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  1. Ouh, ok. Gonna check then. Thanks. I have check a few guides and it seems quite annoying to complete. Should I start with Lord of the Light Campaign instead?
  2. Hi! Im confused about this trophy, because i don't see how to start this mission. I don't see the icon anywhere on the map. So far, I just get the platinum trophy for the main game, and all the trophies except this one from from Lord of the Hunt.
  3. Nothing. In Argentina it will be almost unbuyable (price x dollar conversion + 30% taxes + sellers percent). Besides, have tons of PS4 and PS3 games to play.
  4. I guess I´ll leave GT Sport a few Month to get all the trophies for DC.
  5. Really? Didnt know its tied to the online service.
  6. I've played the AC7 VR mode and its awesome. Too bad that its a separate campaign, with only 3 missions (plus a prologue and epilogue, which are mostly mission briefings), but missions are simpler than the ones during the campaign mode. We can hope to receive more content for the VR mode in AC7, because so far, everybody seems to like it a lot. About motion sickness or else, I only feel the typical stress for playing to much on the VR (its recommended NOT to play more than 1.5 hours with it), but I don't get sick on planes or boats (when go to fishing), but my brother got sick playing one mission, and he usually get sick and dizziness. Too bad for him, I feel literally in heaven, but seems it dependes on each one.
  7. The last physical version of IKARUGA was for the Ninteno Gamecube. Since then, the XBLA, PC and NesSwitch dont have a physical copy of it. Dreamcast version still rulez!
  8. No frikin way i'm gonna get the platinum trophy for this game, but still love it.
  9. The hardest trophy without a doubt. Good luck players.
  10. No idea how hard the platinum trophy can be. Also thinking on buying from the store.
  11. Started to play a few days ago. I like it so far. And more content is on the way.
  12. Thanks for the Help. and yes, I started the game and so far I've been playing for something like 4 to 6 hours top. I' m kind of lost in the game. The objectives are not very clear, and something happened that I registered the name of one zone (Farmering Plains, because I used it to farm some emeril), but now the register is not listed anywhere in the record list of the game. Not sure if it dissapear or what. The point is that I wanted to return to that base, but I cant find the way to it. Also, I cant find the way to the first planet I visited in order to scans all the species of the planet and get the trophy for it. Im taking note of your advices. Thanks to everyone here.
  13. Thanks. I just get to my 4th planet, and still a little lost about how to progress in the game. The lack of space form farming resources is anoying, and yet i dont get how the bases work (what to build and where). So far, I´ve been farming Emeril at near one post, and I´m adding 250,000 credits on each round of about 15 minutes farming it. But still not sure what is my next step. The Record says something like Go outside the solar system, and I have no idea where is it, only where is the next planet. Also, it seems that i cannot go back to the first planet i visited in order to scan all the local species. So far, I liked the game but its easy to get lost in it, and almost stuck at times.
  14. Hi, Does the Infinite Money Glitch works for version 1.24 of the game? The ships are really expensive and I want to buy one that cost 17.500.000 Credits. Thanks.
  15. So far, Im at 32000 CR. Will wait for a few days more.