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  1. i can confirm you only need to complete the first 4 missions for the trophy. "safeguard" is not needed
  2. LBP 3
  4. i've completed my second playthrough and i've collected every magazine (all 46) and the trophy for it didn't unlock... neither did the others that are still left missing trophies that didn't pop edit: figured out that playing via chapter select (no save mode) and quitting to main menu after doing the requirements for the trophy unlocks them... 😒
  5. on your and my list the games moved between april and may 2017... 🤔
  6. i've borrowed my ps4 to a friend, he played with my account. he had it from 20th april 2017 til august 2017
  7. hello guys, maybe someone can tell me why 2 of my games (fifa 14 & batman arkham knight) have moved up on my list, but i havent earned a trophy in the games? look on my profile... for example: i earned the platinum for FIFA14 on 19th september 2014 but it moved to april/may 2017 on my list.
  8. hey, can someone help me with the online trophies, please ?
  9. PETMAN3000 FIFA 09 i swear to god, i dont remember how i got this trophy. but i can assure you that i have never used any cheats/glitches. i dont even know how to use them to be honestly. i am a legit trophy hunter. have a nice day
  10. Can someone add me and help me getting the trophy "Numero Uno" ? ID: PETMAN3000