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  1. 12 games in total: Catherine Dragon Ball FighterZ Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Dragon Ball Xenoverse DmC: Devil May Cry Assassin's Creed III Assassin's Creed IV - Black Flag Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Remastered Persona 4 Golden Portal 2 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Remastered
  2. So I've just got a message from my local tax office that after March 29th (Brexit day), all products coming in from the UK will indeed be subject to EU customs.

    Well this is certainly a good way to ruin a day for someone that imports stuff from the UK on a monthly basis.

    P.S: Fuck you and fuck your stupid referendum, David Cameron.

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    2. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      He promised a referendum on EU membership due to growing Euroscepticism in the country and the rise of parties like UKIP. He thought it would give his party the edge in the elections and he was right. Obviously if he knew how the referendum would turn out, he would have never called one in the first place. It didn't turn out well for him and the Europhiles he associates with, but that's democracy for you. What would you prefer? An upper-class elite ruling the country with no input from the people? I guess that explains why you like the EU so much. :P


      Your bias is quit clearly showing in your last point. You claim that you'd "suck it up" if it was to the benefit of the British people, but refuse to acknowledge any of the benefits of leaving. Making our own laws, controlling our borders, allowing us to make trade deals with the rest of the world, not having to pay the EU membership fee, etc, etc. Even if we take a financial hit, it's well worth it to be a sovereign country again. That's not even mentioning the unsettling route the EU are taking such as forming an army and their internet censorship plans. 

      At the end of the day, the British people voted to leave. Who are you to say that you know what's best for us?

    3. jrdemr


      @Undead Wolf



      Your bias is quit[e] clearly showing in your last point.


      And yours is quite clearly showing over everything you wrote. The usage of the term "upper-class elite" is particularly telling, considering that's the kind of verbiage UKIP and other brexiteers use. I can quite confidently assume you're one of the ones that voted leave 3 years ago.



      What would you prefer? An upper-class elite ruling the country with no input from the people? I guess that explains why you like the EU so much. :P


      You... do realize that's why we have elections, right? So that politicians can represent the people that voted for them and not need to consult them on every single issue that befalls the country. Not to mention, most people cannot understand the ramifications of most political and economic decisions, hence why we put into office lawyers, economists... you know, people with actual training and experience, people that know what they're doing, people that can make more informed decisions than the common mortal. This is not to say they'll always do everything right, obviously (God knows the amount of incompetent politicians out there), but the chance that they will do things better is significantly higher than it would be if you put a complete layman with no competence or experience whatsoever like, I don't know, Donald Trump in the oval office.  


      Referendums are indeed a useful political tool, but they should only be used for matters of conscience, things that anyone can make an informed decision about regardless of their background or education. Making a referendum on whether or not the country should remain in the European Union was a very poor decision in my honest opinion, considering it was not a matter of conscience, but rather a political and economic decision - you know, the kind of thing politicians are elected to do in the first place.



      You claim that you'd "suck it up" if it was to the benefit of the British people, but refuse to acknowledge any of the benefits of leaving. Making our own laws, controlling our borders, allowing us to make trade deals with the rest of the world, not having to pay the EU membership fee, etc, etc.


      Well then, let's break down your so-called benefits one-by-one:


      Making your own laws - you do realize that every country in the EU already makes its own laws, right? Hell, even if you're talking about freedom from EU laws, shortly before Brexit, the UK was granted special status within the EU to do things even more independently from the rest of the union! Not to mention that if the UK wants to do trade with the EU from now on, they're still going to have to abide by EU rules anyway. The difference now will be that the UK will no longer have any say in those rules. Which makes it an even clearer loss for the UK in that regard considering that most of the EU's laws had to be approved by unanimity, i.e., the vast majority of European Union laws never went into effect without the UK's approval. In short, EU laws were also UK laws.


      Controlling your borders - you also do realize that the UK had an opt-out from the Shengen agreement, meaning it had more control over its borders than most EU countries anyway. As for anyone coming from non-EU countries... well, the UK already policed its borders just as hard as every other UK country.


      Allowing us to make trade deals with the rest of the world - Please explain to me exactly how you weren't allowed to make trade deals when inside in the European Union. Oh, and also how it'll be to the UK's favor to sign trade deals as a singular country as opposed to when it was part of the single biggest trade and customs union in the world. It's much more enticing for any foreign nation to make trade deals with a massive international bloc as opposed to just one nation.


      Not having to pay the EU membership fee - we'll see how far not paying the EU membership fee will get you when you realize how much you're losing from no longer having access to community funds, when all of your trade with the EU drowns in red tape due to a now necessary customs check at every point of entry in and out of the UK (I'm going to feel real sorry for anyone working at Dover after March 29th) and when you realize how many jobs you've lost to the Republic of Ireland and other EU nations. Yeah, turns out companies want easier, facilitated trade with a lot of other countries rather than feeling really good about their newfound "independence" from EU "tyranny".



      Even if we take a financial hit, it's well worth it to be a sovereign country again.


      You were always a sovereign country, hence why you were able to even leave the union without having to ask permission to anyone in the first place!


      But sure, please bathe in your newfound sense of "sovereignty" and independence from EU "tyranny". Let's see how far that'll get you with the amount of damage and lost jobs already happening in the UK.

      I personally prefer actual, practical, visble results rather than some baseless sense of superiority and independence, but that's just me.



      That's not even mentioning the unsettling route the EU are taking such as forming an army and their internet censorship plans.


      None of which even took place yet - and now the UK won't even have any say in the matter anyway.


      And personally, I don't really see the problem with a United European Army. Having the military strength of 28 countries combined will deter a lot of other countries from ever taking military action against any of us. Isn't the UK also part of NATO? Because I don't really see how a European Army is much different.


      I'm not going to say the Internet censorship plans are a good thing, nor will I say that everything the EU does is good (the aforementioned customs come to mind), but even then, I still say we're a lot stronger united than we would be apart, especially considering how much better off we are politically than countries like the US, where corruption is rampant, barely anything ever gets done, and complete and total buffoons like Donald Trump can get elected to office despite the fact that most people voted for his opponent.



      At the end of the day, the British people voted to leave. Who are you to say that you know what's best for us?


      So just because I'm not British, that means I can't have an opinion on the matter?

      If I see someone on the street stabbing his own legs with a kitchen knife, just because I have never seen this person in my life and his actions don't affect me in any way, that doesn't mean I cannot immediately realize that what he's doing is extremely harmful to himself.

      Also, from the moment the results of this referendum are going to negatively impact the entire world, and especially other EU nations, then your business becomes everyone's business.

    4. BlackSquirrell1


      @jrdemr  You have started a very good dialogue on this. To read different people's opinions (as this really affects the world) has helped me understand the ramifications. 

  3. Even though I really like the PS4, I don't mind going back to the PS3. Sure, the games don't run quite as well, but they run well enough. And I really do like the XMB, it's still superior to the PS4's UI in my opinion (even though the latter also has its advantages). The PS3 also has the major advantage of having free multiplayer. I only even go online to get trophies, so not having to shell out for Plus just to get the Platinum/100% will always be a plus in my book. I believe its only real drawback in terms of usability is the PS Store, which looks like it runs on coal. That said, I recently purposefully finished all of my PS3 backlog so that I only have the future (the PS4) to look towards to. Also, having to constantly switch the HDMI cables on my TV is a pain, so that's also that over with 😛
  4. Nah. Part of the fun is seeing which trophy ended up being a milestone.
  5. I voted for Other, mostly because it's a combination of nearly all of them. Before, I would have immediately said Multiplayer, but I have since played some games that made me share my hatred for online trophies with a few other categories on the podium. Missables: Generally not all that bad unless they make you replay the entire game from scratch and the missable is in the middle or near the end of a long game. Though I usually try and use a guide to see if there are any missables before even starting to play. Veredict: Annoying, but there are worse things. Multiplayer: Hate them, hate them, hate them. Multiplayer trophies come with an expiry date attached considering you have until either the community abandons the game or the developers shut down the servers. Some of them aren't that bad considering they're easy to get by yourself or easily boosted, but those that require massive amounts of grinding and/or cooperation with tons of people can fuck right off (I still have cold sweats when thinking about how hard it was to get the Platinum for Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood). Not to mention, now on PS4 you even have to shell out for Plus to even be able to get them. There's basically no way to win with multiplayer trophies. I think they should only ever be a thing in exclusively or heavily multiplayer-focused games. Verdict: Kill these with fire. Grinding: I don't really mind these... in moderation. If it's the kind of thing that makes you spend an insane amount of time doing the exact same thing for no reason other than getting the trophy (like Dragon Ball FighterZ's Set for Life - which is, unsurprisingly, the rarest trophy out of all my games), then it can fuck right off. Worse still if it's tied to an extremely unforgiving RNG (see yet another Dragon Ball game: Dragon Ball Xenoverse). But if it's under, let's say, 10 hours, then it's fine. Verdict: It's okay unless taken too far. Collectibles: I actually like these. Even if I have to use a guide, I don't mind. Only way they're bad is if there's absolutely no guide on the Internet telling you where to go... which is fortunately a rarity these days. Verdict: Bring them on. Speed run: There are worse things. As long as it's not brutally unforgiving, I'll just watch a video guide to check the fastest way to get it done and I'll do it in no time. Verdict: If they're not militarily unforgiving, they're fine. Replaying the game multiple times: Hmm... depends on the game and the amount of times needed to replay it. This generally happens a lot with hack-and-slashes, but since I really like hack-and-slashes and the increased playthroughs grant me the opportunity to not only get more collectibles but also get better at the game, I don't really mind these all that much... unless they're like Bayonetta, where you have to play the game no less than 15 times. I mean, I really like Bayonetta... but this is a bit too much (fortunately, Bayonetta 2 is a lot more reasonable). Verdict: They're okay as long as the game is fun and the amount of playthroughs is reasonable (let's say no more than 4 times). S or Star ranks: Depends on how hard it is to get. I can generally do these fine unless they're like Taiko no Tatsujin, which requires you to have the reflexes of Bruce Lee and as many arms as Shiva. Verdict: Like speed runs, as long as they're not militarily unforgiving, it's fine. Difficulty related: Same as above, as long as it's not insanely, infuriatingly difficult, I'll manage.
  6. I thought my 23-game backlog was huge... but after seeing some of the answers on this topic, I realized I'm actually not all that bad I just play the games, one-by-one, at regular speed. I hate rushing through things. When they're done, they're done.
  7. I keep all of my games unless I didn't like them. Only then do I sell them.
  8. As of right now, the chances of a successor to the Vita coming out are less than slim. Even if one did come out, there's no guarantee that it'll be compatible with Vita carts, so if I were you, I'd just get a Vita as fast as possible. Production in Japan is going to be ending shortly and they're going to become very expensive very soon.
  9. Tried playing Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2, and man oh, man... what a downgrade. The story is terrible, level design is awful, boss fights are a chore and the thing is barely even playable thanks to the numerous bugs. Hell, there aren't even any X-Men or Fantastic Four characters! It's like they actively tried to make the game worse in every aspect.

    You know what? Screw it, I'm just not playing this anymore. I'm moving on to God of War instead.

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    2. jrdemr


      @Elvick_, to be honest, I'm now pretty sure I'm not going back. If I want what I expected from this game, I'll just go back to the first one. It's just better in every aspect.

      @Cleggworth, I'm considering giving up on them, too. I have the Harry Potter and the Marvel games. The Harry Potter ones were just a joy to play. Level design worked brilliantly and the way they retold the story with that now iconic brand of Lego humor without even using any words was delightful. The first Marvel game lost a bit of that "Mr. Bean" charm due to now being voiced, but it still worked perfectly fine and was still plenty humorous. The Avengers game lacked in any kind of originality, but it still worked fine. This one, though? Good God.

      I think the success of the Lego games went to their collective heads and they just stopped caring. They probably now think they can do no wrong and will sell regardless.

    3. Elvick_


      I really miss the licensed movie LEGO games not having voices, it was cute to see how they'd tell the same story with no words and integrate jokes into it. But just literally retelling the movie with the same dialog from the movie... it's just not as fun.

      I prefer LEGO games being original if they use voices, which is usually better. Plus sometimes the audio quality is terrible for the licensed games. Avengers comes to mind.

    4. jrdemr


      Yeah, the voicelessness was one of the things I liked the best about old school Lego games, precisely because of the reason you stated. It gave the games a sort of Mr. Bean-like humor which I really liked.

      Sadly, it seems Traveller's Tales isn't a fan of the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" philosophy. They probably just saw how much they were making from selling the games and decided to needlessly raise their production values, not realizing the voicelessness was part of the games' charm.

  10. Which turbo controller would you recommend?
  11. Updated with Platinum #31: Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight Also updated the Currently Working On section.
  12. Great. Let them burn.
  13. You could just get the PS4 version and then remote play it on the Vita.
  14. As of right now, 586 trophies. I know It's a bit high, but for about 5 years, me and my younger brother shared my account (I was still used to the "single profile" system on the PS2), and he got a large number of platinums while playing on it. Only in August 2014 did we remember to create a separate account for himself. When I started coming to the site more often, I wanted my profile to show my games only, so I hid my brother’s from view. I also hid some games I tried once, didn’t like and no longer own, while I was at it. Some people might take issue with that, but it’s my profile and I say it goes! To be honest, I don't really care what other people think. I would totally delete all of those trophy lists if Sony game me the chance considering I will most definitely not return to any of those games. Since Sony won't let me, I have to make use of the next best way to keep my profile clean, organized, and most importantly, for it to show only the games I liked enough to keep in my collection, that is, all of the ones I haven't sold or given away.
  15. I don't really care. I'll look it up from time to time out of sheer curiosity, but I'm always around the same position. If I don't care about hiding a bunch of trophies just because I didn't like the games (or mostly because they're games my brother played in my account), I sure as hell don't care about how I fare against other people. I'm going to play what I want to play, how I want to play, at the speed I want to play. Everything else is just numbers to me.