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  1. Has anyone noticed you need to move L3 completely to get Kena to run, or is this maybe an issue with my Dualsense? The deadzone for running in this game seems to make Kena start running only after you’ve tilted the stick like 33% of the way. This causes her to suddenly stop sometimes if you ease off on L3 at all. I thought my controller was drifting when it happened the first few times but I think it’s more of an issue with the controls… there are no deadzone settings as far as I could see.
  2. We're discussing trophies on a trophy website for a brand new game. All the issues here are first world problems
  3. The problem with auto-pops on PS5 is that it waters down the rarity of the trophies for people who play the PS5 version legit, making some long, tough plats uncommon-common.
  4. I’m delighted there’s a difficulty trophy as it means the plat will likely settle at 15-30% rather than 40-50% rarity.
  5. My dad works at Rockstar and he said they are going to bring back the trophy but you need a Shark card to unlock it 😜
  6. It's not necessarily commonplace knowledge but a lot of us are aware of the rarity leaderboard on the website: https://psnprofiles.com/leaderboard/rarity I'm wondering however, how exactly rarity is calculated for this leaderboard? It's not as simple as I suspected, as raw numbers don't tell the story, see my position in the leaderboard relative to the person above me, who has less trophies in all categories of rarity:
  7. I bought the PSVR release day and loved it. I was surprised how good it was and loved showing it to people. Unfortunately it was such a hassle to actually play the thing I rarely use it.
  8. Awesome 😀 Silksong, Salt and Sacrifice and now Blaspheous 2 all to look forward to! Inject more 2D soulslike metroidvanias into my veins
  9. I have a few plats that were short and easy but I enjoyed them all. I wouldn’t play anything just for the trophies but I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been persuaded to pick up a game on sale when it looks good and the plat is handy. I have one Ratalaika game on my account (Sagebrush) but it was super cool. Not super scientific but I generally only buy a game on a whim if it reviews well (70% average and above on metacritic is my rule)
  10. Wow I can’t believe Sony didn’t cater to my personal needs and offer a selection of games I am interested in playing but not so much that I would spend money on…
  11. I had a different experience, love the game but gave up on the plat after 60ish% due to how involved it is. Think I have 100 hours already and I just reached day 50/500 with about 15% of the map explored/marked. Too much work!
  12. Honestly I'd say the game is about a 3/10 difficulty even not using God Mode. The upgrades you get from the keepsakes, companions, mirror and the work orders make you so unbelievably strong that God Mode is completely unnecessary (although might help you get there a bit faster). All builds are fun to use but something like the Bull Rush or Hera's Aspect can give you such crazy damage you can breeze through encounters.
  13. Forgetting about easy platinums for a minute, quality assurance really has gone out the window. I’m all for giving indie developers a platform but this stuff undermines the entire PS Store IMO. It’s already a nightmare to go through sales with the amount of shovelware and it’s getting worse
  14. Thanks a million we have a lot of fun recording the videos! Yeah whatever about winning games in a row, trophies requiring you to be the literal world champion and then allowing you to hold on to the title take the biscuit 😂 Yeah I tried to emulate the style of some of the videos I love to watch; like Summoning Salt or Karl Jobst. Those history videos always interested me a lot and I think there’s so many interesting stories thanks to trophies! We have a few more in the pipeline!
  15. I thought Fe had some really interesting mechanics, plus I love games where you can move fast around the map If you keep it on the wish list you can pick it up on sale quite often! Really appreciate it! We have a lot of fun making the videos, it’s that situation where we would have these chats about trophies and games anyway so one day we decided to record it for the laugh to mixed results 😂