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  1. Apparently this is a port of a mobile game from 2015 for $40. That's absolutely insane pricing for what it is.
  2. Bug Fables
  3. Wow wtf, worse than I thought. These sports games really should be free to play. The microtransactions in them are so much worse and more intrusive than other free to plays.
  4. If I can get a premium complete experience for $70 that's perfectly fine. But fuck those games like 2k, charge $70 then have endless amounts of microtransactions. Imo the sports games should be cheaper since the majority of money they make is from the whales. Watch GTA V on PS5 even be $70 as well. (Online is free for 3 months only and we have no idea what they'll charge after)
  5. [Deleted]
  6. They change it and the people asking will get monkey pawed. Change it to where Ellie is killed by Abby, or the two get together. Now I would love to see that. It would break the internet even further.
  7. Nothing has worked. My only guess is anyone who buys Minecraft after bedrock cannot access legacy content.
  8. It's an OG copy
  9. It actually doesn't, I just bought the original physical copy and it doesn't work.
  10. YAY! I bought Minecraft this week and apparently there's about 20 trophies I literally can't get. Absolutely no way possible to get them. It's so great you can sell a game and be unable to acess what you need for trophies. I even bought a disc because someone here said that would work. But nope.

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    2. DaivRules


      There’s a LOT of PS3, PS4, and Vita games that you can still purchase and cannot earn all trophies. You can still play the game, which is what most purchasers are going for when they purchase them these days. 


    3. aZombieDictator


      Basically if you buy the game after the bedrock update you cannot access legacy edition. It's stupid they lock you out of legacy but others can still access it.

    4. IntroPhenom


      That's unfortunate news.  I was looking forward to playing it one day, but won't buy it if the possibility of popping every trophy is taken away.  I can't believe people haven't complained to those in charge until they're blue in the face about this.

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    2. IntroPhenom


      @ShonenCat  I don't care for that logic.  What can be said for those who enjoy variety?

    3. Froopy the Cowbear

      Froopy the Cowbear

      Sorry, @ShonenCat, I have to defer to @IntroPhenom on that one.  Once we start restricting ourselves based on some arbitrary value of quality, which is honestly based in opinion rather than fact, then gaming becomes less fun as a result.


      I got ratas, I got easies, I also have hard games, and then there's Friday the 13th.  Does that make me a garbage player too by that logic?


      If so, I'm damn proud to be a trash player. <3 

    4. MidnightDragon


      The world must be coming to an end!


      In all seriousness, most of the Rata games are pretty enjoyable, though the plats usually go pretty quick.

  11. Well I might have to play a Rataliaka game again. The shibas are too powerful.



  12. I kinda wish this one had a Platinum, it's more so the 6 stacks of EZPZs that take 5 minutes that need to stop. And it's gonna keep happening, these getting no Plat means nothing in the longrun.
  13. I guess mom hid the Platinum trophy too.
  14. Giving up on Knack 2. The medals are literally no fun at all. I'm not succumbing myself to that. I had 0 enjoyment out of the game anyways. 

  15. So I just finished act 3 and the intermission after and neither trophies unlocked. Is anyone else encountering this? The %s are pretty low so I assume it's happened to more than just me. Also while I'm here I'll share any tips on how to unlocks trophies. Only miscellaneous one I know so far other than the jerky one is dying in Xanadu and paperclip one. Basically when you encounter the hole immediately choose to go in and in bureau just follow the loop on floor 2 i think, keep talking to people until trophy popsm
  16. I have all the US region Senran Plats and a Neptune Plat.
  17. Mosaic Complete! Such a dumb trophy list, but I like the joke. Basically you get ALL the trophies inside of a clicker game in Mosaic.



  18. Just gotta say this but Bug Fables is one of the best games I've ever played. I'm having more fun with this game than any other game I've played recently. It does so many things right, looks beautiful, amazing music, full of charm, great gameplay, absolutely no missables, able to easily refight bosses, has amazing way to make builds and change them up. For example you can make a posion bulid, inflict self poison, and do way more damage.


    So far I've played 40 hours which is insane for a $25 indie game. I'll probably be up to 50-60 hours at 100%. And none of the time is spent doing bullshit menial tasks. It's all just pure fun.

  19. I found this guide and it says some of the steam achievements are glitched and I see they're still 0% so I'm wondering if anyone who's been playing knows more. Really hoping you don't need a 100% run without being able to explore after.
  20. Seems you need every single one. But you'll get them all on quest to Platinum anyways.
  21. All trophies unlock as they should?
  22. I still can't get Platinum, I'm not even sure if my issue has been addressed... Basically collectible marker didn't spawn.