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  1. I keep trying amd every single time it feels 100% impossible... there's just no way... There's probably like 1 exact set path that works Whenever I get to the end there's not even enough stuff to pick up to get big enough to get the big fire it feels like
  2. Does anyone have a decent way to do this level because holy shit it's rage inducing and stressful. Got to big fire and it seems impossible.


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    2. Swotam


      Yeah, that's quite something isn't it... You know you're dealing with a high quality title when they can't spell 'though' correctly in their game description. 😂

    3. aZombieDictator


      Also the company literally being called "game achievements"

    4. Swotam


      They’ve actually got 30 “Stroke the …” games on PSN so they’re shoveling extra hard. 

  4. Huh???? What the heck logic is that Hollow knight is $15, so you're telling me stuff like that isn't a legitimate game? There's tons of $20 indies that are a lot better and well made than $60 games
  5. The game is incredible and I'm gonna keep recommending it. I've played 20 hours but I've yet to get the ground slam move though.
  6. It was a frozen eel on ice peaks area 1 that needed burp to break a wall.
  7. Currently only missing on secret weapon for plat. No idea where it is.
  8. What are the 5 secret weapons? I have 3/5, I know one is in the castle. Not sure what other one could be. Silver broom, golden hoe, bone, castle weapon, not sure what the last one is.
  9. Unless they plan on dropping a ton of stuff when game goes out of early access, it'll probably be 2+ years before the trophy becomes obtainable.
  10. It's so weird seeing legitimate $20+ games pop up with no plats. Franbow, this, and seen a few others. Honestly wouldn't be surprised is a AAA popped up with no plat.
  11. I've tried everything and I can't get it
  12. The story with this game is awful. The publishers screwed over the developer really bad. Basically digerati published a bad version of the game and proceeded to not pay the developers money owed for sales.
  13. I found someone on the dead island discord who didn't have the quest done and finished it up.
  14. Yeah so many people are telling me to just reload the game... like don't you think we tried that before? I'm currently trying to find someone in progress and literally no one is offering to help. Through discord and reddit. I guess everyone's just done the quest flawlessly except us.
  15. Happened to me too no plat for me