bored of this game and the relentless trying to get just ONE air support kill. secondly - this trophy (jack of all trades) is a complete and total ASS!! i mean whoever decided that you needed to get FOUR hundred air support kills clearly wasn't thinking logically. 250 would have been 'fine'!! BUT - it's the ONLY trophy stopping me getting a platinum - and once I have that i'll trade this in for about £8 lol. Currently left to do: Nano 19 to go DONE Revive 13 to go DONE Air Support 221 219 to go DONE THAT'S IT!! Nano and Revive should take no more than a couple of games but air support - well I've done 20 in about 6 hours gameplay and I got 9 in one game by luck... So... i'm thinking some sort of boost session is in order. Really I need someone prepared to get a spawn beacon and sit near my air support drone for 15 mins lol. Of course... I'll help you with whatever crappy ability is bugging the hell out of you Deal? If this interest you then add me on PSN and add that it is about KZ:SF boost. If I don't add you it's probably because I already have found someone else or because I'm very lazy! Next official DAY i'm free is Tuesday 6th May Next official NIGHT i'm free is Thursday 8th May Cheers GUZZA Edit: Thanks to the guy who helped me boost for about 4 hours!! Good luck to everyone else. When I left my server (24P Ability Boosting) there were 5 people on there so keep it active and more public peeps will join in!