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  1. So many trophies! I really need to get back into the game. Also I really hope none of these trophies are timed events or missable.
  2. I'm getting it day one, ordered the collectors edition too. I got the Plats in the first two games (on PS4) and I'll do the same with this. Even if it's not that good, I know I'll have fun with it. I'll be streaming all my gameplay for it too.
  3. This thread here actually makes some really good points. It's not really a bad thing Sony is skipping.
  4. Anyone recommendations on what Vita games I should Platinum next? Preferably not something super difficult or time consuming.

    1. knoef_NL
    2. aZombieDictator


      That's not one of those one hour platinums right? Not looking for a quick plat.


      Also I have a physical copy of sir eats a lot lol

      Ok it looks interesting, it has a 3/5 stars on the PSN store so I'm kinda iffy now.

  5. As long as Devolver Digital is around at E3 it's all good. Just hopefully there will be a decent amount of Playstation announcements through out the year.
  6. Trophy list seems meh. Wish it was half and half. Half for playing other RPGs and half for making your own. But I can assure you this Platinum will take a minimum of 50 hours
  7. Still doesn't hold a candle to Dream Daddy.
  8. Just get a shit ton of healing items from the convenience store and switch it to easy mode if you're having the much trouble. No shame in doing that.
  9. Nice. I'm already double dipping, I have a physical copy for Switch too.
  10. Just made a video for it.
  11. Just a heads up but for the first month game is half off at $10 in the US. Definitely worth the $10 for this gem.
  12. Well fuck. The faction trophies were the worst part of Platinum in Fallout 4. Well 2nd worst only to the settlement trophy. I wonder how it will work in this game. Will we need 3 separate characters? I'm assuming saves are tied to online.
  13. Well that blows. I earned over $100 PSN store credit through the system. I really hope they'll do something else for trophy hunters, but doubtful. Give something to the legit trophy hunters, then the hackers will just abuse it. Doesn't help that Sony doesn't do anything about hacked accounts either.
  14. Look great, I hope there's no faction trophies or missables. So far doesn't look like it. Also hopefully we can grind the 20 kills in private servers if available or get them through killing the griefers.
  15. Just make it something meaningful to you. I did a Shovel Knight DLC trophy for my 10,000 (planned for Projects Diva plat as 10k, but accidentally popped it early) then Gal Gun Platinum for 15,00th just for the lols and trophy name/image. Just find a game meaningful or special to you and use that for milestones.