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  1. I'm only about 3 hours in, really liking the game so far. But does anyone know if there's any missables? I wanna get everything in one playthrough since the game seems like it's gonna be pretty long. I'm making lots of alternates saves at least.
  2. If you used the hyperbolic time chamber from Dragon Ball Z to trophy hunt would you get flagged because the time stamps would be absolutely crazy. Earning like 100 plats in figuratively one day. These are the real questions.

    1. Sir_Bee


      If the Hyperbolic Time Chamber were available to the public, then no.  If only a handful of gamers ever had access to it, then yes.  Easy.


      Reason being, the time stamps would not be crazy, they would be normal, because something like the HTC exists in this hypothetical universe.

  3. Nothing beats the Triumph Seal trophy in Destiny 2. That's the most time consuming trophy I've ever encountered in my nearly 17,000 trophies. I've been working on it for over 3 months now and I'm missing one item, but I have to wait 3 WEEKS for a CHANCE to get it. It's absolutely bullshit RNG can lock me out of a bronze trophy and 100% for several months, possibly even over a year if I'm that unlucky. Triumph seals were suppose to something skill based, but nope, they're basically entirely luck based and it's stupid. I currently have 600 hours in Destiny 2.
  4. Evil Within 2. Then I got the Resident Evil 5 Platinum a few days after.
  5. And this is why online only games suck. I really just wish when an online game ended they could have an offline only version. At least orcs must die 1 and 2 will still be around.
  6. If you think this is a good Metroidvania, go check out Timespinner. That's the best one imo recently.
  7. Well I just got to the SNES levels and holy shit they're brutal. I'm quitting for now AMD starting on something else. Levels are way too long for being able to be one hit by spikes you can barely see.
  8. When it's free to play, still won't be a "free" Platinum because it will cost 1,000+ hours of your time to achieve.
  9. I never planned to Platinum the game, I just bought it to have fun and I decided to see if that trophy does pop, and yep. Popped as soon as I landed. I wonder if Treyarch realized what they did or even care.
  10. I see. Hopefully someone will make an updated list.
  11. So apparently some of the fruit locations are different in this version or I'm just not finding where the fruits are. Tried finding fruits in robit wars and clives caverns but seemingly couldn't find them. So either I'm blind or locations are different.
  12. Here's the fruit guide. Also absolutely nothing is missable. You can respawn fruits/hidden gems with an option in the menus, I recommend turning it on immediately so you can work on super hardcore as you play. And for the time trophy just focus on beating all levels first then go back to ones you think you could complete faster. Double jump is at the end of the 3rd console and you can use that in the previous consoles to get better times. I'm about halfway through now, it's a very fun game, especially on Vita. I might even go for a double platinum in this game. Decent challenge and really cool platformer.
  13. I just bought this game for $16 and saw the cheats and was like what the fuck, guess I'll Platinum this game now. I bought it because I've been wanting to play it, had no intention to plat but now with cheats I'll do it. They're too fun not to use.
  14. Vita is absolutely amazing. I've used mine daily since I got one in 2013. If you like indie games and JRPGs it's perfect. People ragging on it most likely aren't into those types of games or don't bother to look into finding games for it.
  15. Theres definitely is, but with how low the drop rates are it would hardly make a difference. Also just got black talon after a month of no exotics! Got it from Kalli.