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  1. I didn't even think of the planet vendors because they're basically useless now.
  2. Its gonna take a long time regardless. I have like 950 legendary shards. Not too hard to get. Relying on RNG to complete the legendary sets would take longer and it's most likely not even possible with the new DLC. (minus the forsaken badge) But make sure you only buy fated engrams on one character so you can get all their armor too. There's about 19 exotics on each badge and you can get them all from Xur. I only have the legendary sets like half completed with over 200 hours of playtime so yeah.
  3. I'd say focus on Xur. Every Friday buy the fated engram and you should be able to get all exotics for the first two badges. I have the first two badges just from the exotics. Doing it with the legendary stuff is just pure RNG and would take way too long. I have like 200+ hours in the game though. So might still take a while.
  4. Wtf the second I opened his site I got a pop up virus thing... Also looks like I might just restart then. It's gonna be too stressful first time through on DO
  5. Looks like a great season pass and the Atlantis stuff looks really exciting. I already pre-ordered gold edition. Got a really good deal at Best Buy.
  6. Yeah the major problems are going to back campfire after stupid deaths (I jumped into a snake pit...) and the collectibles/no survival instincts. I wanna just blow through the difficulty and do collectibles post game or new game plus.
  7. It's brutal. I've been playing on it and oh have I made a mistake. I just came here to make a topic about tips on this mode. It's not your average hard mode. Every death kicks you all the way back to last campfire and no survival instincts at all. Just died twice at one segment and I have to take a break for now.
  8. Anyone that could do that Shrek chart is a God. I still can't believe someone took 100+ hours just to make a Shrek chart.
  9. I wonder if custom charts will be on PS4. I've seen so many cool songs on YouTube. Someone put some Queen songs in and they work so well, then apparently they're working on a Bohemian Rhapsody chart too. Also same guy who did that put the entire Shrek movie in beat saber. But I doubt the custom charts would be on PS4 release. But that'd be amazing if they were.
  10. So I change my opinion on this list. It's ascended higher than perfection after seeing this trophy.
  11. No challenge mode trophies No multiplayer trophies The two things that made other other two plats so tedious. This list is perfect.
  12. You're saying this on a website entirely focused around Playstation trophies...
  13. Is this the same exact thing just in chibi art style with lesser graphics? Or is the story shorter? World smaller?
  14. Lol this brought up again. I still haven't done it and I refuse to try again.