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  1. Anyone else here having awful luck with the crowns in Monster Hunter World? Has to be the most frustrating platinum I've gone for just pure rng. 

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    2. Gasai_


      Hopefully they will, how long did the plat take you? I'm at 210hrs and HR 130 atm. Some crowns are taking awhile atm 154 for odogaron, just got a large nerg crown after 64 kills. Any advice for general monsters or is it just rng?

    3. ToTheEmber


      I believe mine was around 310 hours, a lot of that was messing around and trying early methods near release that people thought were good for crowns. Eventually I stuck with doing the events as they were released. Honestly, besides that, investigations are gonna your best friend. I always aimed for ones with 1 gold and 1 silver reward at the very least, and a lower number of max players + low time (ex. 15 or 30 mins) will help increase the chances as well. At some point though you'll be able to just eye it if they're larger or smaller than normal. Also, try joining people's SOS investigations with some of these requirements, as most of the time they measure themselves and there's a good chance of a crown size (why do you think they sent the flare? 😉). As for elder dragons, there are good videos online that show how to measure the size of your character compared to their ankle or underbelly. Hopefully that helps a bit, it's basically how I got by. 😅

    4. Gasai_


      Yeah a lot of my time has been spent helping/sosing with others, I tend to host tempered for people to join and try get investigations if they want. I've gotten most of my crowns from joining others I just prefer playing co-op it's how mh is meant to be played. 310 isn't too bad. The elders have been a nightmare I've gotten lucky with teo and kushala, and one of each for vaal and nerg. I guess it'll slowly come eventually, rng isn't the most enjoyable way for trophies I've found learning new weapons has helped me haha. 

  2. The Absolute World #57 Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator Finally after taking almost two years away from trophy hunting and gaming I came back and finished this, definitely a grind but it wasn't too bad, thanks to backslash240 for helping me grind the online. The badges are a bit of a pain because they aren't explained and the guide for them wasn't the best, but hey it's over with now. ^~^
  3. #48 Dragon Ball Xenoverse If You Show Me Your Courage Obtained all trophies! RNG is strong with this one. But I still loved this game up until I grinded for 7 hrs for my last drops ;( Thanks to backslash240 and his friend for helping out with the online because online is a spam fest.
  4. #47 Battleshit Hardline Platinum Trophy Collect all other Battlefield™ Hardline Trophies It's finally over, I hated this game this is not the battlefield I grew to love this is what should have been an add on but instead was a full retail game that just takes bits and pieces from every other FPS out there, the time to kill in this game is way too fast so the multiplayer is a huge camp fest, Getting the weapons for Menz In The Hood legit was so frustrating Thanks to the person running the no kill servers making the Tier 4 reps easy to get, I'd gotten 10 in proper matches but since they don't count until the assignment unlocked I did it the cheap way. And the singleplayer well what can I say besides add a skip button next time, seriously almost fell asleep a few times. If you are a fan of battlefield don't even bother with this garbage and stick to BF4. If you love mp games where the pace of the game is that of a snail then hey you'll love this game. I really have nothing positive to say about this game it sucks. I miss the tanks and choppers, so here's to hoping the next Battlefield will be worth buying. Also thanks to Backslash420 for helping me with a few of the coins for the assignments and listen to my salt ^^
  5. #46 The Key to San Andreas Unlock all trophies. Nice to be able to play this again with trophies, the game bugged out on me quite a few times which was pretty annoying but other than that it was fun and easy. Still hoping to see GTA III & Vice City in the future.
  6. #45 - Guilty Grind Xrd Xrd Times The Charm Unlocked all trophies. So after semi retiring from trophy hunting for a few months, I finally came back to finish this grindfest. At first I hated this game, but I grew to love it once I found my waifu Leo. I ended up dropping this game because of the boredom that is M.O.M mode. But now it's over and done with. This game is a lot of fun, but the grind really ruins it. Also thanks to backslash420 for helping me with the online trophies and spamming messages on screen in random Japanese lobbies.
  7. It is possible to plat DOA5 in that amount of time. It took me 54 hrs to platinum it on this account. Since I'd done it before the second time was a piece of cake. I used 2 PS3's to boost the online 1,000 matches took 16 hrs. Survival took 6 hours. The rest of the stuff took up the remaining time. Arcade, TA & Survival are all very easy and as long as the AI aren't too crazy you could easily do them all in one sitting it's boring but impossible? no it's possible. If you're shit at the game then that's a different story.
  9. Grattata.

    1. backslash240


      Ratatata you meant.

    2. Gasai_


      Jose stahp, don't ruin thy dreams plz </3

    3. backslash240


      Ok and my name is not Jose.

  10. Cory, you a busta.

    1. Gasai_


      Waifu for Laifu <3

  11. Your PS3 died? ;w; well hopefully this'll cheer you up

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    2. Zanzarro


      Watch First Attack stream, i'll be there...even tho u wont know who i am xD

    3. Gasai_


      plz i saw your 3DS picture *kappa*

    4. Zanzarro