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  1. Persona 3 desperately needs a remake. Just... no story additions like in Golden or in Royal. I feel like, story-wise, the Persona games are just right on their first try, anything added after that just feels like unnecessary fanservice, I don't mind an alternate route with the female main character from P3P, just... stick to the story that's already there in the PS2 original. All we need is the gameplay to be enhanced to P5-like levels and we're good to go. It would also be pretty cool if P4/Golden could get a port, maybe with enhanced graphics. Remaking the original P4 but with all the enhanced gameplay elements from Golden would be the perfect scenario to me.
  2. Sign me up for Light the Fire up in the Night, I've since Platinumed the last dancing game.
  3. All the games I'm interested in will also come to the PS4, I already have a crazy PS4 backlog anyway and the bloody thing looks positively awful, so I think I'm going to wait for the Slim/Pro revision.
  4. Updated with #40: Yakuza 0. Also updated Currently Working On and Currently Intending To Play sections.
  5. Good God, is this the worst looking Playstation ever. I think I'm purposefully going to wait until the slim revision just so I can get something a little bit more attractive to put in my cabinet. Not like I don't have a fuckton of games to play in the meantime.
  6. Well, this would have come in real handy to me 5 years ago 😅 But good for those that still haven't played the game, I guess.
  7. To be honest... I'm not sure the original even needed a remake in the first place. The game still holds pretty well even today. Maybe a port with enhanced graphics, but not really a remake. Actually, most (good) PS2-era games at best need some slight graphical polish, but not really full-on remakes. What was good back then is still mostly good now.
  8. I personally would rather know exactly how much is coming out of my pocket instead of having to make math every time I purchase something just to know exactly how much is going into the government's hands, but that's just me.
  9. I was already planning on playing SM64 anyway (never did), so this was the perfect opportunity for me. Fortunately there seems to be no shortage of units, at least here in Portugal. Managed to pre-order a copy just fine. Still think a limited release, let alone a limited digital release is fucking ludicrous. If there's demand, why not just sell more? This benefits no one but the scalpers.
  10. I don't know exactly how they did it, but they managed to make me like this long of an American TV Show for all this time. Sure, the show has had its ups and downs, but I think I managed to like it for its entire run. That said, everything has gotta end sometime and 15 seasons is more than enough. The longer something continues, the more likely it is it'll decrease in quality. Carry on, my wayward sons. Maybe this time you'll finally be done and there'll be peace.
  11. That would imply rights holders finally getting rid of the stick up their asses.
  12. I just play one game at a time. I like it better that way anyway.
  13. There's a digital version of Persona 3 for the PS3, if you still have one. As for Persona 4... you'll either have to get Golden for the Vita or the original for the PS2. Golden is out now on Steam as well, actually. I have a feeling that releasing Golden on Steam was just a testing of the waters. We might just see ports of P3 and P4 sooner or later on the PS4/PS5, maybe even a P3 remake!