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  1. So, Atlus just released their video sharing guidelines. While they are better than the ones for P5, there's still quite some head scratchers in there... like the line stating that you can share footage of the PS4 version... but not the Vita version. Smells fishy. Are they not confident in its presentation? Is it that much different from the PS4 version? I'm getting red flags here.
  2. Sounds great to me. I still have a huge backlog on my PS4 (and even some unopened games on my PS3 and Vita) and 2021 would be more than fine for them to release the next console. Even if they release it even later, like @ExHaseo said, I wouldn't mind one bit. I think the Playstation 4 is already a pretty decent machine and I have absolutely no need for 4K in my games. My theory is that the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X threw a wrench into the traditional console life cycle. I'm assuming the platform holders want to spend more time developing the next hardware iteration because the difference between generations is getting harder and harder to notice. I would even say that the 8th Generation's cycle might have reset with the consoles' half-steps, just so they could have some more time to develop the next full step, while giving the hardcore hardware enthusiasts something to hold on to.
  3. You should have started using EXP. Lvl. Up skills a LONG time ago. By the time I got to the final boss, most of my characters were above lvl. 90.
  4. I mean... I like to get 100% completion for my games... but I stop just short of OCD behavior. If the game looks too grindy or too hard, I just come to terms with the fact that it'll never be 100%-ed and just move on. For example, up until this year, I managed to 100% complete all of my games. ALL of them. And then, very recently, I got 3 games I just had to give up on in a row: Dragon Ball FighterZ: The Set For Life trophy requires you to mindlessly grind zeni for 100 hours. Yeah, I don't know about you, but I value my time and there are other things I'd rather spend it on than this poorly thought out trophy. I'd already bought out the entire shop anyway, so I'd literally be doing it for the trophy and the trophy alone. Taiko no Tatsujin Drum Session: Considering this is the amount of skill you'd need to 100% the game... I just said screw it and just played until I was satisfied. Bayonetta 2 (not a Playstation title, but anyway): The original Bayonetta was hard, but the sequel takes the difficulty to a whole other level. Unlike the original, where you could easily beat Rodin - if you knew how - in this game, you need godlike skills to do it. I tried so long to do it, but I just ended up a with a growing list of failures and an extremely sore index finger and wrist muscles (from evading too much). I literally had to stop playing for my health. So... yeah, this is the kind of thing that will make you put that 100% profile into perspective. Granted, I always knew that this would happen someday, I'm just amazed at how long it took for it to happen. Given how I'm also not a Plus member nor intend to be, as soon as I get my first PS4 game with online trophies, that platinum will go out the window, too. I'm still gonna go for 100% whenever possible, but if it just looks like too much trouble, I'll just... move on. Life's too short. And skipping out on great games just because they can't be completed or because they're too hard is foolishness, in my opinion. If you like the game, just play it. I know I had tons of fun with the three games I detailed above. And that fun's not going anywhere just because I couldn't finish them to perfection. Having fun with the game should be your end goal, not the trophies.
  5. This news has apparently been blown out of proportion. As Persona Central reports, the magazine is just celebrating everything that has recently come out with the Persona 4 name, like the HD remaster of P4DAN, the fact that it will be present in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, the manga version having reached its climax and the recent release of the complete Persona 4 The Animation Blu-Ray Box Set. So... looks like that's it. Despite having loved Persona 4, I do believe there is such a thing as oversaturation. I'm not the kind of guy that just keeps screaming for MOAR whenever he likes something. Sometimes, things are good just the way they are and we just want to move onto new things. Persona 4 was good while it lasted, we got some great spin-offs and different experiences, but... I think it's time to move on (and apparently Atlus thinks so too).
  6. On a related note: the games are about to release this week in Japan... shouldn't we have heard something about Western localizations by now?...
  7. This might mean that Yakuza 5 might finally be getting a physical release in the West. I have Yakuza 0 in my backlog, but I pretty much suspect I'm going to love this series, so I really want a full physical collection.
  8. Give this man a prize. I'm not usually the kind of guy that will buy two different versions of the same game, but if they do for P3 what they did for P4 (and P3 arguably needed the enhance a lot more than P4), just shut up and take my money. This time they could even put in dual-audio, since they managed to do it for P5 (dual-audio should be a given for Japanese games these days, anyway). I agree that P4 may have been milked a bit too much. Maybe it's time to move on. But if the rumored game is a PS4 port of P4 with dual-audio maybe I will consider triple-dipping (I also have the PS2 version).
  9. Technically, I said that "every game came with all the content on the disc from the get-go", I never said it wasn't paid on-disc DLC In all seriousness, though, there's barely anything here form before the PS3/X360 era, and the few that are aren't paid downloadable content.
  10. I mean, anyone that reads my blogs on this site will know that... up until like 2009, every game came with all the content on the disc from the get-go and I believe there was absolutely nothing wrong with that model and that it should still be like that today.
  11. I mean, they're not required (very few DLC actually is), but from the moment they're locking away actual songs and characters... I mean, that's pretty much important content locked behind a paywall.
  12. So the DLC schedule for both P3D and P5D has been revealed: https://personacentral.com/persona-3-dancing-moon-night-and-persona-5-dancing-star-night-dlc-japan-release-schedule-overview/ And it has thirty-fucking-one different DLC packs. Ever since Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, the amount of DLC in the Persona games has been absolutely insane. That game had 36 different packs, Persona 4 Dancing All Night had 43 and Persona 5 had 32. Seriously. I will defend Atlus, The Persona games and the general way Japanese publishers conduct business (especially in comparison to the West) to death, but this much amount of DLC is insane.
  13. Wait, where did they say that? (I mean, not that I use it all that often, but still)
  14. Andrew House recently stated that Sony isn't quite ready to pull away from physical games yet. Not everyone has the greatest Internet access and a lot of people (like collectors) still vastly prefer physical copies. They can be quickly bought for cheaper, as long as you just wait a few months, they're not tied to an account, they can be lent or even given to someone else and you can re-sell them later, mitigating the initial buying price. From what I gather, gamers in the Asia region also vastly prefer physical games. There's also people that purchase only second-hand copies, just to get the games for cheaper, but I'm assuming that's not really in Sony's (or any platform holder's, really) best interests One thing is for certain, if physical disappears, there will be a lot less games sold (I'm going to buy a lot less games, for instance). The world isn't quite ready for a digital-only future yet, so it's only normal that hard copies will still be around for a while. Regarding the Vita... if Sony's discontinuing physical copies... the least they could do would be to finally lower the price on those crazy expensive memory cards. Regarding a Hybrid PS5... no way it will happen. The technology isn't so advanced right now that a machine as powerful as the PS5's going to fit in the Switch's portable form factor.