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  1. Right now is pretty much a matter of when you will beat it. I remember after like a week of trying, I had a free time of 45 minutes and started playing without expectations. I beat it on my first try that day and believe me, I was doing just ok till the end. If you feel the frustration, just take a small break and give it a go after a few hours or the next day!
  2. I have a question regarding the advanced hypercar. I read in another post that eliminator events don't require gold for the Platinum. So in that class I did silver on eliminator and move forward. But I see that the car will be unlocked only by going gold on the eliminator. My question is : is this car playable in another previous event so I can do the miles there, or I am really screwed and have to go through this awful level again for the gold? EDIT : Got gold on my first try after days. I had one crash in 5 laps and zero takedowns in the first two so that helped! I also unlocked the car which is brand new so another one with 100 miles to drive! YAYYYY
  3. - Buying cheap easy boring games just for trophies. I really believe i am way past that. - Losing countless Hours to boost or grind idiotic trophies -Buying a PS4 and keep on playing on ps3 -buying games that i wanted to play but very expensive. - Hours that i could use to sleep or do something More useful in the house, lost in front of a tv for a game that i didn't like that much. - Thats for now
  4. Nothing that hadn't said here before. Challenge 4 and 6 is all about patience- trial and error. Watch youtube vids and try different strategies. Especially on 6, there are so many , you can select what fits you. You have to know spawn locations, which enemies are about to spawn, use your weapons right and also know the location of some weapons in the level. I remember playing level 6 over and over until i was able to reach bogies 90% of the times. I also remember that i beat the level a time where i just played to play and wasn't feeling I'm gonna get it. Most of the amazing fast vids out there are insane , but there are also few approaches that are slower but get the job done ! Just stick to it ! At first seems so impossible. After a while you will move so much better and take out enemies faster, you will realise you can and will do it and its just a matter of time! Good luck! I remember my time being around 25 minutes..
  5. October 2016 , 1121 trophies. I remember I was so close to #1 in the leaderboard of my country and even though I wasnt thinking about it , when I came that close I really wanted to do it. Whorish month with a lot easy and cheap and soooooo boring games. Im glad its over cause I'm not doing it again !
  6. Like an avid trophy ( whore ) Hunter at first but not so much now , I've had my 'great games for trophies' happened to me quite a few times. In no particular order I'll try to find 5 of the worst. - Orc Slayer : Just awful. - Hannah Montana : I don't why I did that. Good thing is that a friend of mine came for vacations at my place that time so he finished the game as I couldn't play through it. - Whitetail Challenge : Stay away from this game - Ben 10 : I can't even remember the full title. I think it was the first Ben 10 game I played and I remember thinking that I don't want to go through a such shitty game again on my life - little adventure on the prairie. Definition of releasing a game just for trophy whores! could come up with few more but I think those 5 earn the 5 first places
  7. I did everything with a DS3 and automatic shifting. Some will be almost impossible , but all of them are doable if you stick to them. From what I read , the wheel is very helpful and can save you a lot of time and frustration. Lots of patience especially on some of the later special stages and try to be as calm as possible when going for Vettel challenges..! Only Suzuka took me 3 weeks to gold. But like I wrote at the start of the post , I was doing it with a DS3. All in all , you can do it!
  8. Steva24 , Learned the Shadowless Footsteps 👍
  9. To me it was mostly from what I read. The hardest was the trophy with lion statues and some side missions that you will restart and do better and better every time until you eventually get them. Game play wise , you are not going to play a GOAT but it's was fun enough from what I remember. Just stick to it
  10. Thanks a lot for the reply! My copy is shipped and I believe I'll have before the weekend! Congrats !
  11. @Schwarz88 What would you say was the hardest trophy and what difficulty rating you give to the game?
  12. All ruined Dragonball raging blast. You have to play in every map against CPU and you have to break everything by yourself! I had all but one level completed twice. Then I did that level and trophy popped ! From what I was reading through forums pages and threads,I thought that was going to get me dozens of hours! No so much skill related, but still one of the few I'm proud of! Dante's Inferno - It's in the trial Last trial had so many waves and reaching the last waves after 10-15 minutes of spamming attacks was not fun! So to beat the challenge with 1-2 seconds left on the clock was a huge relief! Batman Arkham Knight -Curtain falls -Require for a killer Main game and all paid docs were a Breeze. Community's dlc though took the difficulty of the game on a higher level! Not impossible or extra hard but you had to had patience. I know I am good at the arkham games but this two really tested me! Sports champion 2 -Sports champion champion You had to get 6 gold cups. Some were easy ,some were ok. But gold cup in boxxing for me was pretty tough! Trying 3 days, sweating and just getting more and more tired and my shoulders were killing me! Really Proud of this trophy/Platinum! Band hero -A new challenge awaits Ok you can't compare this game's difficulty to a GH one, but to get 50 challenges gold or Platinum which includes all instruments for me it was pretty tough! I still have friends that need 15-20 of those and don't have the skill to do it! Vanquish -tactical challenger If you have played the game,you know there is no work around that except of playing the game and getting better at it. Boggies were a nightmare at first. But with all the vids online you could change or follow a tactic and just get good at! Countless tries! Proud trophy/Platinum as well! Gran Turismo 5 -Gold standard. To be honest, getting gold on almost everything was pretty easy for me. But what tested me was Vettel challenges. I did monza within a day, nurburgring in 3 and Suzuka in 20 days!!! The most impressive about this is that I did it with a controller and not a wheel. I remember reading a lot of comments back then from people that Vettel was unbeatable with a controller.. well, not!
  13. Favorite character is Goku, hands down Good luck to anyone participating!!!
  14. I had the same issue. I tried 2-3 times and every time I was pretty sure I was downloading the right game, but... Anyway I downloaded it from Playstation store like you did and everything was fine. Probably a bug that they will fix.
  15. Army of Two the 40th day : the custom mask one. You have to create a mask in a site of EA, which doesnt exist anymore. After you create the mask, you save it and the mask is saved in your main-game inventory. All you have to do is use that mask and the trophy pops. But there is no site to create the mask. No site, no custom mask. No custom mask, no trophy. No trophy, no platinum ! https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/518-army-of-two-the-40th-day/45-diy-pmc Dr_Mayus : I will ask the obvious. have you tried on your own? I remember that trophy getting it on my own as I had no one else to help me around..