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  1. How? Are you a big streamer or something? Or did you open like a 1000 tabs on computer for it?
  2. In jackbox you basically have the main players, then anyone else that loads in is the audience and it shows a counter on the screen of how many audience members you have. Really bad wording if the trophy means something else.
  3. Get your 1,000 phones out! Even a 100 audience would be insane, but 1,000? I know jackbox and who cares about jackbox trophies, but someone actually sat there and thought that was an ok trophy to add and others let it get through. I've played 7 and I'm lucky to even get enough people to start the game, just imagine getting 1,000...
  4. If you back out right about when you're about to die, it does not void it.
  5. For the no death world can you back out if you're about to die or upload to cloud between levels?
  6. I completed the ufo quest and right after squirrel quest spawned. Seems you can't have two active quests in the park at once??? Idk
  7. My trophies popped when I went to base. Played got a few hours almost clearing act 1, extremely confused why no trophies popped. As soon as I went back to base 9 trophies popped.
  8. I have 55 squirrles and the quest won't spawn...
  9. I was playing online with bots yesterday cause everyone left me and no one joined.
  10. Wait the AI is actually good?... Was playing on recruit last night and they sucked ass
  11. Fun fact: If you play in single player mode all the cards are already unlocked. So you can basically play around with whatever you want before you jump into online, see what cards you like most and what not. In multiplayer you have to unlock them all with the supply points. Also you can set your online game to private, play solo and get trophies that way.
  12. I turned on friendly fire and let them kill eachother
  13. Yeah I automatically assumed there was a NG+ when I started and saw the locked difficulty. They really should have had that unlocked since there is no NG+...
  14. He'll probably patch it. He know his games are only bought for the trophies. Surprising he'd drop one with them glitched, but he's already making more sales cause this is a re release. He just separated the game from the bundle and is reselling.