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  1. Ok so the omnes pro didn't unlock either. Unlocked all family traits and nothing.
  2. Did anyone else not unlock this one trophy? I've been grinding my ass off trying to finish this Platinum and just now realized it seems like I'm missing a story related trophy... Has this happened to anyone else? And I guess this is it. Platinum is a failure because no way I'm replaying to that point after spending this much time in the game.
  3. Nice. I still don't wanna attempt it again.
  4. The impossible lair is absolutely bullshit. Broken hit boxes, bad mechanics, losing 3+ bees for 1 mistake, no checkpoints, 20+ minutes of pure hell and the game doesn't get you ready for it. I went through the whole game, got my 48 bees and had a wonderful time and thought I'd be able to handle the final level but oh no. The Impossible Lair is the equivalent of playing a Mario game than a kaizo level being the final level. I gave up because it's not worth the frustration but if they ever patch it I'll try again. They mentioned possibly doing something in a Twitter post. Doesn't bother me I can't do it, or that I won't just shelfed the game and moved on. Then he'll hit you with a wonky ass broken hitbox, that staff is bullshit.
  5. They must not realize trophy hunters exist. Adding plats would increase sales, not my much but more trophy hunters would buy their games. Like you can see they're gonna lose sales form people here cause no Plat. I'll still get it though.
  6. Can some please explain how Racing with Ryan has a Platinum but Garfield Kart doesn't? I fully expected a Plat and full list for this game but nope. Even Meow Motors has a Platinum. How do they skimp out on one with Garfield Kart, the superior racing game?
  7. Please tell me someone else is getting this. I need a co op partner.
  8. Missed the opportunity to call this "Death Understranding"
  9. Use celestail. I leveled mine up to 200% damage and he died in two casts of it. That spell is broken.
  10. The only hard parts of the game is playing as Lost, Greed, and fighting Delirium or Hush. (You can't be OP in those fights which really sucks) The game can be super easy if you get god tier items as well, or you can get stuck with garbage and then it becomes hard.
  11. Exactly! That's my thought. The game mechanics make literally no sense for boss fights. I knew they were in the game but didn't imagine they'd be this bad. Main reason is basically one hit and you're gone. Any boss fight where one hit kills you is a bad boss.
  12. That blows... I don't know what they were thinking when they thought to add bosses at the end of worlds. I struggled with the 2nd one even. Fly past the courses easily but when bosses are in play, just fuck you.
  13. I gave up already... Love monkeyball but I can't stand these boss fights. Unless there's a trick to the third boss I'm not getting past it Game looks and sounds great though.
  14. I'm not talking about the Plat, I'm talking about the game. How people are talking here is basically saying a trophy list can effect how good/bad the actual game is.
  15. Are people really devaluing this collection because it's a 30 minute Plat?... Why would you spend $30 on this in the first place if you're just wanting a quick plat? Just because the game allows you to easily get all the trophies doesn't devalue it. If you play the game without cheating you'd get your $30 worth for sure. Judging a game entirely based on how short or easy the Plat is is just stupid.