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  1. Mine is Skyfall, but i like this cover better than the original.
  2. In game^ Remix
  3. From Lollipop chainsaw
  4. High velocity bowling PAiN Infamous 1
  5. Only one i know of for sure is "The Cave" for PS3. Same game my avatar is from.
  6. From the original Red dead. First trip into Mexico.
  7. It annoys me that i need two seperate accounts to play a two player game and has every since i bought the damn thing. Other than that, good times.
  8. Top gun on NES.
  9. I'm #48 on the ps3 version of Skyrim/hearthfire dlc master architect trophy. And #20 on 100% club first achievers list. And #47 on pinball fx3 damsel in distress trophy for creature of black lagoon table.
  10. PSN ID: buckallmighty PS Systems: PS4 Accepts blank friend requests: No Need friends that play Pinball fx3. I have all the tables and only 2 other friends thst have played any of them. Write Fx3 in friend request.
  11. Another one from the first infamous game.
  12. Skyrim Outlander 99.96%