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  1. I know this most likely will pass by without anyone be able to help but, I'm From Greece and I'm Looking plants vs Zombies for Psvita. I know there are some NA codes but I was looking for a physical copy of the game since my account is Ed. I don't have any Psvita to trade but have lots of ps4/ps3 games. Thanks!
  2. 186 at the moment! I was hoping to bring It down close to 100 or even below that. But to be honest I hid 2 games which are impossible to get platinum at ( original SingStar and MK VS DC ). I. Think a year ago I was standing close to 1000 unearned, so i did a lot of backlog clearing
  3. Congratulations to the winners! To all members hosting this, you guys are the "heroes"!
  4. I am writing down the games I enjoyed the most out of each letter. I have a game from each letter and # and a Japanese one!! # - 101 ways to die Α - Αrmy of two the devils cartel Β - Batman Arkham asylum C - Crash Bandicoot D - Deadpool E - Eat lead F - Final Horizon G - God of War H - Heavy Rain I - Infamous J - Jazzpunk K - Kung fu Panda 2 L - Little Big Planet M - Midnight Club Los Angeles N - Ninja Gaiden Σ 2 O - Oddworld New n' tasty P - Portal 2 Q - Quantum of Solace R - Resogun S - South Park fractured but whole T - The Witcher 3 : Wild hunt U - Uncharted : Drakes fortune V - Vanquish W - Wipeout HD X - X-men Wolverine Y - Yasai Ninja Z - Zombie Tycoon 2 And for the Japanese I have platinum In that タイムリープ
  5. I would Like to thank this community! This thread showed just a bit how amazing you guys are! I'm Glad that I'm part of it!!
  6. Quote #8 Another one from Gta Vice City Lance Vance "say goodnight Mr Diaz"
  7. Quote #7 Deadpool Deadpool "Deadpool smash! "
  8. Quote #6 Batman Arkham City Catwoman to Harvey Dent ( two face ) "How's it hangin', Harv?"
  9. Quote #5 The cake is a lie Portal
  10. From another epic game I played recently Quote #4 "Boy? Carry her. " Kratos, God of war. Talking to his son. Not gonna say what he is talking about..!
  11. Quote #3 Arkham asulym The Joker ( challenge rooms ) "Come on boys! He's just one man! One man dressed like a lunatic and armed to the teeth. HAHAHAHA HAHA!! Go get him!"
  12. Quote #2 "This is the last dance for Lance Vance" Tommy Vercetti Gta Vice City ( epic game 15 years later )
  13. Too good to be true! I must say you guys didn't have to do this but you did! I would have posted quotes even without the prize! So entry #1 "Get over here!" Scorpion, Mortal Kombat
  14. I got it when the price got down to 20€. I believe now it's even lower. I enjoyed all of the dlcs and wish it had more. The batmobile ones can get a bit tedious and repetitive but the rooms and the arcs are great. Latest dlc challenge can be quite hard if you are not used to the combat or the game but in overall I would give the season pass 8/10 and say go for it..!
  15. Haven't watched lots of movies this year. I did watch Avengers infinity war and Deadpool 2 and both were great! Watched Thor as well but I don't consider it to be in my top Movies of this year.