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  1. I played a bit yesterday, honestly gonna wait until I get a PS5 until I really dive in. The loads are so freaking long.
  2. Have they never played Hotline Miami or Meat Boy?... There's quite a few games with 1 hit kills. If the game is built around that mechanic, get good or they should stop complaining.

    1. ihadalifeb4this


      Wait, i need a license?

    2. BlackSquirrell1


      LMAO.....seems legit :lol:

    3. aZombieDictator


      @BlackSquirrell1 It is legit, go on ebay, there's sooooo many trophy services. People even sell Rataliaka platinums...

  4. First mission has 4 extra lives. You get more than enough.
  5. Can't wait to see the meltdown on the forums when they add a trophy for that one life mode.
  6. Last of Us, GTA, Red Dead, Witcher 3, Minecraft. I way prefer the indies though.
  7. Sayonara is not easy at all. I guess for some after lots of practice, but just jumping in it's a struggle. Especially the zodiac riddles like beating all stages one go.
  8. Rataliaka says hi
  9. No matchmaking = cancer?... Matchmaking would be cancerous as hell with randoms that have no idea what to do. The multiplayer has been amazing and the raids are gonna be so fun. Boo hoo you have to put in a bit extra effort to find a group to play with, that does not make this wonderful DLC cancerous.
  10. I'm enjoying the Ghost of Tsushima multiplayer more than the main game...

  11. I'm perfectly fine where i am in leaderboards, i know I'd have to spam ezpzs and and stacks to get higher, which i refuse. I'd rather be top 1,000/200 with stuff i actually enjoy playing than being overall top 100 with stuff I don't care about.
  12. I still enjoy the hobby, it's just funny to me seeing how so much more people complain about difficult/time consuming lists now. I'm not one of those people who got soft from spamming ezpzs.
  13. I mean that's basically what half this site does, buy games just because easy plats and the bonus of having stacks. People wanna inflate those numbers and to compete on the leaderboards it's basically required. So I see why they do it, it's just unfulfilling.
  14. Honestly yes, it gives me joy when I see all these threads with people whining about actually having to work, spend time, and use skills for their trophies.
  15. I hope they make it ridiculous to Platinum. People have enough easy plats. I wanna see the people who live off EZPZs get trolled. Imagine if there was a trophy for a billion taps or a trophy for being on leaderboards. Most taps in a given day/week.
  16. Yet another pathetic unnecessary thread. The multiplayer is super fun btw and god forbid an extra challenge for getting 100%. Now instead of everyone and their grandma having 100%, this will be a coveted and challenging 100%
  17. I'm definitely in rank limbo.


    I get enough trophies to keep my rank about the same. 


    But never enough to actually increase my rank.


    Permanently country rank 200 gang 

  18. Nice, only 7 out of 385 Platinums are 90%+


    Still sitting around 200 in the America leaderboards. 


    I've been doing pretty good without rataliaka/stacking. 

    1. IntroPhenom


      Play as you want to play, I say.  But, as you already know, don't ignore a game simply because of a 90% platinum trophy.  I played Just Ignore Them last night.  It's a retro-graphic style horror game that brings the playable character from childhood through to adulthood and confronts the mystery of the monsters that continually pursue him.  It's bloody, has lots of dialogue, features multiple endings, and sits at 90.21% for a platinum.  That number, I believe, is mostly thanks to easy-to-follow guides and the overall brevity of the game.


    1. aZombieDictator


      It's been in the discord server 


      Sony suspended someone with 1200 plats for their name that they've had for several years.


    2. pot1414


      I don't see how that's a problem now that we can change our names on psn.Couldn't they just tell him to change it instead of suspending?

  20. I've been playing it, need more people to play with though >->
  21. So? Not like that changes how fun the game is.
  22. How does it screw people who bought deluxe edition? It was specifically stated there you get 4 DLC packs. No where did it day anything about getting more DLC after that.
  23. This game looks really neat and trophy list looks great, definitely buying on launch. (September 24th) I absolutely adore the art style and gameplay looks fun.