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  1. Well I see why I gave up in rogue company now...


    That all in the family trophy is so dumb. Been trying to find groups and no one is willing to play.

  2. Well the accounts were odd because CFW people usually pop a ton, not one specific one and the other stuff didn't seem that fishy
  3. Is there a general trophy guide for this yet?
  4. Wonder if those other guys got flagged for getting it while unobtainable, still wonder how they did it.
  5. Throw the whole account away. And give your consoles a better home where they're allowed to play good games.
  6. Nothing missable, everything can be done on newcomer difficulty. Such a wonderful game.
  7. I missed Jake then Edit: I did get him, trophies weren't updated so didn't realize. Also thanks for the tips
  8. Where's Jake? I don't think I met him yet? And dark witch? Or they come naturally?
  9. So after I do the 5 gems and hearts thing, everything else is unmissable for plat?
  10. Sounds like a typical east asia soft game
  11. Its level 3 then? Not level 2? It showed on the game goblin caves is chapter 3
  12. Oh I was at a different shop, haven't been to that area yet
  13. How is east asia soft so good as publishing the buggiest worst games ever...


    Everytime i buy one they are just awful to play. But I guess that's what you get for a $5 game.