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  1. Holy shit my rank in here has dropped so much and I'm earning the same amount of trophies I usually do. I go from 192 country rank last month all the way up to 211 now. What the heck is going on? Did everyone wake up and Platinum all the Rataliaka and Powg games or something. 

    1. BlindMango


      Lol same with my rank, and I think you hit the nail on the head with the cause of it!



    2. Arctic Cress

      Arctic Cress

      Well, several POWGI and Ratalaika games are on sale right now, so that's probably a reason.

    3. aZombieDictator


      Well damn, probably. And yes endless trash lol.will it ever stop 

  2. When you're trying to raise your completion back up and games you never wanna play again keep getting DLC trophies...

    1. Shinobi


      *Cough* Warframe *Cough*

  3. So Remnant from the Ashes has a new tier of missable trophy.


    Basically the things you need for some trophies won't even spawn unless you reset your campaign and get lucky.


    Would the even be considered a missable though since it's not even in the game at the time? 


    I don't even know what you could classify these trophies. Maybe partially unobtainable if they don't spawn in your campaign?

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      I would say it's luck based trophy since it's obviously RNG. I'm curious how it works. Dose game decides what enemy/boss you get on start of every new game and locks it for that  playthrough? 

    2. aZombieDictator


      Pretty much. But you can reset anytime.


      Also trophies will not unlock in other people's games...

  4. Remnant from the Ashes is such an amazing game and after all the updates and added content it's only gonna get better.

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    2. DaisyVilla102


      I hope they get it sorted out soon! I've seen so many good things said about it; I'd like to see it do well across all platforms. :) 

    3. aZombieDictator


      The community seems pretty active too, even though it's pretty small.

    4. ZoutjeNL


      Looks like a great game! A game I would highly enjoy. Probably going to pick it up in the future. Glad you enjoy! 

  5. Just re bought Strange Brigade so I could have the season pass. Anyone need to go through DLC in that game?

  6. Why is it everytime I'm like "send me a message" people just add me and don't say anything. 


    It's so much easier to message me, helps me keep track of you, makes sending a party invite easier, gives me direction to why you added me, and I can easily communicate that way.


    You add me with a blank request I'm going to forget about you and we probably won't play together because of that. 


    I will tell you all times I'm available, I will give a heads up when I can play, I'll stick to all times I set up.


    Just please if you want to play something with me send me a message first.



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    2. aZombieDictator


      But they got time to send blank requests lol

    3. PSXtreme_
    4. aZombieDictator


      That's eveyone on PSN this week


  7. Does anyone refuse to look at their progress while grinding trophies. I'm working on the 500 elite kills for Diablo 3 and I'm just refusing to look at the progress because I don't wanna look at it and be like "I only did that much?!" Or "I still have the much left!?"


    I just prefer to mindlessly grind and not think about the progress.

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    2. BlackSquirrell1


      I meant refreshing the achievements/trophies in GTA V to see how many more kills I need to do or races I need....

    3. aZombieDictator


      Oh ok you said trophy list so thought you meant on PSN dashboards 

    4. JayDeLosDioses


      While grinding elites in Diablo 3 I just checked when starting the grind and after the first rift I did.

      I don´t need the exact number how many runs I need to do, but I like to get a feeling.

      Same with skeleton kills for the nechromancer.


      I like to imagine my grinds as unsorted mess I try to sort into shelves, because I can "see" my progress and it keeps me motivated. I´m weird :D

  8. Why am I still playing Dungeon Punks. Just reached new game plus and omg it's so unbalanced. 

    1. PSXtreme_


      I'm still playing The Corporate Machine on my PC...

      Image result for the corporate machine

      You'll be fine...

    2. aZombieDictator


      Anything is bette than dungeon punks 

  9. Bloodstained Stream! Progressing towards Platinum.


  10. >makes post about how annoying random blank friend requests are


    >gets 5 more of them 


    What did I do to get this sudden surge of requests?!

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    2. aZombieDictator


      So 15 different people trolling me lol, all different accounts that are clearly not affiliated with eachother. 

    3. BlindMango


      What if they send you a friend request and they type out the text "Blank friend request"? xD 

    4. aZombieDictator


      I would definitely accept that one 

  11. Rad stream at midnight (eastern time)




  12. Fuck yeah



  13. Why do people do this? It's so annoying.



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    2. AlchemistWer


      I have couple that say "from psnprofile" and... yeah, right what who are you? 😅

    3. DamagingRob


      Can confirm it won't completely stop them. Have close to 30 sitting there, that have piled up over the months/years. :P

    4. aZombieDictator


      I feel people just see big trophy number see like "I want him on my trophy list!"

      *be like 

  14. Was at country rank 194 last week now all the way up to 206.


    Can y'all stop playing Ratalaika and Powgi games for just 1 week lol

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    2. PooPooBlast


      You may have understood me correctly but I worded it in a confusing way. 


      So what I meant that you know how when you earn a trophy, you can see which ones you recently earnt on the what's new section and also which ones your friends earnt as well? That's what I'm talking about. They're automated and he's not posting them on purpose but because he stacks a crap ton of easy games, it's like a landmine going there trying to avoid his trophy pop-ups lol. 

    3. aZombieDictator


      Yeah I know what you mean. So the Rataliaka games cause even more obnoxious shit then just making the leaderboards dumb lol

    4. MidnightDragon


      @aZombieDictator Yea, not willing to do that very much. xD 

  15. Why is it so hard to find people to play games with? I just want 1 person to play Remnant from the Ashes with tomorrow night. Either no one is getting the game or eveyone has who they're playing with already.

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    2. DamagingRob


      Welcome to my world with FighterZ. :lol: Sometimes, it can take a long time to find someone.

    3. aZombieDictator
    4. Hemiak


      Good luck. Game looks good, but I won't pick it up until it's 20 bucks 

  16. Voting is still up!



    1. AlchemistWer


      Dude, Ace attorney must be your platinum 300 yes or yes! so play now whatever but no Ace Attorney!

    2. aZombieDictator


      Borderlands 3 is 300


    1. MidnightDragon


      Do you have 300 figured out? I forgot.

    2. aZombieDictator


      Borderlands 3

  18. Anyone else really hyped for this game?



    1. hugglebunn-e


      Well I am. Crickets.

    2. aZombieDictator


      It's gonna be so good.

  19. Does 0% account into completion? I added two 0% gamesband my completion didn't change at all.

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    2. aZombieDictator


      Ahh ok, I wanted to see how much a 0% would drop me. I'll check there.

      Shows 60.97%. Why is it so different?

    3. Aeir_


      I don't know this for sure, but I always thought the completion percentage on the profile was based on the number of trophy points earned (excluding 0%s) and the completion percentage in statistics was just an average of the %s of each game (including 0%s). So the a large number of trophies in a game can skew the percentages apart. 

    4. Sora9427


      Nope, they just add "Unearned Trophies" to your number a 0% but you % Is the same, as soon as you get even jus 1% in the game you'll see your % drop down.


      Plus if you check your Trophy Advisor you'll see the Trophies of that List you added. 

  20. Metal Wolf Chaos Available now! I'm at work for another 8 hours then I'll be streaming it.



    1. ruffedgz


      have fun with it!

    2. aZombieDictator
  21. Who's getting Remnant From the Ashes? Need some co op buddies. Out in 15 days, 4 play co op, $40 price tag digital only.



    1. xZoneHunter


      It looks like a pretty interesting take on the l4d formula. But there's just too much to play these days to get another game at launch. Real first world problem these days lol

    2. aZombieDictator


      I still buy like everything at launch