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  1. can someone tell me why my game icon is different than the one on this site or PSNTL ?
  2. it's the standard edition :/
  3. Just got the platinum Save file says: 80h 02m Here's my setup: ( X = used job) ICHIBAN Freelancer 30 Weapon: Legendary Hero's Bat EX +4 Hero 99 X Head: Quixotic Helmet Bodyguard 33 Body: Quixotic Armor Host 32 Legs: Quixotic Greaves Breaker 32 Accessories: Foreman 30 Dragon's Binding Musician 32 Sacrifice Stone Chef 32 Enforcer 52 Fortuneteller 33 SAEKO Barmaid 99 Weapon: Celestial Microphone EX Hostess 30 Head: Dragonhelm Idol 99 X Body: Dragon Kinagashi Night Queen 35 Legs: Dragon Boots Dealer 33 Accessories: Gallant Binding Gallant Binding JOON-GI HAN Hitman 99 Weapon: Snow Sapphire Wine EX +1 Host 99 X Head: Dragonhelm Breaker 30 Body: Dragon Kinagashi Enforcer 30 Legs: Dragon Boots Fortuneteller 32 Accessories: Dragon's Binding Eye of the Dragon ZHAO Gangster 99 X Weapon: Curved Crystal Saber EX +3 Chef 30 Head: Cyber Helmet Fortuneteller 33 Body: Cyber Armor Foreman 30 Legs: Illegal Boots Enforcer 30 Accessories: Kongo Chainmail War God's Keystone
  4. I was on 1.04 & yes it only counts when the box is empty
  5. thank you so much for your explanation 🎯⭐
  6. but the trophy guide for the ps3 says you can still play them in premium adventure? shouldnt the ps4 substories also be playable in premium adventure? CyricZ's guide for the PS4 version does not mention any missable substories
  7. are there missable trophies/substories?
  8. i did this yesterday and it worked
  9. Finally All 38 Time Trials are on my YouTube channel: Link
  10. the riding sections & the last 7 levels, especially toxic tunnels because it takes like 13 minutes to finish it.
  11. last 4 levels left... ☠
  12. definitely the hardest level so far... glad I'm done with it ! Only the last 11 levels / 3 dimensions left 😅 Edit: got the next level on my third try... 🤐
  13. Dino Dash: 1:35.70
  14. use the triple spin / circle + square everytime you can, destroy every time crate, use every shortcut & practice, practice, practice. I started doing them yesterday and now finished with the 3rd dimension. if you want you can check out my videos: Link