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  1. I would to sign up for this! I also subscribed ! If you dont mind, review me as well
  2. Wife and two kids are #1 priority. But when all 3 are asleep, gaming is my #1! Which is why my gaming time is limited to 1-1,5 hour per day. It can go up to 2-2,5 hours but if that happens, i get much less sleep and i am more tired and grumpy next day ! So 1-1,5 hours per day ( when possible ) and try to be as efficient as possible and enjoy the games i play as much as possible..!
  3. What about your 6k+ trophies? What's that? Another pony trophy list?
  4. Was a long ride . Thank you @SiC for your daily updates! Congrats on anyone that got it today. My ps5 edition is deleted and I'll Keep my ps4 one for future updates or events!
  5. Yeah, I've read different settings that worked best for others. I did it with automatic transmission though since I played the game from the beginning like that ( like i do with all GT's ). I was watching gold times on YouTube and was trying to see what speed they were maintaining through corners. It is hard, no doubt about it but every time you finish a lap, you're getting better and better because you know and feel how to push the car more
  6. I can't believe that in 3 days the waiting it's going to end for me ! I hope at least
  7. Was intimated by this since I couldn't get a gold time in the first event. When i said I'll do it, after i got gold on the cart race, it took me around 8 hours for the rest 3 races ( 5-6 just for the last one ). I did it with a DS3. The difficulty of the dlc is higher than the main's game,but still it can he done. My settings were ABS : 1 Traction control : 0 Active Steering : strong Controller sensitivity : 5 Try to be as smooth as possible with the car. That was an advice that helped me very much and was able to finish a lap and get gold much faster. Keep at it !
  8. Really curious to see if the cars will appear in the same order or will be random and if so, the cars we need for the trophy will appear at the end of the second cycle! Thanks for the reply and the continuous updates!
  9. So the rotation and reappearance of the cars started already?
  10. Can i join? Not going to hunt a place in the leaderboard but it'll probably help me finish Far Cry 2! If i can join the games I'll try to earn a plat are 1-2 ) Gran Turismo 7 ( Ps5 0,49% + Ps4 0,57% ) 3 ) Knowledge is power 2,37% 4 ) Far Cry 2 0,63% 5 ) Screencheat 3,78% 6 ) Team Sonic Racing 7 ) Ark Survival Evolved 8 ) Dreams If my entry is allowed, I'll check some of the games i haven't opened and see if i can make ten !
  11. Whenever a post is updated, you'll see the trophy for the legendary cars next to the car that is eligible for it. Bold in this particular post is because these two cars will not be able to be bought in a day and they will go out of stock. Also in the very first post of this thread that Sic made and so responsibly is taking care of, there is a Legendary Car section that mentions all the cars that have appeared and some that we wait to appear. In this section, the three that are eligible for the trophy are written in purple and have the trophy next to them. Hope that helps
  12. I did that as well. Most probably i will have to race the rest 12 which is not too much, but wanted to ask you. Thanks anyway!
  13. Re-playing it on the ps4 version and the 50 sport races havent popped after playing 3 online races . My profile on the ps4 version says i have 38 sport races completed. Did you have that issue with any of the stacks with this trophy?
  14. You can set your own time checkpoints. As @CaptHowdy_84 said above, once you quit the session, your ghost is gone. So try reaching certain parts of the track every 30" .
  15. I had to put one set of tires Racing : Hard and the other set to Intermediate. After 1 lap, i changed to both intermediate and continued. I only had to pit once more around 9-10 laps cause the tires were completely worn out