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  1. Only when it's an insanely boring and grindy trophy. In that case, I put on some podcasts.
  2. Promoted Dragon Ball FighterZ from "Those that Got Away" to Platinum #38! Also updated Currently Working On and Currently Intending To Play sections.
  3. I may have gone just a tad overboard with the exploit... 😅 That said, I spent 30 million clearing out the store and buying up all the trophy rooms, leaving "only" 71 million for future content.
  4. This exploit is fucking awesome. Now I'm truly set for life. Thanks to every one that pitched in!
  5. There are a further 3.5 million coming on the 28th (as part of a Twitter campaign), so I'm going to try to farm these to finally empty out the store. Let me see if I got these straight: ...and every time I do the cycle I should get a further 3.5 million, correct?
  6. DLC is a bigger transaction but it generally expands your experience and takes nothing out. A game having microtransactions is a sign that it's been made harder and/or grindier for the sake of selling you the solution to those problems.
  7. Then that makes it... a normal transaction. Anyway, regarding "merely cosmetic" content, as usual, Jim Sterling explains it best:
  8. I don't think Sony is stupid enough to make yet another generation of remasters. The only reason they even made as many this generation was because the gaming customer base was heavily split between Xbox and Playstation during the 7th generation, and considering that the PS4 had no backwards compatibility with the PS3, it was a way for them to ensure that most people got to play the last generation's biggest gems. Kinda like what Nintendo made with the Switch. If you think about it, Sony never really shied away from backwards compatibility. The PS2 had BC with the PS1, and so did the PS3, which at one point, even had BC with the PS2! The only reason the PS4 didn't have it was because it wasn't powerful enough to emulate the PS3's weird architecture through software. I think they all realized that they would start getting into very diminishing returns in terms of sales if they started doing yet another generation of remasters.
  9. Would it be possible to have a custom order on the backlog? I don't know how difficult it would be to implement, but it would certainly come in handy to me.
  10. I have the European version so it doesn't really matter to me, but the US version was censored?
  11. I play whatever I want, whether "kiddie" or hardcore, and whoever finds any problem with it can go ahead and get a life.
  12. I finished the entirety of my PS3 backlog in 2018. Soon, I will finish my X360 backlog (one game). After that, it's time for my PC and DS backlogs (two games each).
  13. Honestly, I think the Western gaming scene has been creatively bankrupt for quite some time, with the exceptions being indie games and anything with Sony's name on it.
  14. To be honest, I think you're being too negative. The Playstation 4 era has brought us some of the best games of all time - to the point where I actually think it supplanted the PS2 as my favorite console of all time. There was a time, especially during the 7th generation, where your statement might have been true, what with everyone trying to copy each other and get a piece of the latest fad, but I just don't think that's the case anymore. Granted, yes, there is still a lot of greed in the gaming industry, namely with loot boxes, microtransactions, excessive DLC and the like - but that's mainly in the Western gaming industry. If you look towards the Japanese side of things, however, you'll find things just as good (if not better) than back in the PS2 days. Granted, we do still have excessive DLC every now and then... but I think that's made up for with the amazing quality the games themselves have been having recently. And I have no idea what you mean by "the indie market is chock full of crap". The indie market's absolutely crushing it with great gems one after the other. Sure, if you go to Steam you might see a lot of crap... but that's just because Steam allows every single thing in there. If you go to a more curated storefront, like the PS Store or the Nintendo eShop, I can guarantee you'll have so many good choices you'll beg for them to stop!
  15. Updated with #37: Dragon Ball Z - Kakarot (hope you really like to read ).