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  1. These are fucking amazing. Did you do them yourself?
  2. I think the only time I don't quit to main menu is when it forces you to watch the credits and the opening animation all over again.
  3. I mean... I tend to favor Playstation, just because it's my favorite place to play. They tend to have the best controllers, and most of all, the best exclusives. That said, as long as any console has around 2-3 games that I like, I will probably get it. I have all Nintendo handhelds, starting all the way back with the original Game Boy, a GameCube and an Xbox 360. I can't say I really mind switching sides from time to time. And the Switch Pro Controller is probably the best one I've ever held.
  4. Are loot boxes gambling?
  5. I sure as hell hope they've fixed the mouth animations for the Japanese dub. While I'm all for watching the original version in the vast majority of cases, there is no way I can play a samurai game in English without a massive immersion break.
  6. Sign me up.
  7. As if they would willingly stop getting extra money on the side. Especially when a lot of companies have been getting more revenue from their secondary sources than their primary ones (you know, actually selling the games themselves).
  8. Updated with #39: Persona 5 - Dancing in Starlight. Also updated Currently Working On and Currently Intending To Play sections.
  9. Not all that often. I only use it for exclusives. Given that the PS4 is more powerful, if given a choice, I will always go PS4.
  10. Only when it's an insanely boring and grindy trophy. In that case, I put on some podcasts.
  11. Promoted Dragon Ball FighterZ from "Those that Got Away" to Platinum #38! Also updated Currently Working On and Currently Intending To Play sections.
  12. I may have gone just a tad overboard with the exploit... 😅 That said, I spent 30 million clearing out the store and buying up all the trophy rooms, leaving "only" 71 million for future content.
  13. This exploit is fucking awesome. Now I'm truly set for life. Thanks to every one that pitched in!
  14. There are a further 3.5 million coming on the 28th (as part of a Twitter campaign), so I'm going to try to farm these to finally empty out the store. Let me see if I got these straight: ...and every time I do the cycle I should get a further 3.5 million, correct?