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  1. Just here to say that i'm back (if anyone remembers me)
  2. I'm back bitches (also realized that teeechnically i'm the 2nd fastest person to plat Horizon Zero Dawn)

  3. Jfc what happened to the format?

    1. Lulu


      Hey, Drifter, haven't seen you in a while! An update to the site happened. If you find any bugs, you can post them here:



    2. Malligos


      Seems like a very formal greeting.. I don't like it >.>

  4. Tries to buy Membership, paypal won't work x.x

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TigressLion


      @Skateak true @Drifter check your bank for a new debit card. My bank offers debit card with MasterCard capabilities. So I can use Debit card online in lieu of an actual credit card.

    3. Malligos


      @Lolis I was trying TO use my debit card (which is ALSO mastercard), and it wouldn't work

    4. skateak


      That is really weird. I hate to be that guy, but you were probably making a small mistake. I used a Prepaid Mastercard Gift Card and linked it to Paypal for my premium. Worked just fine.

  5. Toby Green
  6. Uhm... No, what the fuck are you?
  7. Still getting around to that, didn't use companions my 1st playthrough MK X?
  8. Marvel V capcom 3, or Streetfighter 3 (Whichever one it was, its near the bottom of your list) Think I deleted it
  9. Has information that will lead to Palpatine's arrest Fuck... It is
  10. Is a smartass Yeah, I need to change it..
  11. Ephxia
  12. Madden NFL 17? I physically can't, as those trophies I can't get (I already unlocked everything for every car online)