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  1. It hasnt always worked like that. On ps3 all connected contollers played on same account. Ps4 started the whole needing a second or guest account to play couch co-op garbage. But thanks.
  2. Anyone get two controllers with their ps5? I'd like to know if you need 2 accounts on the system to play couch co-op, like the ps4. Or do both controllers play on same account?
  3. Some Skyrim music.. Thinking about getting back into it and going after the vampire and werewolf trophies i missed. Would have to start a new game with no mods. 😓
  4. Partly dislike for me. Hate raking up all the dead leaves and fallen limbs, but i enjoy the smell of them burning once its done. I could live just fine without halloween, thanksgiving, and pumpkin spice.