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  1. That first one is actually some good advice.
  2. 2 minutes? I'm out. Thats way too long for a Platinum. Give me the 40 second ones back.
  3. You can just do all trophies in under an hour with chapter select. Only one that would pop automatically would probably be the miniganes one.
  4. Why do you guys think the trophy not autopopping is a bug and should be "fixed"? If you really want the Platinum that bad just redo the trophies. Developers don't owe you a free Platinum.
  5. Too bad snatcher steals your hat But still very doable in assist PC you had to do these with 1 health apparently
  6. Fuck this trophy in particular 



    1. BRKs_Eagle


      Fuck trophies, amirite? Why were they even invented? Only nerds go after them. 



    2. ihadalifeb4this



  7. Time stop hat + stand still to heal
  8. This is basically the game to hold us over until Isaac Repentance. This game is just Isaac but mine themed and I love it.
  9. Still, there are so many, they are not fun, and not being able to retry/exit if you fail one is ridiculous. Also here's my thoughts on how to make the game better.
  10. Thats good, but still the balan bouts exist. Probably the worst thing I've encountered in a game in years.
  11. Wrote up a little thing about Balan Wonderland. Do not play this game, especially if you're gonna attempt Platinum. 



  12. Honestly I was gonna go for the Platinum Until I realized there's 48 BALAN BOUTS! Balan Bouts are QTEs challenges and if you miss even one perfect you have to let it play out, leave level, reenter level, go to challenge again and retry. You can not exit them and you cannot retry them. By far the worst part of the game. They add absolutely nothing. Edit: the awful sports mini games apparently have statues... (I couldn't perfect any of them)
  13. I just wanna play it takes two tonight :(


    Was gonna try to do PS4/PS5 stacks but can't find anyone to play with tonight 



    1. DaisyVilla102


      Was going to start it up but it's got that big ol' update to do first.

    2. aZombieDictator


      Message if you wanna play

  14. There's more than just the dragon costume without jumps. I'm on chapter 7 now and oh boy... What's weird is the game has no glitches, errors, audio or visuals bugs BUT the game design is awful. The biggest issues being the costumes of course. If they had a dedicated jump button it would be loads better. But nah can't afford to make one of the 6 jump/abilities buttons into a dedicated jump or ability button, gotta keep that simple design (that makes things way more complicated) Level design is atrocious as well and there's no tutorial on costume room or storing costumes. I couldn't even 100% level 1-1 until reaching chapter 6 then storing a costume from there and going back.