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  1. I can't get the Platinum because a collectible in prosperity sands didn't spawn
  2. It costs $29.49...
  3. Got mine yesterday! (From Best Buy)
  4. It's honestly the perfect length. 10-15 hour games are great so you can play more games instead of just playing the same game, doing the same crap for 50+ hours.
  5. I only find quick Platinums shameful when you start having 3+ stacks of each of them on your profile. But it's your own trophy list, it only matters to you, so who really cares?
  6. Had the same issue, just wait like 10 minutes and it eventually will load.
  7. I've done the 3 dancing games.
  8. Damn, I might just speedrun through, do mega secrets and call it quits after. If there was a stats screen in chapter select I'd be all for it, but the way the completions works is absolutely awful, one of the worst I've seen in a game. Even the older 3D engine games track stats better. Playing again now and all they needed to do was show how many enemies left in area. It says how many secrets left, why not enemies?
  9. I'm currently stuck at the metrovania journal... I have 1 of 4 things done but no matter how many times i play i can't get the others.
  10. Also this is a great guide for the secrets.
  11. So if you miss two kills and get all the secrets do you know if you have to replay the whole chapter or game to have it count? I wish I knew about that hud thing earlier. When I go back to levels I cleared it shows 0 kills and 0 secrets I guess I'll keep going and 100% the other 5 chapter then go back to chapter 1 and re complete it and see what happens? Or maybe play safe a redo chapter 1?
  12. I just completed chapter 1 with 100% secrets and 289/291 kills There's no way to tell if you're missing enemies unless if you habe a radar, and even then you could easily miss some. Getting the 100% is gonna be such a pain. No in game tracking either so you won't know which parts you're missing enemies.
  13. They did it as a joke. Also you can change the time on your PS4 to immediately fill the bank making the grind massively shorter.
  14. Yeah I'm pretty tired of it already, cool concept but it's a pain to play. And the dev cards seem ridiculous