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  1. I love when I give my thoughts about doing stacks and spamming rataliaka and the people that do it get really defensive about what I'm saying. 

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    2. aZombieDictator


      I'm done, you make zero sense. No reason to even argue. 

      @Varhur that's not how things like that work lol

    3. BRKs_Eagle


      Well, I have seen arguing in threads before, but not in status updates. Never change, PSNP.

    4. aZombieDictator


      It wouldn't have even happened if someone didn't bother to reply in this with accusations I was trolling when they didn't understand the full context and when they don't even understand what trolling it.


  2. When you're watching someone elses profile and see them as a rival, then they suddenly surpass you in plats because they spammed tons of stacks/ezpzs.

  3. Still crazy I'm at 400 platinums. Definitely gonna take it slow from here on out. No rush to get more.

    1. Distant


      That's what I said when I got to 100. I'm not as invested now, I used to let them dictate everything I played or didn't play, but I've calmed down a bit luckily.

  4. One of the worst dungeons in any game ever. The way they balanced this was ridiculously stuipd. Hopefully Yakuza 8 doesn't do shit like this.


    Oh yeah no continues either and enemies can one hit KO you along with the fact if Ichiban goes down, instant failure.


    Even after 20 hours of grinding and min/maxing the bullshit is still there in full swing.


    They basically just massively buffed enemie stats to abnormal levels you couldn't even match.




  5. Fucking Finally 



    1. snakebit10



    2. MossyOakRcn42
    3. Elvick_


      Congrats, that shit was annoying as hell.

  6. When you finally get your rank back up to standards then a 5 minute platinum with stacks drops.

    1. MidnightDragon


      The eternal struggle continues.

  7. Thinking about doing Yakuza Like a Dragon Platinum for trophy #25,000

  8. I have a PS5 and all the launch games.


    But instead I'm just going hard on Yakuza 7. It's so damn good.



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    2. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      Yeah i didn't get Yakuza. a ps5 version is coming but i also couldn't preorder in stores and none ever came in. Too lazy to amazon it.


      I been finishing Cold Steel IV on ps4 even tho i have my ps5 as well 😅

    3. iGGTheEnd


      Im boosting Tooth and Tale with my PS4 and PS5 haha Demon souls can wait I guess.

    4. aZombieDictator


      I'll probably play demon souls next, idk yet

  9. Getting a group for the Tsushima raid is infinitely more difficult than completing it :(


    Done so many raids in Destiny but without a matchmaking app it's nigh impossible for me to raid.


    Found two people that offered to play with so far, and was completely ghosted by both of them


  10. Mad Rat Dead is fucking amazing. Go play it. There's a demo.

  11. Anyone playing the ghost of Tsushima raid today?