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  1. All ruined Dragonball raging blast. You have to play in every map against CPU and you have to break everything by yourself! I had all but one level completed twice. Then I did that level and trophy popped ! From what I was reading through forums pages and threads,I thought that was going to get me dozens of hours! No so much skill related, but still one of the few I'm proud of! Dante's Inferno - It's in the trial Last trial had so many waves and reaching the last waves after 10-15 minutes of spamming attacks was not fun! So to beat the challenge with 1-2 seconds left on the clock was a huge relief! Batman Arkham Knight -Curtain falls -Require for a killer Main game and all paid docs were a Breeze. Community's dlc though took the difficulty of the game on a higher level! Not impossible or extra hard but you had to had patience. I know I am good at the arkham games but this two really tested me! Sports champion 2 -Sports champion champion You had to get 6 gold cups. Some were easy ,some were ok. But gold cup in boxxing for me was pretty tough! Trying 3 days, sweating and just getting more and more tired and my shoulders were killing me! Really Proud of this trophy/Platinum! Band hero -A new challenge awaits Ok you can't compare this game's difficulty to a GH one, but to get 50 challenges gold or Platinum which includes all instruments for me it was pretty tough! I still have friends that need 15-20 of those and don't have the skill to do it! Vanquish -tactical challenger If you have played the game,you know there is no work around that except of playing the game and getting better at it. Boggies were a nightmare at first. But with all the vids online you could change or follow a tactic and just get good at! Countless tries! Proud trophy/Platinum as well! Gran Turismo 5 -Gold standard. To be honest, getting gold on almost everything was pretty easy for me. But what tested me was Vettel challenges. I did monza within a day, nurburgring in 3 and Suzuka in 20 days!!! The most impressive about this is that I did it with a controller and not a wheel. I remember reading a lot of comments back then from people that Vettel was unbeatable with a controller.. well, not!
  2. Favorite character is Goku, hands down Good luck to anyone participating!!!
  3. I had the same issue. I tried 2-3 times and every time I was pretty sure I was downloading the right game, but... Anyway I downloaded it from Playstation store like you did and everything was fine. Probably a bug that they will fix.
  4. Army of Two the 40th day : the custom mask one. You have to create a mask in a site of EA, which doesnt exist anymore. After you create the mask, you save it and the mask is saved in your main-game inventory. All you have to do is use that mask and the trophy pops. But there is no site to create the mask. No site, no custom mask. No custom mask, no trophy. No trophy, no platinum ! Dr_Mayus : I will ask the obvious. have you tried on your own? I remember that trophy getting it on my own as I had no one else to help me around..
  5. I know it was Delisted, thats why I'm looking for a card but I didn't know it might not exist! Thanks for the reply !
  6. I live in Greece and looking for plants vs zombies for psvita. Does anyone have a physical copy of the game? I can trade with ps3/ps4 game as I dont own psvita physical copies anymore. Thanks!
  7. I know this most likely will pass by without anyone be able to help but, I'm From Greece and I'm Looking plants vs Zombies for Psvita. I know there are some NA codes but I was looking for a physical copy of the game since my account is Ed. I don't have any Psvita to trade but have lots of ps4/ps3 games. Thanks!
  8. 186 at the moment! I was hoping to bring It down close to 100 or even below that. But to be honest I hid 2 games which are impossible to get platinum at ( original SingStar and MK VS DC ). I. Think a year ago I was standing close to 1000 unearned, so i did a lot of backlog clearing
  9. Congratulations to the winners! To all members hosting this, you guys are the "heroes"!
  10. I am writing down the games I enjoyed the most out of each letter. I have a game from each letter and # and a Japanese one!! # - 101 ways to die Α - Αrmy of two the devils cartel Β - Batman Arkham asylum C - Crash Bandicoot D - Deadpool E - Eat lead F - Final Horizon G - God of War H - Heavy Rain I - Infamous J - Jazzpunk K - Kung fu Panda 2 L - Little Big Planet M - Midnight Club Los Angeles N - Ninja Gaiden Σ 2 O - Oddworld New n' tasty P - Portal 2 Q - Quantum of Solace R - Resogun S - South Park fractured but whole T - The Witcher 3 : Wild hunt U - Uncharted : Drakes fortune V - Vanquish W - Wipeout HD X - X-men Wolverine Y - Yasai Ninja Z - Zombie Tycoon 2 And for the Japanese I have platinum In that タイムリープ
  11. I would Like to thank this community! This thread showed just a bit how amazing you guys are! I'm Glad that I'm part of it!!
  12. Quote #8 Another one from Gta Vice City Lance Vance "say goodnight Mr Diaz"
  13. Quote #7 Deadpool Deadpool "Deadpool smash! "
  14. Quote #6 Batman Arkham City Catwoman to Harvey Dent ( two face ) "How's it hangin', Harv?"
  15. Quote #5 The cake is a lie Portal