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  1. I'm starting my 3rd playthrough to try and get this trophy... pretty sure i collected all of them on my second one but still no trophy... i know if i die i have to recollected it again but anyone knows if that also aplies for the ones in all level or just from the zone i died? Also if i quit after going to a new zone "through the yellow rotating thing" is enough to save?
  2. Anyone that know how to make the glitch work can help me with it?
  3. So i just finished my checklist (waited about 4 days before went for what i was missing) and "surprise" the trophy did't pop i did DM and team DM got 1st place still nothing, so I'm back at the races... will the trophy pop up as soon as i finish the "missing" race, or i have to do everything again UPDATE: after repeating 20 canonnball races and 19 free races the trophy popped up
  4. Noob thanx man i got the trophy on the second try after getting the upgrade
  5. I've been trying to get this trophy, and i manage to do all the moves as required, but when i use batarang in the middle of the fight it will break my combo and if i use it in the begining doesn't give any points... at the end of the challenge i get a X8 bonus
  6. i just won the 20 standard races and Top The Midnight Club did't unlock... where can i check my online progress to see what races i'm missing?
  7. I'm also having problems with Dom's questline... only 12 of the 13 parachute jumps are showing on my map, do i have to make some mission woth Michael or Trevor to unlock the last one? EDIT: when i started the game yesterday the 13th jump showed up, but did't unlock the mission EDIT 2: i started the game all over again (was at 80%) just cuz of this mission and luckly it showed up this time (hope i will not find any other bugs to get the 100%)
  8. Just went trough chapter select and finally found it... everything is unlocked now... hope i can upgrade them all without any more glitches
  9. I collected all nanosuits in the video and did't upgrade anything till the last chapter, after i collect the last one it shows that i collected 27 instead of 28
  10. So i complete the game on supersoldier collecting som nanosuits, went back to chapter select (2 times) to gather the rest and in the end i was missing 5... so i started a new game collecting them all in 1 go without spending any point, on the end i was missing 1, so i went back to chapter select to look for the last one and after running every chapter again i can't find the last one :@ I was following this video:
  11. Is/was this trophy glitched? Some of my friends have a total time of 40+ min and they have the trophy! Is there a way to get the trophy without getting less then 40min?
  12. i will redo last part again tomorrow... hopefully i can do it a bit faster... i was following this videos: but the quality is very bad EDIT: after 5 hours of replaying the last part i finally managed to get it with 1:57:08
  13. just missed castle guide on first playthrough by 27 sec
  14. does anyone know if "express journey" and "castle guide" are stackable?
  15. Para mim esse trofeu foi mais facil do que este o proximo a dar dores de cabeca vai ser o " hassan would be proud"