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  1. Forgetting about easy platinums for a minute, quality assurance really has gone out the window. I’m all for giving indie developers a platform but this stuff undermines the entire PS Store IMO. It’s already a nightmare to go through sales with the amount of shovelware and it’s getting worse
  2. Thanks a million we have a lot of fun recording the videos! Yeah whatever about winning games in a row, trophies requiring you to be the literal world champion and then allowing you to hold on to the title take the biscuit 😂 Yeah I tried to emulate the style of some of the videos I love to watch; like Summoning Salt or Karl Jobst. Those history videos always interested me a lot and I think there’s so many interesting stories thanks to trophies! We have a few more in the pipeline!
  3. I thought Fe had some really interesting mechanics, plus I love games where you can move fast around the map If you keep it on the wish list you can pick it up on sale quite often! Really appreciate it! We have a lot of fun making the videos, it’s that situation where we would have these chats about trophies and games anyway so one day we decided to record it for the laugh to mixed results 😂
  4. I like how you can get 100% with 1200 matches played but possibly have lost every single one 😂
  5. A short video on Infallible and all the relevant drama, inspired by the recent exploit! Big thanks to everyone on this forum in particular, I combed through practically every thread to research it
  6. I like watching it, not being in it 😂
  7. I hate Door Dash with a passion...
  8. I’m guessing the only stuff that will be expanded and enhanced are the shark cards...
  9. Thanks a million! That’s exactly what I was going for with this list, trying to pair the hidden gems with easy plats. There are definitely others with harder plats so that’s a video I’m definitely looking at making too! Check out part 1 in the description of this video for another 10 similarly high quality hidden gems!
  10. #251 - Fall Guys Yeah I cheesed Infallible, and I’d do it again
  11. Quick update, I’ve just reached 250 plats, a pretty big milestone! Resi 8 as #250 and what a great game! Mercenaries mode took a few hours but nothings too hard. Notable progress since I first posted this: - Platinum for Battlefield 1 and the 100% for Diablo 3 and Outlast from my backlog - Outlast was in prep for Resi 8. Such a scary game but probably my favourite pure horror game ever - I crossed the 90% threshold for completion. My plan is to keep it up past 90%, never drop below it! - 2 Ultra rare plats with Worms Rumble (free on PS+, not amazing but a bit of fun) and The Last Guardian (easier than I expected but a fantastic game, definitely in my top 5 PS4 exclusives) Next milestone is 300 plats but I want to start focusing on ultra rare trophies. I’m on 186 now and would love to get a similar number of URs to plats... we’ll see Feeling a bit unsure what to play next, I’m working on Fall Guys are cheesing Infallible yesterday but I’m on the lookout for another big game to start off
  12. Nice tip. This didn’t cross my mind because I usually turn off Adaptive Triggers an hour after I start a game. A cool feature always but all it does practically is make shooting more difficult in every game it’s implemented in.
  13. Awesome, I’m delighted! Even with a guide it requires a lot of skill to get it in a short time so well done!
  14. I think there is some Lei under the bed in the small bedroom!
  15. If this isn’t the place to complain about a rubbish trophy list or no plat, where is? I have the game on PS2 but might have considered picking this up if it had an engaging trophy list...