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  1. And now, i'll never touch Breach again! It wasn't that hard but just boring as hell. i hope they won't release Breach DLC with Trophies
  2. you get a Ghost Bonus before the elevator. I don't think there is a Ghost Bonus for the last part of the mission. i also tried it several times. Fully cloaked and silenced from start to beginning without letting the cloak off. Also didn't get the Bonus. must be save.
  3. best update since heists. Love it
  4. really don't know what to do. After the ME3 Ending i told myself to never buy a Bioware Game again... Seeing Andromeda... i don't know. On the plus side, this time Casey Hudson is not involved.
  5. Yes! Just got the Never Look Back and Invisible Inc. Trophy Does anybody know if i can play the Endless Modes with Rewinds Set to 99 or will that void the Trophies? What Agents are you all playing with? I always choose Derek (cloaking) and Banks (open Security Doors) but i always hope that i get the chance to rescue International because her wireless hacking ability is also very good.
  6. i'm currently at the last Level on Expert without rewinds. i really love this game but still not sure if i could get the Plat. but i'm already further than I thought
  7. (posted the same thing at PStrophies...) i made a backup after my first PT and just copied it back to my PS4 Got 28 Treasures on my first PT according to the Statistics but 29 of them under the Treasures Tap. So i tried to get all of the 29 again. Started randomly selecting Chapters but after 2 or 3 i thought, start at the beginning. So i came to the 2nd available Treasure The Navaja Folding Knife, i got the First Treasure Trophy there BUT now it isn't there anymore!
  8. In chapter select i got every Treasure and all other collectibles. i don't know if i will wait for a patch or play the whole game again. i really don't want to play it again...
  9. 97% i hate that! 1 treasure away from Platinum
  10. So i collected every Treasure but Statistic says 108/109.
  11. wasn't able to get out of there alive so i retired my agency and started new. But i got Shalem 11 and Banks. Started a new Game with Decker and Banks and just rescued International. Now i'm back to Uncharted but i really see myself playing this game for a looooong time.
  12. endless mode... already struggling on beginner came to this on 3 Days/ 15 hours. i was able to free the Agent and one already left the Building but now i'm cornered
  13. this game is really hard, even on Beginner. Just reached the second day but all my three Agents are still alive. I started with Decker and Olivia and freed third one on my second Mission. Now i'm going on another rescue Mission. i wonder why there are so few players. Only 364 on PSNP an no one got the Platinum till now. Maybe people don't buy it because of the hard to get Trophies?!
  14. The Dark Soul Really great Game but i think for me, Dark Souls I still hold first place. Maybe because it was my first Souls Game... that was something completely new to me and therefore special. Also the drop rates of some items, looking at you Proof of a Concord Kept, are ridiculous and it was not funny farming them.
  15. Dark Souls III Deus Ex: Mankind Devided