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  1. Just woke up and was gonna gonna play some more Days Gone.


    But there's a 12.8 gigabyte update...



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. aZombieDictator


      More like it's a huge fucking game and there's no way the play testers would be able to find every last problem.


      When a million people play the game over a few thousand of course new things are gonna be found. 


      I've luckily never had any glitches.

    3. panikooooos


      Keep defending shitty business practices and soon you'll have to buy a new hdd just to store updates for your 10/10 glitchless gem #just_saying

    4. Shinobi


      I personally think both of you are right to some extent.


      I'm personally in the middle. While I do believe a game should be properly play tested and not released with a plethora of bugs and glitches; I also believe it isn't realistic to expect a new game to come essentially bug free. Like @aZombieDictator mentioned, there is bound to be things discovered by the people that play the game post-launch that play testers didn't pick up as there is much more of them. But I do agree with @panikooooos that some games are a broken mess that should have been caught by the play testers.


      It honestly varies from game to game though. Some massive games have been released well polished (personally I would say Red Dead Redemption 2 is a good example from what I've experienced) and others have been released as barely playable messes that receive tons of large patches to repair itself (Haven't played it but Fallout 76 seems to have fit this bill).


      P.S: I can't speak for Days Gone specifically but I thought I would share my thoughts on patches and bugs/glitches in games. 

  2. I can't do ring or drift Checkpoint challenges for the life of me I haven't lost a race yet but I can't win any challenges.
  3. 17 trophies acquired in my first session of sonic team racing.


    This is gonna be one of those games that gives you nearly all trophies by just playing then have those last few be extremely difficult and time consuming ones huh?

  4. Team Sonic Racing is so fucking fun.





  5. Opening all these in about 20 minutes live.





    1. MidnightDragon


      Hopefully something good!

    2. aZombieDictator


      It was meh. 4 duplicate items 

  6. The Team Sonic Racing launch trailer is a national treasure. This is just great.



    1. MidnightDragon
    2. DaivRules


      That trailer felt longer than an episode of Red Dwarf...

    3. aZombieDictator


      Yes! I'll be playing and streaming it all night.


      Also the Jirard the Completionist cameo made me so happy, love seeing him get in an ad like that.

  7. So who else is getting Sonic Team Racing? I only payed like $32 for it and it seems people are really liking it. Well not the critics, but who cares what they think.


    I'll be streaming it all night probably starting around 6 PM Eastern tonight. If anyone catches me on there I'll play some races with you.



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. aZombieDictator


      I got it through Best Buy, currently at work but should be there when I get home.

    3. kidson2004


      I want to get it. Think I’ll do so this weekend. 

    4. aZombieDictator


      For $40 retail it's a steal, even if light on content there will be lots of replayability. 

  8. Critics gave Rage 2 a higher score than Days Gone. That is just crazy to me. Days Gone is a polished masterpiece with an amazing story and world, where rage is literally just good gameplay and nothing else matters. (Both still very fun games of course) If the Days Gone debacle didn't open your eyes to how bad reviewers are I don't know what to say. Also so many people missed out on Days Gone because they listed to critics. Also leaving this here because this is how a review should be done.
  9. Does anyone else here play like 20 games at a time and can easily swap between them all? I don't know if it's a skill I can play any game and immediately know how to play or something everyone can do.


    The trade off of me doing this is I'm not great at any game, I'm just ok at all of them.


    I don't have many ultra rares for a reason.

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Arctic Cress

      Arctic Cress

      Yes, I swap between a ton of games all the time. I'm pretty good at remembering which control scheme corresponds to which game so I don't have many problems, but I also play a lot of games where that doesn't matter at all (VNs, JRPGs, etc).


      This month is more of an anomaly for me as I've only gotten trophies in four different games.

    3. aZombieDictator
    4. Hemiak


      Usually 2 or 3 at once. No major issues readjusting. 

  10. Get 3 more. Then I'm good.
  11. So was just talking about how the quality control of trophies have dropped dramatically and that I just wished we could have 1 list per game and someone got super pissed at me. Just blew up completely. 


    I don't even understand. Am I not even allowed to talk about how I wish trophies could be changed without getting attacked?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Spaz


      I’m actually curious why they blew up on you.

    3. aZombieDictator


      Woah shovel knight has a second list? Never knew that, I got Plat and played DLC normally, never 100%ed because the work you have to do for those silver trophies is insane.


      Also yeah I can definitely see people getting mad especially the ones that love the 6 lists per game, how would they get so many plats if they couldn't plat the same games 6 times?

    4. TheYuriG


      Trophy hunting would be better overall for everyone without stacks. Experience games once for trophies and then move on. Everyone gets to spend their time playing new stuff and having new experiences. A lot less people would burnout that way.

  12. I got trophies in 18 different games this week. I really need to adapt to 1 game at a time then move on to next one.

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      Why fix it if it works?

  13. 18,000 Trophies. Haven't got a Platinum in over two weeks as well and that's ok.



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. DamagingRob


      I've gone two weeks without one, and it feels like I've been playing DQH forever. Lol. Congrats on the milestone!

    3. aZombieDictator
    4. ee28max


      Really amazing milestone 🏆

  14. Last of Us stream for a 200 follower special?