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  1. Is there a special trick to win this type of sport? I am rather stupid or the game lacks info on the tutorial... Any suggestions?
  2. Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are definitely on the top of my list. Arkham Knight as well. GT5 stands there as well. Deadpool ( both times ). Deadly Tower of Monsters. Army of Two : Devils Cartel ( played it with a friend in couch co-op ). Hungry Horde : one of the funniest games I have played on ps vita . Both Velocity games. 1st Little Big Planet Guacamelee Dragonball HD Collection , Vanquish , Portal 2. Brutal Legend , Midnight Club Los Angeles , Dead Space I really thought before starting to write down some of the plats that they were going to be much fewer.
  3. @ArtisticGeek : Diablo III. I can only imagine the time and dedication
  4. No longer trading, thanks!
  5. Here is my 'problem' I started playing Pure for ps3 around 2016 summer. Played some events and cleared the online. Starting this year I said I'm gonna get my completion high and started finishing unfinished games from my backlog. So i started playing Pure again in the last 2 days. I earned 3-4 trophies and synced. Even though in my profile the trophies are showing, the game is still showing like I haven't played it from 2016 summer. Is this a site problem or it has something to do with the game? Thanks in advance
  6. 3. Twice pix the cat (1st,2nd,4th,5th place ) and platinum of little deviants stands in 3rd place. That damn cat.
  7. Just watch out for your R2 button. The game is easily one of the worst I have ever played and still is not that bad. I believe due to being short, you don't have time to be bored with it.
  8. @xeliot : Anything that's easy and 'fast' @shadow : thanks I'll check it out! @xhillia : I don't get any results on that! @mrunknown : older games work fine as well. I'm not willing to go over 25 euros for a game. I havent checked Solaris.Thanks!
  9. I am looking to get easy JPN games for plats in any of the 3 consoles. I have been looking around in sites like Play-Asia and other similar ones , but I was hoping someone would know a site that's not so 'famous'and sells games in lower prices . Any ideas-proposals-suggestions? Thanks in advance for any answer that comes up !
  10. How I got it this morning : Start a new carreer and create a player. Do not start it with your pro. Create a new one , max his attributes and put him in an easy league ( put mine in Chicago Fire - USA ). I got the trophy at the end of the 3rd season after simming all 3 seasons. It shouldnt take more than 40 minutes.
  11. GT5's plat is mine!!!

  12. Gota , Gota , Gota?Nope , doesnt ring a bell.. Kidding , welcome to the site Gota!
  13. Iraqoz welcome to the forums and the site man