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  2. First off I'm making this because I'm curious if when a contract gets completed while your offline if it still counts. For example if I get online and accept a contract, then get off and go to work come home and get back on and the contract is gone, does that count or no? I've sadly given up on the platinum because hardcore gamer and shard shark, but I'm still attempting to get the contract trophy on the off chance they fix those trophies. Or more information comes about for them. Also for some of the more annoying and difficult contracts post tips here. Like places to get certain kills, missions to grind in. For example with the boombot kills you can do Daisy's agent mission and get like 10+ boombot kills.
  3. I don't understand why they make all these crap PVP games. Like who is asking for this? None of them have been good, and they all die out so quickly. Mercenaries, raid mode, and co-op is where it's at. Why can't we have more stuff like that. A 25th anniversary and a mercenary mode with tons of maps, characters, and weapons seems like a no brainer, but nah like just shit out another crappy PVP game. I'd even pay a full $60 for a Mercenaries or raid mode style game.
  5. How disappointing it was and how terrible the powers were. The great thing about LiS was how using the powers always had negative impact. LiS 2 just goes all out and nothing matters. You couldn't even save the dog... Like I thought choice was a thing in these games.
  6. @Joe Dubz Found a really good credit farming method. If you wanna add me in the guide, I could give you a few videos to toss in. I probably wouldn't write anything but I can give tips and you can pull anything from my YouTube there. Lots of exit videos.
  7. Protip: Use cloud saves
  8. Yeah flynt is my struggle now. Found him twice in 2 hours after doing all quests and still don't have quest. And yeah i mentioned that, says so on wiki. Annoying grind for credits.
  9. I'm not the best at writing but I look through see if I could add tips somewhere? Idk if i wanna accept going into it then end up being not much help. Also I'm stuck at flynt now... i still haven't got his quest. He rarely spawns and just ugh
  10. There's a hat for buying all skins... so you gotta get like 2k credits for it all...
  11. I honestly might have to give up due to terrible rng...
  12. I literally can't get anymore npcs done. I've spent almost an hour restarting and they barely ever show up and if they do it's bullshit ones like the healing npcs
  13. Ok this npc quest stuff is absolutely insane... i can not get anymore done
  14. Seems you have to hit item directly to grab it for the quests
  15. Hahaha wow i found the liquid again and i accidentally got a hole in one instead of grabbing it
  16. Definitely not a 7, I'd say a 4 or 5. It's way easier than Enter the Gungeon. I have all my gameplay recorded too so if you need anything for the guide lemme know. Also hope I didn't fuck any npc quests up, i kept seeing a jat on the rat balloon and didn't think anything of it. I'm assuming the quest aren't able to be messed up, hopefully. Daisuke is asking for pretzles or nut butter. Also fuck wax wings. Avoid those at all costs.
  17. Vita games tend to have way higher percentages on PSN stats due to the amount of hackers and low amount of players.
  18. Thanks! And I got the 20 combo for daisuke already, I didn't know all npcs had the fetch quests... I saw the balloon again but didn't think anything of it.
  19. Definitely 5, and glocktopus sucks! No incentive to kill since he doesn't drop credits. He should have at least given 10 credits for the extra effort it takes. Also huge tip, use cloud saves. All skins cost about 1100 credits, accumulate that much, backup save, spend credits, reload save for hats (which take about 600) I still have no idea how to do the other NPS trophies I'm missing though.
  20. Someone also got muted for posting a video in general then proceeded to be banned because he called the mod who muted him a snowflake (different mod unmuted after 24 some hours) Psnp discord is wild
  21. I love when I give my thoughts about doing stacks and spamming rataliaka and the people that do it get really defensive about what I'm saying. 

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      I'm done, you make zero sense. No reason to even argue. 

      @Varhur that's not how things like that work lol

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      Well, I have seen arguing in threads before, but not in status updates. Never change, PSNP.

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      It wouldn't have even happened if someone didn't bother to reply in this with accusations I was trolling when they didn't understand the full context and when they don't even understand what trolling it.


  22. Nah, Bugsnax happened. The true holy grail of 2020.