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  1. Its the 5th message on the board notification as you enter the lobby. I didnt noticed it either but i checked it today since it was the 4th day in a row i was getting 100.000 and didnt know why. In total this will net 1mil zeni for anyone that got it from the start and take it to the end ( May 30th )
  2. 16.618.000 with this! 20 mil here i come!!!
  3. If you search all around the online lobbies, im pretty sure you can find players having arena matches. You can change the lobby you are currently in. When in search of a lobby, you can see the total number of players on the left. Just left to this you can see players in a ring match and left from this, an orange flag/banner and players in arena. Choose any lobby with this on mind and you'll probably get it right away. If you still can't, create a boosting session
  4. My latest and very first during the lokcdown is #631 Lego Marvel Super Heroes ( PS4 ) Have you ever tried Shawarma? I just love lego games. I'm having so much fun! Cant wait to start Star Wars Force Awakens..!!
  5. #630 - Cynical Master - Demetrios Enjoyable little game. Its funny when your time for gaming is getting even less day by day, how much of your time can take a 3-hour game/platinum
  6. #628 - One word by POWGI #629 - Shadow of the Loot Box Trophy whoring at its very best. Although i kinda enjoyed the second one for what it was.
  7. #627 NFS Payback. I like what they did with this game. Storywise I couldn't care less. In terms of gameplay and things you can and have to do for the platinum, i enjoyed it until i started doing the drifts. I thought I was pretty decent when its about drifting in a racing game. Thank God I found a video playlist with all drift zones and a car i didnt see mentioned once in a trophy guide. 43 hours was my final time and I could had it under 40 hours. On to my next adventure!
  8. Ok, time to join ! I have platinums in Arkham Asylum ( Ps3 + Ps4 + JPN Ps3 ) Arkham City ( Ps3 + Ps4 ) Arkham Origins Arkham Knight Arkham Blackgate ( psvita ) Lego Batman 2 ( Ps3 + Psvita ) Lego Batman 3 ( Ps3 + Psvita ) 12 out of 15
  9. I played this after it was given for free with Ps+. I enjoyed the game very much. I had so much fun going into areas knowing I could just destroy everything and finding ways to it. Yes, there are the challenges that can prove to be... challenging but it really depends on your mood and time you have. Storywise, i dont even remember what it was about and I couldn't care less. Finding all the cars was fun for me and at the end of the day, the game was giving me what I really needed. Play without thinking anything. I also didnt come across glitches or framedrops or game crashes. To close this, I don't really see why you need to play this since you dont like it
  10. Thanks for posting the new method. Still, not going to do it. In the 50-55 hour mark, i can actually play 2-3 good games and enjoy them. When they drop down the grinding to 10-15 hours, i might consider it.
  11. #626 The Sims 4. Ultimate Sim Guru I was never and i will never be interested in these kind of games. The only reason I tried this once, was because of the excellent guide that this community offered so we can get the platinum in almost 4 hours. Got it, deleted it !
  12. Not trying to hurry up on this, but my next milestone will be reaching level 100..!
  13. #617 NEED FOR SPEED Enjoyment 6/10 Difficulty 3-4/10 Time to plat 20-25 hours ( 100% goes over 100 hours ) I enjoyed this one a lot. I think I.played at least 5-6 hours before I found out I could actually teleport to every race in the game instead of just driving around. Oh well. Not going to bother with the last remaining trophies of the dlc. I have so little time to game anymore.
  14. I made some changes if its easy for you to do so. I put in Bold the letter of which I changed the game I have listed so it can be UR. I also added the 'UR' in some of the games I had already listed. So right now I have 20/27 UR platinums.
  15. In total, it took me ( as I'm looking at my save file right now ) 84 hours. 212% completed.