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  1. Definitely not for every match, I've had it about 3 times in hundreds of matches.
  2. I tried to get this working for Sports Bar VR to downgrade since the online trophies don't work anymore, but it keeps downloading Sports Bar VR Hangouts 2.0. Anyone got any ideas how to download the original version?
  3. A friend and I have tried multiple times to get the two online trophies, but they just don't seem to work. I notice a couple of people have got the first online trophy this year, does anyone have hints on how to get them to unlock?
  4. Well, I unlocked that trophy the other day, so it's not glitched, and I see people have got the trophy for winning one game online, but no-one has won 10 since last June.
  5. I see people are still earning the trophies, but I just played a few games online and no online trophies for me either, anyone have any ideas?
  6. It is now no longer possible to get the 20 flags unless you already had at least 2 from when the servers were online. The very average trophy guide should be updated to reflect the fact that the game is actually unobtainable right now.
  7. This is EA you're talking about, stop smoking those drugs.
  8. I can mange over 300K pretty well every time now, but it's taking me 15-18 minutes depending on merc spawns. I can get 600K in Banquet Halls in about 25 mins, so it's pretty similar coin per minute for me and I'm alternating between the 2 methods. Money bags are so random, sometimes you get zero, other times you get 10, but I am getting many more than I was before since I started standing just in front of the dust cloud and running to collect them when safe.
  9. Basically what I've been doing. Every now and then it drops quite a few, but usually only 1 or maybe 2 and half the time they're off the edge of the bridges. I'm rank 68 and find I get frozen a lot and die when I go to pick up the dynamite, perhaps I just need to rank up more to get more health and damage output.
  10. My coin bag drop rate even in the dust cloud is pathetic, lucky if I get 2 coin bags in the first wave, maybe 25 for the whole match, anyone have any idea what I'm doing wrong?
  11. Hi Potent, let me know if and when you're going to be able to help with MotoGP 09/10 Champagne trophy. I've had the game for years and after seeing that video it looks real nice. I can probably get up to 2 alts if I go shopping for the discs.

    1. Potent_Delusions


      Hi there,

      I've just checked and you are from Australia. Unfortunately there's no way i'll be taking Australians for now because the PING between EU and AU would be astronomical. I'm only taking EU for now, maybe I can try and help a session with you in it another time though. 


  12. Most of the time, I just have to search for a session, then post a message in it or PM the host, seems to work, but it's not ideal.
  13. I can see that could be a problem, yes. I installed TDU2 and it's showing as 0% on my synced PS3 profile, yet I still can't join. Perhaps the ability to join through an Invite could be a way to achieve this.
  14. Why is it not possible to do so? In some cases it's preferrable to joing a session before earining the trophies (eg. I'd like to join TDU2 at the moment, but I don't want to earn a trophy until the servers come back up).