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  1. Dragon Ball (Portuguese Account)
  2. My ideal trophy list is one that makes me explore the game to its fullest. No crazy difficult requirements, no multiple playthroughs for no reason, and definitely no online trophies. I just want to see explore every secret the developers sneaked into the game. Basically, my ideal list would be a 100% completion checklist. As long as I managed to see everything the game had to offer and got all the unlockables, then I should get the Platinum.
  3. I don't really play on PC and even less on Xbox, so I really only have PS4 and Switch. I do try to 100% every game I play, whether on PlayStation or any other console, Switch or otherwise (like retro consoles), but I really like the trophy system. It feels like I have a good checklist to see what I missed in the game.
  4. I've been converting the entirety of my library to a digital one. And while the transition has been mostly seamless, there's been a pebble in my shoe: God of War (2018). Apparently, when the game entered the Playstation Hits line, its game ID changed, meaning that my old save is now useless. Would anyone happen to know a place where I can buy codes for the old, non-Playstation Hits version? It seems like my only shot at keeping my save data.
  5. Updated with #55: Uncharted - The Lost Legacy. Also updated Currently Working On and Currently Intending To Play sections.
  6. I also suddenly found out that my digital copy of God of War 2018 cannot read the save file from the physical copy. Copying the save data to a USB, I can see that the digital copy saves files under folder CUSA07411, whereas the retail copy saved under CUSA07412. Is there something I can do? I already tried to copy the contents of the physical folder to the digital folder, but all my PS4 says is that the save data is "corrupted".
  7. Updated with #51: Yakuza Kiwami 2 , #52: Fairy Tail, #53: Ghost of Tsushima and #54: Donut County (yeah, I kind forgot to update this after this crazy summer 😅). Also updated Currently Working On and Currently Intending To Play sections.
  8. Seems simple enough. Doesn't seem to have anything I haven't already done in FES or that can't be easily done. Beating Elizabeth and Margaret might be a little hard, though, at least if Elizabeth plays by the same (insane) rules she did in FES.
  9. So I decided to investigate just to make sure and there is absolutely no email from PlayStation telling me I ever purchased Catherine, so yeah, as of right now, it's official: I just got to keep a PS+ game despite me not having PS+ anymore.
  10. The ease of use. You don't have to troubleshoot anything, you plug things in and they just work. Not to mention I much prefer playing things on a living room, with a controller. There's also some pretty good exclusives.
  11. I have thankfully never had any data corrupt on me. The closest I've had was my Devil May Cry 3 save stupidly overwritten by... myself 😑 when I changed from playing with Dante to playing with Vergil. Thanfully, my brother loved the game and didn't mind playing it again when I asked him, so I eventually got all my progress back. Ever since then, I've made triple sure to always have my save data backed up. Every year, on January first, I make sure that every single console I played (or otherwise modified) during the past 365 days is backed up in case of an emergency. I've rarely ever had to use those backups, but it makes me sleep better at night.
  12. Incorrect. You can get the Platinum in Uncharted 4 without Plus (I did), you just cannot get 100%.
  13. I mean... I don't really have a problem. This saves me 20€. I would just like to know what's going on.
  14. As part of my transition to an all-digital collection (as much as possible), I turned on my PS3 to buy the original Catherine. The thing is... the store won't let me. It just acts as if I own the game. Even though I don't. I downloaded it when it was a PS+ game all the way back in 2013, but my subscription just expired yesterday. And yet... I can still play the game no problem. I even turned on my PS4 and sure enough, the PS+ games are now locked out. What's going on here? 🤔 Are PS3 PS+ games now yours to keep forever?
  15. Holy crap, this is one hell of a job!! Must have taken ages to complete! Kudos to you, good sir, I tip my hat off! Excellent work!!