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  1. 2,5 hours and the closest challenge i had was half a ball away. Started midnight and its getting 3A.M. I'm gonna have one more good effort tomorrow and then it's going to be 15' a day try. Last trophy for platinum, hoping to get the platinum in a 12-13 hour mark and this is already going too much. Rookie doesn't miss, amateur takes it way back if you press the directional button too much. Edit : i just love how we earn trophies after we post. Done. Only this trophy took me 3 hours . Nadal against Monfils with slices on the sidelines on Grass court on amateur difficulty. Finishes the game in 15 hours in total
  2. I had a save on the cloud which was the main game completed 100%. So every time i was redownloading it. Its even weirder that are people getting trophies regularly and for some others like you and me nothing pops as it should.
  3. After 3 restarts on the dlc, i decided to wait for a patch. With the exception of the first story trophy, level 40, orca, bone whale and electric along with questers haven't popped for me. Glitch quest!
  4. Just did questers for the second time and again no trophy popped! Guess I'll have to wait for a patch
  5. Thing is people have 100% on this already. I'll give it one more try tonight and if this goes on, I'll wait for a patch! That's why i didn't give money for this and got it from a friend..!
  6. As i was playing through the game and started going for the questers, game crashed on me. Started it again, finished the questers and no trophy! Killed the electric whale and no trophy again. I redownloaded my save from the cloud. Hope this will fix it even though i have to start over the dlc ( played 1,5-2 hours ). Just wanted to share in case anyone had the same issue..!
  7. From the Q games I checked, it doesn't really seem that with the prices they have, or the time needed for platinum I'll be getting any one of them sooner or later. You can 'delete' for now and if i ever manage to have a new one, ill join back in !
  8. Tail tag ( single and team ), single hoops, team snow games, basketfall, jinxed. Almost any team game with 2 or 3 players . The two I really like are fallball and power trip.
  9. This guy is a beast when it comes to resident evil! Thank you for your advices!!!
  10. I suggest trying to race with the car in a circuit you feel comfortable with. Run laps until you feel familiar with the movement on the controller and start feeling how much you need to move analog stick for the car to steer. Then start the challenge but dont aim for gold. Aim for finishing one lap. When you do so, try to finish a second one without having time on your mind. Then you can slowly start getting times close to bronze, silver and gold as you get better with each try. I did all 3 with a controller and its totally doable. Monza was the easiest as you already know ( took me 2-3 hours ) , Nurburgring took me maybe 3 times that ( close to 6 hours ). Suzuka is on another level by itself. But when you get there, you start all along from the beginning. One lap, two laps, no time, any time, bronze, silver, closing to gold, gold ! Patience and an obvious advice : when you are frustrated, get back to it a bit later with a more clear head. Good luck!
  11. Golding Vettel with a controller was one of the most satisfactory wins i got on a game. Monza took me 2-3 hours, Nurburgring 2 days and Suzuka almost 3 weeks. It's doable if you have patience!
  12. Great guide! Especially the second chapter was a great help! Was stuck there for a while!
  13. I like the idea! If it wasn't the two years i was playing ratalaika, i would have participated! WTH, do me !
  14. 9 games ! Dragon Ball Fighterz ( 2 ) RDR2 ( 8 ) Lovers in a dangerous spacetime ( 9 ) Portal Knights ( 10 ) FF ( 2 ) Battlefield 1 ( 3 ) Tropico 5 ( 9 ) Just Cause 3 ( 4 ) Worms Battlegrounds ( 3 )
  15. If you try this on casual, its easy if you are careful. I was backing up my save every time i was finishing a chapter. I only messed up once on Times Square but I loaded my save and from then i went smooth. Finished with 18,000$ . 7,000$ of them were in the hotel level. Managed to finish Times Square with 158$ damage and museum with 4,000$. Return to the hotel might get you minimums damage and the last 2 levels 0 damage so you can go nuts on those. On the other levels, AI can do the job and you can help carefully either shooting really high in the air ot really low close to your feet to avoid hitting anything. If you are not sure whether to shoot or not, then don't! Stay close to your partners and revive them every time they are down.