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  1. Yes it works
  2. I know! I thought the trophy was glitched so I replayed the memory again so in the end I basically sat through 2 complete sittings of end credits lol, very annoying.
  3. Before you mortar shell your living room in anger like I nearly did this trophy requires you go through the entirety of the end credits (which is extremely long) so to those who finish the final memory and think they have a broken trophy...have patience
  4. Cheers man & I have tried that but I find it awkward becuase the moment I resume my game sometimes skips a frame so I always end up either stabbing my finger or not hitting anything at all..it just sucks becuase im having no problem with Nightmare difficulty but a lil minigame is preventing me from plat Thanks ill try and give it another shot Did you do the youtube method? just im struggling with that so I just do it the legit way and hope for the best lol
  5. Ok I officially give up on platting this.. this is the most tedious bullshit I have ever come across in a game seriously the last round on this is RIDICULOUS!!! not only is there No pattern whatsoever but it completely changes with every retry so I can't even master it!!! ARGGHHHH 6 hours for a f*cking bronze and I still cant do it
  6. TOOOOOOOO many but I just pre-orderd this https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ATkxa5XSD18
  7. according to my trophy card sly 2 is my fastest (2days, 6 hours) but I had played Hotline Miami a while back but never really got the jist of it but I recently started it from scratch and platted it in under 6 hours
  8. Hotline Miami Platinum #27 One of the most awesome tedious games I have played, the sheer amount of blood & gore squirting all over that tv screen is just...orgasmic!! 9/10
  9. Final Fantasy 7 Resident evil 1 & 2 Resident evil Remake Dino Crisis Spyro 3 Cod 2 The Simpsons Hit & Run Destroy all Humans 007 Nightfire Star wars BF2 Bully GTA Vice City GTA 3 GTA San andreas Manhunt