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  1. Starting to finally stack up games that will be 1 trophy from Platinum for when September comes and I get my 300th Plat.


    People are gonna be so annoyed when they look at my profile. So many games will be 1 trophy from Plat while I'm so close to 300. I'll probably jump from 298 to 310 in September if I get enough games set up.

    1. aZombieDictator


      Current games 1 trophy from Plat

      >Trover Saves the Universe

      >Ultra Despair Girls

      >Sea of Solutide


      Games that I'm gonna set up shortly to be 1 away

      >Game Tengoku 

      >Devious Dungeon

      >Briks 2


      Unsure what I'll set up to be 1 away after those. 

  2. I think I broke my 600+ day trophy streak. I'm so unbelievably upset right now. All that time and making sure I do a trophy a day I somehow messed up and missed getting ome yesterday. I know they don't really matter much but it was special to me and now I lost it. I worked so hard on this streak and now it's just gone.

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    2. TheYuriG


      True Trophies will know

    3. DaisyVilla102


      Back when I had time to play every day, I had to remove the trophy streak stat from my homepage on TT, because it was so frustrating for me.  I could get a trophy every evening, but if 24 hours and one stupid minute passed from the last time I earned a trophy to the next, the streak was broken. :shakefist:

      That said, I would never have gotten close to a 600 day-streak, even with a margin of error, so I'm really impressed, @aZombieDictator!

    4. aZombieDictator


      Thanks! I have a 624 day streak then a separate 500 day streak 

  3. Done!



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    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. ArmoredSnowman


      Gratz, I still need to try out my Darksiders 1 game, though I'm wary of the multiple missables. :S 

    4. aZombieDictator


      I don't remember missables being much of a problem in 1. Just make sure you have a guide and know what's missable before you start. The Darksiders series is amazing 

  4. Trying to figure out what to stream tonight. 



    1. ArmoredSnowman


      Lego DC Super Villains > Leg Batman 3 hands down, imo. 

    2. aZombieDictator


      I just got it in the mail yesterday! Looks really cool, but I have 7% trophies in lego batman >->

  5. Does anyone know if the Atlantis 2 and 3 DLCs in Assassin's Creed Odyssey have missable trophies? Doesn't look like it at least.

  6. No idea why, but I got a sudden urge to play the lego games. I just bought DC super villains and the lego marvel trilogy for $35 because they were on prime day sales.



    1. lordguwa


      all of the listed are easy plats. just time consuming especially for collectibles.

    2. Phoenix_argentea


      Most of them are fun, and pefrect after long and challenging platinums, since they aren't difficult and you don't have to worry about anything (except stupid glitches and bugs which can mess up the platinum trophy, like the famous LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4).

    3. aZombieDictator


      Yeah not hard, just silly fun.

  7. The same month as Borderlands 3 and Destiny Shadowkeep of course. Busy month.
  8. How? This is an older fromsoft game from 2004 that only released in Japan and it's finally getting a Western release. You play as the POTUS and it's definitely not an asset flip. I'm so hyped, also there will be physical copies for it. Gamestop has them for sale now and special reserve will have them later.
  9. Has anyone bought streets of rogue? I need a co op partner to hunt trophies with in it.

    1. DaisyVilla102


      Looks like another fun game that I'll suck at :) Good luck finding a partner who is good at it!

    2. MidnightDragon


      What is it exactly?

    3. aZombieDictator
  10. Working on my twitch emotes so I made a poll for anyone that wants to vote for my first emote! Whichever ones don't win, will still be made eventually of course.



  11. Just bought a PS2, never actually owned one before.



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    2. aZombieDictator


      Yea some of these older sports game were actually pretty good, especially compared to the ones of today 

    3. Hemiak


      Time splitters 2 such a good game. 

    4. ee28max


      Nice! If this was the case here, there'd be so many critics. I still have some games I have to go back to and finish them. 

      For now I recommend Shadow The Hedgehog, Crash: Tag Team Racing and MARVEL Super Hero Squad (if you can find them). 


      I also agree that the older sports games were really good and better than those of today.

  12. Ratalaika would just add a cheat code that skips to the end of the game if beating it was required.
  13. Just beat Judgment and this game is an absolute masterpiece. I'm so happy right now that ending was one of the best endings I've ever experienced and one of the greatest stories in gaming. Ryu Ga Gotoku studios is so damn good at making an amazing story with good writing. This is definitely gonna be me game of the year. I really hope more people get a chance to experience it.

    1. PooPooBlast


      You're getting me excited over here! Can't wait to try the game. All the Yakuza games I've played had an incredible story and I'm happy to hear it's the same case here. 

    2. aZombieDictator


      I'd say it's even better than the Yakuza story. Playing as an actual detective makes it a lot more intense.


      I just hope there's a sequel and we get more courtroom scenes.


      I would not complain if we got like 6 Judgment sequels.

  14. The Octopus Boss fight in the Messenger is harder than the entirety of the base game. I can't even get past it. I rage quit and deleted the game. I wanted more Messenger not surfing bullshit.

  15. Trying to get the final few trophies in ultra Despair girls and the shop trophies are so stupid. I gathered what I thought was enough coins for all the bullets, so I go all the way through a chapter to get to the shop. But I was a few short, so now I have to go back to chapter 1, get more coins, then play through the chapter all over again to just reach the shop.


    Why is reaching a shop so dumb in this game? There's a shop in the menu to buy extra stuff, but to get to the upgrade shop you have to traverse through half a chapter.


    Just let me spend my dang monocoins.