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  1. Updated with #42: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remastered. Also updated Currently Working On and Currently Intending To Play sections.
  2. For some reason, it won't load my profile... 😶
  3. I play single-player games almost exclusively, but even if they did indeed go the way of the dodo (which I think they never will, we still have Japan, after all), I wouldn't be bothered all that much. My backlog is already huge enough.
  4. Just noticed this thread, but I got the Platinum for Yakuza 0.
  5. Looks like it's fixed! Great job! If you don't mind, can I give you two suggestions? 1. Would it be possible to increase the number of DLC shown? For now, it looks like the maximum is 24 packs, but recent games have been known to have quite a lot more (like Dragon Ball FighterZ, where this message is shown:) 2. Would it possible to have DLC ordered by release date, from most recent to oldest, instead of alphabetically? Or to at least have different ordering filters inside the game's page?
  6. Yeah, I know that there are a few games that have more than 30 packs, like Persona 5, for instance. Sadly, I cannot give you concrete numbers right now because the new official store is just so user-unfriendly 😒 But yeah, maybe a better number would be like 50 packs - or even just display the 4 more recent ones with a button to show all packs like what we had in the old Playstation store. I pretty much only noticed all this because I really only use the store to buy DLC and the new store is terrible for that 😅
  7. This is fucking amazing. Great job! Quick thing I noticed, though: it seems like games are limited to only 4 DLC packs. When I go to, for example, Dragon Ball FighterZ, it only shows me 4 packs and nothing else.
  8. Pretty sure you can. The only problem would be if you transferred your save to the PS5 version of the game and started playing that one instead.
  9. I have no idea where you got your info (if indeed you got it somewhere), but it's clearly wrong. I back up my saves through USB all the time. And not once did I even think about altering them. To be honest, I agree 100% with what @Realtione said. If it's a choice between a feature that could be immensely valuable and just preventing cheating, then you should just allow USB backups. Period. Not to mention, you can still back up PS4 game saves, so this was clearly a conscious decision by Sony that in no way has anything to do with cheater prevention. And to be honest, even if people did alter their saves... who cares? Is it because of the leaderboards? I have no idea why people care so much about them in the first place. Just play your games, have fun, and let people play their games the way they want to. People mess with saves on PC all the time and it's no less a thriving marketplace because of it.
  10. It was on PS Plus, around April 2013, if I'm not mistaken. That's how I played the game for the first time.
  11. I can tell you about a great site that not only has tons of anime for download, it boasts about having great quality with very small file sizes. PM me if you're interested.
  12. PS4 hands down. Considering how nearly all PS5 games are not only also coming out for the PS4 but also include a free upgrade to the PS5 version, I would actually consider it pretty dumb to buy the PS5 version of any cross-platform games announced thus far. Right now, the PS5 feels more like a Demons' Souls machine than anything else.
  13. Did someone call me? I have no need for Plus. I only ever play single-player games (or games with a heavy single-player emphasis). I'm also a 100% physical collector and don't really have much of an interest in the monthly free games, and since you can backup your saves through USB (so far), I have no need for cloud storage either. This decision by Sony is completely moronic. There is never a good reason for taking away options you used to have. And considering you can still do it with the PS4 games, it shows that this was pretty much a conscious decision by them. I can only hope they reverse it later with a firmware update.
  14. Updated with #41: Undertale. Also updated Currently Working On and Currently Intending To Play sections.
  15. I would suppose it works the same way. It's basically just a digital copy of a game that you just so happen to already own on PS4.