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  1. Wow, 10 PS1/ PSP games! Let me grab my wallet... /s
  2. What about an option to hide the 'H' but then another 'H' appears on your account to show you've hidden the 'H'? 😂
  3. All games finished as of last night! Might start a new list 😂 thanks for putting this together @Rebourne07, great to have these type of things to give some extra motivation 1/10 - A Short Hike 2/10 - Call of the Sea 3/10 - Strider 4/10 - Alien Isolation 5/10 - Alan Wake 6/10 - Ghostrunner 7/10 - Infinite Warfare 8/10 - Elden Ring 9/10 - Vanquish 10/10 - Wolfenstein 2
  4. A full price P5 PS5 version on the horizon?
  5. 9/10 plats finished: 1/10 - A Short Hike 2/10 - Call of the Sea 3/10 - Strider 4/10 - Alien Isolation 5/10 - Alan Wake 6/10 - Ghostrunner 7/10 - Infinite Warfare 8/10 - Elden Ring 9/10 - Vanquish 10/10 - I've just started Wolfenstein 2, wish me luck
  6. The writing and characters in Undertale are very funny. Red Dead Redemption 2 has some genuinely hilarious bits. The Shenmue series is unintentionally comedic gold. Cat Quest 1 + 2 ha some funny Easter Eggs and is unashamedly full of cat/ dog puns. Overcooked/ Moving Out are hilarious if played co-op (but also may cause fights). Untitled Goose Game is probably the funniest game I can think of when watching someone else play.
  7. I can't wait to start I'm guessing it will be a lot meatier based on the game length. Still the platinum will probably be 1 100% play through then 2 faster runs picking up additional boss souls/ endings.
  8. “And so the story continued as it always does. Another easy mode released and the civil war raged on between gamers in the PSNP forums…”
  9. Some amazing guides this year. Thank you to all the contributors, it was a hard choice but here are my picks: Guide of the Year Control - 100% Trophy Walkthrough by Optinooby Trophy Guide Hades Trophy Guide by Argandalf_01 Persona 5 Strikers Trophy Guide by BeforeJam, LuckySlime, and ObsiEez Gameplay Guide Control - 100% Trophy Walkthrough by Optinooby Maquette - 100% Game and Trophy Walkthrough by Trozenator DLC Guide Dishonored - Dunwall City Trials DLC Trophy Guide by Phantom2654 Mortal Shell - TheVirtuousCycle DLC Trophy Guide by Plattitudes and GinjAJ Retro Enthusiast Dante's Inferno - EA Community Trials Guide by Mertkaykay and coregamer1998 Persona 4: Arena Trophy Guide by LuckySlime and suicideyan New-Age Enthusiast Operation: Tango Trophy Guide by ItsEnderX and Put_GOD1st Resident Evil Village Trophy Guide by angelbless45 Original Content Returnal - Collectible Guide by Optinooby Tormented Souls Trophy Guide by angelbless45 Formatting Monster Sanctuary by Ac3dUd3- Solar Ash by Arcesius-7
  10. Ah you’re right! I misread it and see it’s actually the first game that has a 9/10. Gonna switch my 9/10 to that I suppose 😅
  11. Awesome! I managed to finish PlatinumBro’s challenge back in September so I’m really excited to give this a go too. Here’s my list (subject to change): 1/10 - A Short Hike 2/10 - Call of the Sea 3/10 - Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales 4/10 - Alien Isolation 5/10 - Alan Wake 6/10 - (Guessing) Elden Ring 7/10 - Invisible Inc 8/10 - Furi 9/10 - Divinity Original Sin 2 10/10 - The Long Dark (I previously gave up on this one but maybe the challenge will motivate me 😂)
  12. I think this is a fairly good lineup! Nice solo RPG, one of the best rated VR games, a relatively popular and well received multiplayer and a unknown indie. Something for everyone!
  13. Looks pretty meh but at least there seems to be plenty of Easter Eggs from the game. I'll watch it, eat popcorn, have a good time and forget about it
  14. I’m guessing the Remasters will be pretty low effort if they are worried about having the originals available on the store at the same time
  15. To give an obvious answer, TLoU or RDR2. To give a more interesting answer, Mount and Blade Warband.