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  1. This right here is what has destroyed trophy hunting community. Now a lot of high levelled (trophy wise) users have hundreds of these games and every single stack possible. Then once I see their profile, a thought runs through my head - do you even enjoy playing these games; or gaming in general. Those who earn 5 or 10 or even 100 platinums in a day - multiple times - through use of that kind of games, I kind of stopped looking at them as trophy hunters.
  2. Yes, I fully understand that some "easy" games definitely are worth playing, namely Telltale games and visual novels to name a few - which I do have on my profile because I wanted to play them. So there's definitely no pressure from me (or anyone for that matter), for just playing them. What I meant was if they are considered "easy", do we even need any guides for them, considering they can be completed in minutes. Also, I had a bad day on Friday so, so sorry if I came out condescending or anything. Also, I checked out your youtube channel and saw that you do trophy guides and gameplays for games, so I hope it will work out well for you
  3. Do these few minute platinum games even need a trophy guide? I don’t mean to pick on you specifically, but if people are buying games just for plats, then least they could do is get that 10min plat themselves. I’ve seen a 2min plat guide sometime ago and that was just absurd. Again, sorry if it sounds like I’m picking on you (I don’t mean to), its just these sort of things amaze me
  4. Thanks. I really liked it! The story isn't anything great, although it has some fun dialogue. Although the gameplay isn't anything amazing, it was really refreshing to play something like it. Mechanics are simple enough to learn quickly and having some patience will get you through it all easily. Although towards the end difficulty does spike up a bit. The atmosphere of the game is what really made me like it. Not worth the full £25 price (30$), so I was really happy to have bough it on a sale.
  5. Q - Quest Hunter And with that, my A-Z collection is complete 19/27 UR 3on3 Freestyle (UR) Amnesia Collection (UR) Bound by Flame (UR) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Dragon Ball FighterZ (UR) EA Sports UFC (UR) FIFA 16 (UR) God of War Hardware Rivals (UR) Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition (UR) Jump Force (UR) Killzone Shadow Fall (UR) Lumo (UR) Magicka 2 (UR) Need for Speed: Most Wanted Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty (UR) Prototype (UR) Rogue Legacy (UR) Quest Hunter Styx: Master of Shadows (UR) Trine 2: The Complete Story (UR) Until Dawn Vampyr WWE 2K15 (UR) XBlaze Code: Embryo Yesterday Origins Zombi (UR)
  6. Its mentioned in the OP post: Are there multiplayer Trophies? Are they still achievable? There is one Trophy for playing user-generated content which is 1/10 in difficulty and can be knocked out in 20 minutes if you're good at the game, plus three Trophies for playing each of the Sniper maps in co-op. Matchmaking is still online (despite the developer claiming months ago that it would be shut down - @themindisacity) and quite active, you'll need about half an hour to pop them which includes waiting for a partner to be matched with you. Again, 1/10 difficulty. I would focus on the Sniper stuff first so you can get it out of the way.
  7. OP did get the chest trophy just 1 day after opening this thread, so most likely there's some issues with game tracking the stats, best to either keep trying or wait for a patch
  8. Just a small update, completed letter J and V and finally upgraded my letter P to an Ultra Rare. Also finally got a game with letter Q, so my quest will be complete soon enough ^^ J - Jump Force (UR) P - Prototype (UR) V - Vampyr
  9. How many petitions such as this have worked in the past? As far as I know - zero - and I don't see a reason why this would be any different. While I'd love for it to happen, I just don't see it happening
  10. That's actually really cool, never knew that. Now all that we'd need to do is either let mods apply those messages as well, or allow people to send a "request" and mods allow / disallow it. PS: really loving your signature message
  11. And that would certainly flag that someone (the person who earned the trophies with custom server) on the system as illegitimate achiever IMO. Custom servers are almost same as hacking trophies; for example when people playing online get put into custom servers and unlock loads of trophies automatically (IIRC, some CoD, GTA V and RDR had them). Sure, some might get them by doing them legitimately, but there's no way to prove since servers were closed already, hence why custom servers are a no-no. It really depends on how it would be implemented. For example, the way I thought of, would be that game page just shows an additional text message, saying that some trophies are unobtainable (ignoring the fact if you have earned it or not). In regards to flagging illegitimate achievers, again, there's multiple ways of doing it, but I'd say that whoever checks the timestamps & flags users (idk what you call it...bot? or is it a human?), could look at the message displayed to see what trophies are unobtainable, then check who earned the trophies AFTER they became unobtainable and flag them then. I just thought this up on the fly, so there's most likely more that would need to be adjusted / added etc. but just my thoughts on the topic ☺
  12. Yes, I think that'd be a nice feature. In addition to that, maybe even create a small disclaimer ("heads up" text message) on game's actual page, saying something like "Servers closed, MP trophies unavailable" ? It might need to be done on each page separately, but the members of community could report unobtainable plats (or I think there's a thread about them already), so mods wouldn't spend a lot of time looking for those games.
  13. Guys, the trophy isn't meant to be earned by everyone. It stays at the current rarity because its actually difficult to do and your "average player" might not be skilled enough to do it, period. World doesn't work like we all would want to and we just have to accept that this game DOES and WILL continue to have a HARD trophy. If your that desperate for more trophies/platinums, you can literally buy games that can be completed in minutes. Point being that this trophy is fine as it is - hard and not for everyone to be earned.
  14. I never had any difficulties with this game, didn't crash at all for me even when I played it on release.
  15. Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition unless you really love to see yourself lose hundreds of times (+ VERY time consuming)