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  1. Hey bro, have you thought about trying something with the Gotham City Impostor?, I don't remember if they looked at something with the GoneSpy theme, but it would be interesting to see if it can be revived or done. All the best.

    1. Executioner0


      I have, but I'm working on Red Alert right now.

    2. WaddysWDS


      Ok, thank you very much, I will be attentive in case you do something.
      Good luck with Red Alert.

  2. I'm not sure if I have the AU/NZ version which is the only one with the glitch.
  3. There were a total of 149 masks uploaded. Many of those weren't valid PSN IDs though.
  4. No method will work for the mask since you need to enter an online game. I can list all the people who used my server for uploads.
  5. I can look into those two as I still have the games.
  6. I'm a great believer in software preservation. People go to the effort to write these games and servers and (perhaps stupidly) tie trophies to the online portion, which then gets shut down by their asshole superiors in the parent company. I'm sure they guy who's top project was Army of Two the 40th Day would never want to see it shut down. We have libraries (all be they digital these days) in order to keep old books alive and readable by everyone. Software and games should be treated the same way, they really never should be shut down, never mind being shut down within a couple of years of them starting. I'm also totally against the whole idea of being lucky enough to get the trophy before the stupid company closes the server or website and then acting like your somehow special and went to some effort for it and no-one else should be entitled to earn it when it's actually a really simple trophy that requires basically zero skill.
  7. I've had a look through the web logs and all of the HTTP requests are from PS3. Has anyone actually managed to get an X-Box DNS redirected to the site?
  8. Hi EdinhoN, I will put some information on using NextDNS on the web site today, seems like a good method to get it working.
  9. I told you exactly what happened with me, the game wouldn't run on my first PS3, so I couldn't pop any trophies back in the day. At no time did I mention using my own server, it was created to help other people achieve the trophy.
  10. Just for completeness, I added the upload.jsp file from the main server so you can have a look what it actually does, it does have a dependency on Apache Commons library, and may not compile since I replaced some calls to my private libraries with the Commons (escapeHTML).
  11. Survival of the Fittest: This trophy in itself is not that hard, but takes a few hours. Could possibly be done with 2 or even solo if you're really good or persistent since you can retry the same level every time you fail. I would recommend 4 people though. The entire online took us (a group of 3) about 10 hours total, including many problems with matchmaking, and playing all maps twice since we weren't all on the same team. We were lucky the connection was stable for the 4 of us (1 extra for this) when did Extraction together for the whole time.
  12. I'd like to thank @MMDE for allowing this and for lifting the flag for me. Did anyone ever test to see if the save file allows you to take a screen shot in the customise menus?
  13. Any image, the site resizes the uploaded image to the correct sizes and renames them to suit you PSN ID. If anyone has this game on XBox and can do packet captures of requests to the easo web site, they could let me know the "game" value and the same code could also be used for XBox. ... Back in 8 hours or so.
  14. The source code for the side which reads the images is on https://github.com/Executioner0/EASO-File-Storage, the Thumbnail should be a 32x32 PNG and the Mask is 512x512 png. It's a simple web app for Apache Tomcat with no library dependencies. You can change the path variable to suit if you run it on a local Tomcat server, or adapt it to PHP if you know how (as long as it still works with the .jsp file extension).
  15. Not really, they didn't even bother using SSL.