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  1. @ArtisticGeek : Diablo III. I can only imagine the time and dedication
  2. No longer trading, thanks!
  3. Here is my 'problem' I started playing Pure for ps3 around 2016 summer. Played some events and cleared the online. Starting this year I said I'm gonna get my completion high and started finishing unfinished games from my backlog. So i started playing Pure again in the last 2 days. I earned 3-4 trophies and synced. Even though in my profile the trophies are showing, the game is still showing like I haven't played it from 2016 summer. Is this a site problem or it has something to do with the game? Thanks in advance
  4. 3. Twice pix the cat (1st,2nd,4th,5th place ) and platinum of little deviants stands in 3rd place. That damn cat.
  5. Just watch out for your R2 button. The game is easily one of the worst I have ever played and still is not that bad. I believe due to being short, you don't have time to be bored with it.
  6. @xeliot : Anything that's easy and 'fast' @shadow : thanks I'll check it out! @xhillia : I don't get any results on that! @mrunknown : older games work fine as well. I'm not willing to go over 25 euros for a game. I havent checked Solaris.Thanks!
  7. I am looking to get easy JPN games for plats in any of the 3 consoles. I have been looking around in sites like Play-Asia and other similar ones , but I was hoping someone would know a site that's not so 'famous'and sells games in lower prices . Any ideas-proposals-suggestions? Thanks in advance for any answer that comes up !
  8. How I got it this morning : Start a new carreer and create a player. Do not start it with your pro. Create a new one , max his attributes and put him in an easy league ( put mine in Chicago Fire - USA ). I got the trophy at the end of the 3rd season after simming all 3 seasons. It shouldnt take more than 40 minutes.
  9. GT5's plat is mine!!!

  10. Gota , Gota , Gota?Nope , doesnt ring a bell.. Kidding , welcome to the site Gota!
  11. Iraqoz welcome to the forums and the site man
  12. Nice to see you around here man , welcome to the site
  13. 0.534 closer to my target...