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  1. I'll go with 256 this time..
  2. Im gonna say 118 matches !
  3. It took me 85 hours. I did everything and I had a fun time going around with batmobile/flying/beating thugs up. The last two dlc's require patience and skill. If you are a Batman fan, it will seem too small
  4. Every time i was finishing a run and was getting a trophy, i was deleting my save file. In case my run was ending without a success in the trophy i wanted, i was closing and starting the app again. Thats how i got the rest of the trophies.
  5. Can confirm that still ps4 HK version didn't give me the 36 ones, the timed and the die with 35 .
  6. You can create your own sessions there 😉
  7. I was trying to change the players I was facing. I had 2 ps3s so i could play by myself against my dummy account or someone's else if I wanted to. On my very last treasure, game was seemed like it stopped working. NPC's didn't move and everything seemed quite calm. That's after 2 months of trying.. !
  8. Hunters. Unfortunately
  9. My very last treasure took me around 2 months of daily trying. I was playing 2-3 hours almost daily. Buy I've been reading it differs from one to another. Good luck ! And patience!
  10. Went through my list to find out that my fastest ultra rare platinum I have is a game for kids. Start the Party . Done in 1 day and 20 hours.. Wasn't expecting it at all
  11. I have all 7. Sign me up please! Thanks !
  12. I'd pay 0.99 . I enjoy browsing the site and lately the forums as well. also paid to be premium so an Extra dollar/euro wouldnt hurt !
  13. Right now is pretty much a matter of when you will beat it. I remember after like a week of trying, I had a free time of 45 minutes and started playing without expectations. I beat it on my first try that day and believe me, I was doing just ok till the end. If you feel the frustration, just take a small break and give it a go after a few hours or the next day!
  14. I have a question regarding the advanced hypercar. I read in another post that eliminator events don't require gold for the Platinum. So in that class I did silver on eliminator and move forward. But I see that the car will be unlocked only by going gold on the eliminator. My question is : is this car playable in another previous event so I can do the miles there, or I am really screwed and have to go through this awful level again for the gold? EDIT : Got gold on my first try after days. I had one crash in 5 laps and zero takedowns in the first two so that helped! I also unlocked the car which is brand new so another one with 100 miles to drive! YAYYYY
  15. - Buying cheap easy boring games just for trophies. I really believe i am way past that. - Losing countless Hours to boost or grind idiotic trophies -Buying a PS4 and keep on playing on ps3 -buying games that i wanted to play but very expensive. - Hours that i could use to sleep or do something More useful in the house, lost in front of a tv for a game that i didn't like that much. - Thats for now