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  1. Most likely never. I'm reaching the end of my PS3 backlog (only three more games left to finish, unless I actually like Bioshock when I try it out, in that case, it will be 5 left with the sequels), but if I keep a collection it's because I want to come back to those games at some point. (Now the problem is that my backlog is becoming impossibly huge and actually having the time to come back is going to be a different beast entirely).
  2. As someone that plays a lot of action games, vibration is something that really helps me feel the game all that much more. Shame that it seems to be losing fans, reading the comments...
  3. One thing I always liked back in the PS2 era games was their strong use of haptic feedback (AKA rumble, AKA vibration). It just really helped you to get immersed in the game you were playing. However, ever since the PS3 came out, the feature has been seeing less and less use. First, they started by toning it down, making the feedback weaker. And now, we've reached the point where some games just ditch it altogether. Even Dragon Ball FighterZ, a fighting game, has absolutely no support for it (hell, I had to check if I'd turned it off on my PS4 by accident!). Is haptic feedback dying just to save up on controller battery life?
  4. Well... my backlog *was* becoming unbearably big... maybe with the *Western* AAA industry becoming more and more consumed by its own greed, maybe I'll actually manage to finish it sometime during my lifetime. (*conveniently forgets about indies and Japanese games*)
  5. I saw that this game gives you "medals" for doing things like playing with Vegeta 1000 times, doing 500 ranked matches and stuff like that. Do you... actually get anything for doing these requirements? Like more zeni or something? Because they just seem way too grindy.
  6. How many BP did you earn per fight?
  7. Damn it. If you could get infinite rematches, this trophy would be so easy.
  8. Nice! Is there some limit to how many rematches you can get?
  9. And yet, it's not even the worst one in the game. Set for life will take you literally hundreds of hours. For 9 years, I managed to get all trophies in all my games, no matter how hard. Looks like FighterZ will be the one to break my streak forever. I like trophies, but I don't like them so much that I'm willing to undergo a 200-hour mindless grind. This is also my first Playstation 4 game with online trophies, and since I refuse to get Plus (I personally don't really see much benefit in paying for it), between those two trophies, I suppose I wasn't going to get the Platinum for this game wither way,
  10. To be honest, I absolutely loathe online trophies. There's just so much that can go wrong: The Internet where you live can be absolutely horrid (nor everyone has access to an optic fiber connection). The general community might just be way too good for you to beat (effectively creating a barrier to the trophy) The servers can be horrible They ALWAYS have an expiration date (either when the servers go down or when the community just dies) With online play effectively cordoned off behind a paywall now, you even have to pay extra to get them on PS4 if you don't have Plus. I don't exactly have anything against online modes, but I do have something against them being shoved in our face through trophies. Make online modes (when relevant), but not online trophies.
  11. I always really liked Extra Credits. Their videos are fun and enlightening essays about the video game industry. Sadly, they crossed the line for me with their last two videos, in which they defended the Industry's "need" for Season Passes, DLC, microtransactions and loot boxes. I never thought the day would come, but I thoroughly disagree with their arguments on the matter. I do think their hearts are in the right place, don't get me wrong, but they're completely forgetting some very crucial points on why that "need" is actually greed masquerading as need. Thankfully, Jim Sterling exists. I will leave all three videos here for you to see: .
  12. This grindy mess just seems ripe for microtransactions.
  13. Even with this exploit, the Set for Life trophy is still a titanic grind. I've never had an offline trophy I just couldn't get, but 200h of mindless grind is a bit too much for me. I guess it was bound to happen some day.
  14. You deserve way more than just one like, but sadly, that's all I can give. I'm also of the opinion that Japanese developers are way less guilty of all the bullshit AAA publishers in the West are trying to pull. You can still see the passion, the creativity and the will to innovate over there. That said... it's not like I'm completely unwary. Some Japanese publishers are taking the wrong lessons from their Western counterparts. Bandai Namco has been using and abusing Season Passes and DLC (the latest Dragon Ball FighterZ had a 35$ Season Pass!). Some developers have also been carving away a lot of content that used to be unlockable in-game to sell it to us later as DLC. Much as I love their games to death, the most recent Persona games from Atlus are guilty of this. All of their latest games have had a lot of DLC. Persona Q for the 3DS didn't have all that much (by comparison), but P4 Dancing All Night had a lot, and P4 Arena Ultimax and Persona 5 both had more than 20 individual packs - and all of them extremely pricey. Now we've also got Arc System Works trying to sell us BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle with half the roster as DLC. And the worst part of it is... the characters are already done, they're just importing them from their previous games! And yet, not only are they asking us to pay a separate fee for half of the bloody roster and for characters that have already been made, they're also announcing those characters as DLC 6 months in advance of the game's release with videos already fully displaying those characters in action, further driving home the point that they're already completely done. I sometimes see people - for no bloody reason that I can think of - try to defend game publishers' insultingly greedy measures, generally with the excuse that "games are too expensive to make! They need to do this to break even!". I would really like to see them try that one again with this specific case. I mean... it's definitely better over on the Japanese side of things... but I'm not so sure it will stay that way for very long. Let's just hope it will.
  15. Mine was obviously also a joke. (To be perfectly honest, yours wasn't that obvious). It's just that your post was so negative that I really couldn't help myself. Just don't take my response so seriously. I really meant nothing by it and I obviously have no interest in blocking you. I actually really like your contributions to the forums.