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  1. Fear not, I did get the PS4 version 😛 I never had an SNES (I don't think I've ever even played on one?...), so I got the DS version. Heard it's just as good as the SNES version, though, even if the minor new additions kinda suck. Yes, from what I heard they're not quite the same, but good enough to let you check out the general style and feel.
  2. Playing Ookami is more like an interactive work of art than a videogame. Every minute you haven't played it is one minute too many. Persona is one of the best series I've ever played. I generally get burned out on stuff that's too long. I need a lot of variety in my hobbies, whether games, books or TV shows. For example, while I really like Uncharted and Assassin's Creed, if I play more than one game in the series per year, I'll just get sick of it. And yet, with Persona, I just can't get enough of it, even if all of them are 300-hour-long games. Maybe I'll play two other games in between playthroughs (just so I won't "overdose" 😛), but I just thoroughly enjoy each and every minute I spend playing it. Everyone's talking about Persona 5 right now, and you can start with that if you want to (there's no real continuity in between games, I myself started with 4), but you get a better appreciation of the series if you start with 3 (the first "modern" Persona), in my opinion. There are a few easter eggs here and there referencing previous games and it's really cool being able to see the evolution of the series' concepts, gameplay and themes. I'll try and bump either Sekiro or Bloodborne up in my backlog list, just to see what everyone's talking about, maybe even get the original Dark Souls. After a while, the hype and excitement starts getting to you! 😅
  3. Yakuza 0 is precisely the one I got!
  4. We've had some positive threads here on the site, but it's rare to see something this wholesome. I don't think I've ever actually stopped playing games for a while just to let the previous experience sink in, but some experiences are so breathtaking that they just linger in the back of your mind. Ookami was the game that did it for me. I've never seen such a perfectly realized game in terms of story, gameplay, music, atmosphere, aesthetics... everything is just cream of the crop. I got goosebumps just from the ending. More recently, Persona 5 got second place in my favorite games of all time list. I already liked Personas 3 and 4 (a lot), so the impact wasn't as big... but Jesus, everything in that game is just so good. They've improved on an already excellent formula to deliver us a near-perfect experience. I see some people in here talk about Shadow of the Colossus, Dark Souls, Chrono Trigger and Yakuza, some games that I already have in my backlog. Now I'm even more curious to try them out. (Well, I don't actually have Dark Souls, I have Bloodborne and Sekiro... think the impact will be similar?... 😛 )
  5. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, at one year, five months. Bloody online trophies still give me nightmares...
  6. A friend of mine just got his save corrupted. Two years' worth of progress in the trash. He sure could have used my (virtually identical) save right about now... if only the bloody console would let him copy it.
  7. Persona 5. Were it not for Ookami, the PS4 would have my favorite game of all time.
  8. I found these issues happened a lot more often in Brotherhood. I don't even have any recollection of them happening in any other game.
  9. PSN: I really like anime and all things Japanese, so I picked a kanji to represent myself. I picked this specific one because my all-time favorite anime is Dragon Ball and this character (which means "martial") is featured prominently in it. I also have the one other kanji available on PSN (which stands for the "kan" in "kanji") as the avatar on my Hong Kong account. PSNP: As I told you above, my all-time favorite anime is Dragon Ball. The fact that I specifically picked Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black is a reference to a great pun about my real-life name one of my friends made a while ago. I liked it a lot, so now I'm using it as my avatar on most sites 😅
  10. 2010 - 3 Most common: Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands [24,68%] Rarest: Naruto Shippuuden - Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 [11,35%] 2011 - 3 Most common: Lego Harry Potter - Years 1-4 [22,91%] Rarest: Battlefield: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows [11,18%] 2012 - 1 Most common/rarest: Lego Harry Potter - Years 5-7 [30,09%] 2013 - 4 Most common: Assassin's Creed II [25.25%] Rarest: Catherine [1,28%] 2014 - 7 Most common: The Legend of Korra (PS3) [29.23%] Rarest: Assassin's Creed III [5,50%] 2015 - 3 Most common: J-Stars Victory VS (PS3) [9,05%] Rarest: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood [3.95%] 2016 - 3 Most common: Lego Marvel's Avengers (PS3) [24,28%] Rarest: Portal 2 [5,90%] 2017 - 2 Most common: Uncharted - Drake's Fortune Remastered [16,84%] Rarest: Naruto Shippuuden - Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 [13,51%] 2018 - 4 Most common: Persona 4 - Dancing All Night [46,19%] Rarest: Uncharted 2 - Among Thieves Remastered [19,42%] 2019 - 5 Most common: Persona 3 - Dancing in Moonlight [25,87%] Rarest: Persona 5 [10,28%]
  11. There is still a sizeable section for consoles from at least the previous generation, meaning there is still a market for it, so the sentence in bold isn't representative of all customers.
  12. Yes... meaning therefore that there is a sizeable market for older games and consoles. Hence why used game stores still carry games from at least the previous generation.
  13. I've actually been having a lot of fun on my PS4, so the worst game I've ever played on it will have to be the only one I didn't like: Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2. I have absolutely no idea what happened to the Lego games. They were absolutely brilliant back when they first started and now they seem to be the antithesis of everything they stood for.
  14. Yes, I'd assume you wouldn't see many of the other groups working at a used games store...
  15. I highly disagree that backwards compatibility is something minor, but we'll see once we know what features the console has and it actually hits shelves. They were actually losing money on every PS3 sold for quite some time!