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  1. PETMAN3000 Grand Theft Auto V • Reason: Too many trophies earned close together Grand Theft Auto V (PS4) Hello, I am shocked to see this report... I got the GTA V platinum on PS3 first and when it released on PS4 I automatically got some/many multiplayer trophies as soon as I started GTA Online. I didn't do any hacking or cheating, thats ridiculous. I am sure I'm not the only person who got these trophies together (because of the PS3 Version) Please remove this flag Here you can see someone elses Profile: As you can see he also achieved several trophies in short time because he got them on PS3 already
  2. It's because they (sony) use cheap thermal paste (unfortunately) and of course some AAA games just are loud. let's hope the PS5 will be better like they said
  3. Then you really should change your thermal paste. Mine only got loud in last of us 2, god of war, days gone & modern warfare 2
  4. worked for me (playing on my second PSN Account: PETMAN2000)
  5. thanks man, worked for me (playing it on my second account PETMAN2000)
  6. It's actually a Torx T8H screwdriver
  7. I recently changed mine :/
  8. Am I the only one ? My console is loud when playing ... especially when playing the third mission "Cliffhanger" (snow/ice mountain)
  9. same here
  10. thank you 😁
  11. you are not alone.. some profiles are private. dont know why..
  12. It's fixed.
  13. FML ... UPDATE: i finally beat her
  14. Hey guys, i have a problem with the overall stars that is shown on the upper right corner below your PSN ID. I havent played this game for 10 years, back then i gained some stars. But now after replaying it in 2020 and gaining some stars from the DLC I recognized the game isn't giving/displaying my overall stars right... On the left level list i counted 29 stars but the game says i have 20.. (offline its saying 16 stars) How can i fix this? EDIT: ok, i think the game or online servers are kinda broken.. now it shows i have 4 stars... WTF?! proof