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  1. Definitely try Outlast, while its a different genre, it still is one of the best indie games that I played on ps4
  2. Willing to play a game from every region just to get all the trophies
  3. haven't played it myself, but just thinkning maybe some people disliked the game or something... trophy-wise, the rarest trophy which requires to s-rank all side missions seems to be the hardest/longest. take a look at the trophy guide over at playstationtrophies to see a detailed guide it rates this game 6/10 difficulty with 25-50 hours of time required
  4. god I hate perma-death modes...

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      I don't know. I can understand why people don't like it, but there's  a certain rush i get when i play for all, or nothing. 

    3. PooPooBlast


      I just got max Payne 3 flashbacks *shudders*

    4. Scorpions444


      yeah, i get the rush as well, however those situationts raise my heart beat very much (a lot on stakes :D ) and that makes me make mistakes 🙈

  5. In the past played SteamWorld Dig on my alt account, thought the game was cool, but I'd never 100% due to the tough gold trophy. 5 years later feeling such an accomplishment after 100%ing this game on both vita and ps4... feelin amazing

  6. aww, the title sounds depressing I can be your friend to answer the question, even if you couldn't get it with "friends" you can always get all online stuff with randoms
  7. Rogue Legacy if playing solo - when you die, you choose a new hero to play with in a different castle (layout is changed). overall, the game is difficult but then add in remix bosses and it becomes very difficult (and more rewarding when you beat them). Magicka 2 if playing coop - really fun game, great atmosphere throughout and amazing when played in coop. It can be very difficult on higher difficulties and especially on trials.
  8. Driveclub - 2 Years 2 Weeks wanted to finish up all of the DLC's first before getting platinum - in the end got all DLCs except two, after seeing how 1 race was literally impossible (for me) I just decided to call it quits... forgot about the game for a long time as well, then remembered it and platted it (not 100% tho)
  9. Everybody's Gone To The Rapture and Ether One come to mind... basically any slow paced walking simulator that doesn't have any proper "gameplay" is stories that bad / boring ? was thinking of doing it soon
  10. completed first episode of broken sword but didn't get 1 story related trophy which is almost at end of the game.... time to replay the game i guess 😒

    1. Durandal


      You mean "The Mystery Deepens"? I played the game recently and there wasn't a single trophy glitch.

    2. Scorpions444


      Nope, its the diamond geezer... checked trophy guide and it does say it glitches on some people, and silly me forgot to make alt save 

    3. Durandal


      Ahh, sorry to hear that. Well at least that location isn't that far into the first episode. Enjoy Nico and George, again. :)

  11. agree 100% - doesn't matter what they give, most of the people will cry over it, regardless of how good/bad it is. personally, I don't mind this months offerings, MUCH better than before, when it was indie games only
  12. Assassins Creed Syndicate - decided to get and plat this to bring up the completion and enjoy some AC action ( I like them games :D ).  completed up to sequence 3 and with that shooting-grappling hook it feels as if I'm playing spiderman O_O    slinging from atop of 1 roof to another and air-killing others

    1. MidnightDragon


      Screamed more Batman to me. :P

    2. Scorpions444


      I'm a spidey > bats guy :D

  13. Whats your favourite detroit become human's MC - Connor, Kara or Markus? Connor for me 

    1. LucianaRosethorn


      Conner for me as well, the other two stories don't matter and are pointless in the end. Kara's just angers me xD

    2. Angel


      From a gameplay and story point of view, I really loved Connor by far.

      Now if I had to decide between the actors who played them, that's tough! Both Jesse and Bryan play as their characters well and are both so handsome.😊

  14. Will binge play detroit:become human.... just in the mood to play something serious with good storyline, hope I wont be disappointed 

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    2. Scorpions444


      finished the story and to be honest build up was quite interesting but the ending wasn't good... 7/10 for the game overall (connor+hank = the best characters in the game)

    3. LucianaRosethorn


      Yeah the start was great but god the ending was awful, its kinda a running theme with David Cage games. They're getting better slowly but definitely not worth all the hype around each game which comes out.

    4. Scorpions444


      While im not familiar with David Cage's games, I wouldn't mind playing something of his other titles to see how his other games compare to DBH 

  15. is Detroit good ? just finished God of War and have been thinking of starting detroit, tho not entirely sure if I should go for detroit or some other shorter games #AskingForAFriend