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  1. Yes, it's perfectly fine. They won't ruin the story for you in any way.
  2. As long as that means we also get the great sales... I don't care. There will always be shitty games with shitty trophy lists, but there's also bound to be great games with great trophy lists. If other people want to spend their time and money on easy plats just for its own sake... well, that shouldn't impact you in the slightest, now should it? Just pick and buy whatever you'll have fun with and let other people do whatever they want.
  3. Agreed. If it could be turned into a permanent toggle across the entire site, that would be perfect.
  4. I have absolutely no intention of getting rid of any of my physical games. My decision concerns only future purchases.
  5. @djb5f is right. As I said in the OP, I already have so many games in my backlog that I can comfortably afford to wait for the prices of the games I want to buy to go down to ridiculous levels (i.e. the 10 - 5€ range). That said, There are still a few questions I have left to figure out: As far as I know, save data is shared between physical and digital versions of games. That said... save data is also tied to your account (i.e. you cannot share them with anyone else, unlike what happened with the PS3, PSP and every console before them). If the console gets locked out of PSN, are you locked out of your save data as well? I still have to figure out what to do with games I want to play right away. This is generally something I don't do, as I usually only play games years after I buy them (due to having such a huge backlog and to the fact that I go for 100% on every game that I like), hence why I'm considering just waiting for digital sales, since it usually doesn't impact when I would play the game anyway. That said, every now and then, there are some games that I am so hyped for that I just have to play them right away. In that case, physical and digital are the same price, so which should I go for?... 🤔
  6. After having been a 100% physical gamer my entire life, I think I will finally convert to digital games. You rarely ever see physical games get as cheap as they get in the digital storefront, especially during sales and even more so after a few years have passed. My backlog is so gigantic that I have enough games to keep me busy while I wait for the price to go down, anyway. Regardless, there might be advantages to physical gaming that I might be overlooking. Can any of your remind me of the downsides of digital before I make the transition? I already know that: You can't lend them (as easily) You can't sell them back You can't give them to anybody. But I would say that the low prices more than outweigh those minor setbacks. Anything else I might be forgetting?
  7. Trophies aren't quite the only reason why I prefer Playstation over Nintendo. There's also the question of horsepower. All games available on both Sony and Nintendo consoles fare better on Playstation. The only games I have for the Switch are the exclusives. There's also the issue that the PS Store's sales are far more inviting.
  8. Drat. It's just as I feared. Oh well, thanks anyway.
  9. For instance, if I clear Dante Must DIe with Vergil, will I be able to go back to any mission in DMD mode with Dante/Nero/Lady/Trish? Or will I also need to fully clear DMD mode with the desired character before I am able to go back and select any mission I desire?
  10. There's clearly some kind of problem on your end, because I got the notification emails just fine today.
  11. Updated with #42: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Remastered. Also updated Currently Working On and Currently Intending To Play sections.
  12. For some reason, it won't load my profile... 😶
  13. I play single-player games almost exclusively, but even if they did indeed go the way of the dodo (which I think they never will, we still have Japan, after all), I wouldn't be bothered all that much. My backlog is already huge enough.
  14. Just noticed this thread, but I got the Platinum for Yakuza 0.
  15. Looks like it's fixed! Great job! If you don't mind, can I give you two suggestions? 1. Would it be possible to increase the number of DLC shown? For now, it looks like the maximum is 24 packs, but recent games have been known to have quite a lot more (like Dragon Ball FighterZ, where this message is shown:) 2. Would it possible to have DLC ordered by release date, from most recent to oldest, instead of alphabetically? Or to at least have different ordering filters inside the game's page?