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  1. I believe it was something close to 24-25 minutes.. ! Numerous tries! Amazing feeling when i got it !
  2. THIS!! This is a time and life saver ! Thank you very very much. Got it with 338,27 after 10' of trying..!
  3. From 108, 56% to 825, 41%.
  4. Stopped on 9 crowns. Might get back if infallible becomes easier in a way
  5. Level 39 and got last night my 20 racing wins trophy. I got one more win after that, so 21. I also got my 8th episode win .
  6. Level 36 and I must be sitting around 15 wins. Just yesterday got the trophy for 7 episode wins.
  7. I just was thinking this the last couple of days. Mostly i would love to see a ranking after every game and how many points do you earn depending on your place or if it's a team event. More stats wouldn't hurt either!
  8. Reached level 17 yesterday and also got two crowns! Still missing any win in a race..!! Im having fun though!!
  9. After 5 hours of gameplay and a grand total of 0 wins, I must say, I very much enjoy the game. Title led me here thinking this was a rant! Kudos ( see what i did here ) to OP!!
  10. The first time i played the mission during story mode, i felt into the water. Trying to get 100% now and its the only mission I still can't get full synch. Doesn't matter if i go from the logs in the water, or the rope that connects the roofs or even with a horse riding over the bridge! No matter what I do, i dont get full synch! Any ideas? Edit : Deleted game data and installed it again worked fine.
  11. Another one ? Thanks ! I voted for ghost!!
  12. I got my 5 mil 21st of May. Yesterday got my plat with the zeni glitch while i was at 17,2 millions zenis. I didn't even log in today for the 3,5 mil bonus! Thanks for the heads-up!
  13. Its the 5th message on the board notification as you enter the lobby. I didnt noticed it either but i checked it today since it was the 4th day in a row i was getting 100.000 and didnt know why. In total this will net 1mil zeni for anyone that got it from the start and take it to the end ( May 30th )
  14. 16.618.000 with this! 20 mil here i come!!!
  15. My latest and very first during the lokcdown is #631 Lego Marvel Super Heroes ( PS4 ) Have you ever tried Shawarma? I just love lego games. I'm having so much fun! Cant wait to start Star Wars Force Awakens..!!