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  1. Do you guys think Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth will have trophies?
  2. ok... deleting the game and reinstalling solved the problem.. trophy popped instantly
  3. this happened to me, too. but with fifa 14 i have not played playstation from april 2017 until february 2019 but fifa 14 appeared there for no reason.. it's an PSN error
  4. i am having a hard time unlocking the trophy FULLY PROTECTED, it does not unlock.. i have the same stats like the guide and collected everything in this game.. 7 extra hearts after death (7 collectibles) 6% chance to avoid damage (6 collectibles) 100% freeze resist (4 collectibles) 4 reduced seconds of bottle cooldown (4 collectibles) loot magnet (1 collectible) reduced damage knockback time (1 collectible) after the credits it says i have 22/23 Armor Augmentations can someone help? i think it glitched on me
  5. please update trophy thumbnail/cover for SLIPSTREAM
  6. how many main missions and side missions are there in this DLC? and how long does it take to 100% the DLC with this method?
  7. not cool 😑
  8. can you enable it when ray tracing is disabled?
  9. is it just me or is the high frame rate mode in RE2 120hz ?
  10. dont tell me the psplus collection version of re7 is not eligible for free ps5 upgrade
  11. damn, i rented (online order) this game yesterday (for 7 days) will arrive tomorrow. hope they fix it soon dont want to send it back with 80/90% trophies 😆
  12. Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 Approximate amount of time to platinum: 10-12 hours
  13. ps5 trophy list is online, ps4 not.. someone knows why?
  14. finallllly after almost 3 months
  15. I'd say yes 😒