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  1. Cheers mate.I was reading the comments now and am surprised,didn't expect this much agreement about the last season sucking haha.
  2. Saw this in the main page and signed in just to leave ma thoughts. Disappointed with the ending,this whole season felt pretty meh and badly written with plotholes and things left unexplained...they delivered the surprises GoT is famous for but in this season felt like they didn't do it right.Jon character deserved more,they treated him like crap in the end...I must say though that I was surprised that wasn't Arya who killed Daenerys after they basically screamed she would in episode 5.Also one of the most disappointing things was Cersei's death...love how they made her likeable when she gets her revenge on season 6 but she was always a character to hate and I wanted to see her have a terrible death at the hands of Daenerys,specially after what she's done in this season.One thing that I liked about GoT is that the good guys lose unexpectedly but the antagonists always get what they deserve...it's frustrating to see the bad guys win over and over again and it takes a while but it's satisfying to see those bastards suffer.And Cersei who was an antagonist since season 1 and last one alive gets a quiet death with her love?...didn't even felt like GoT.Guess that was done to please her fans. I really liked season 7 but the show really went downhill after it fell off the books.2 years of wait...you'd expect them to do a better job with the writing for what is probably the most famous TV show in the world.
  3. Signed in only to upvote you and to... That makes me lol.The 1st Infamous is way above any other Infamous...the only thing the others have better is tech and that's that.
  4. If you plan to do it legit the accolades and medals come naturally and more than that they help a lot to lvl up and I mean a lot.About the DLC special events you can earn around 600k chips there which would lvl you up a lot but beware cuz they are glitched.For me only the 1st 3 events of the special event that is already in the game worked and that's that,the other ones never worked anymore and yes I tried all the things you could imagine to get them to work so beware and if it happens to you it'll be like this:You'll come in 1st as it asks you to but you'll still get "event failed" if that happens just give up and go play online.The online of Apocalypse is buggy as hell just saying.
  5. Hey did you solved your issues about connecting to the game?...anyway was reading this so came to share some information while there's still time.I did all the online trophies some days ago so I had to deal with a bunch of annoying crap since I did it legit.Thing is Apocalypse is buggy as hell...the most buggy game I've ever seen when it comes to its online portion,actually very disappointed with Evolution cuz I cannot believe they left the game in that deplorable state.1st thing to know is that the special events are glitched...for some reason they won't work as they should,you'll finish in 1st as they demand but you'll still get event failed and no chips,maybe something in ma save file caused that but I've asked about it to some people I met while playing online and all of them confirmed it doesn't work for them as well so yeah about 600k chips that you could earn there are unobtainable and I tried all you could imagine to fix it but it doesn't work.The leaderboards are buggy as hell too and about the online...there are constant bugs that forces everyone on the lobby to either quit the game and start it again or go offline and sign in again or you won't be able to play online anymore and that happens very often,if you at least can get to the main online screen where you can choose "Find game" "Matchmaking" if you don't see "Racing and Mirrored Racing" as options to choose there just quit the game and enter again or sign off and in again.You seem to not even be able to connect though I've never heard of that problem...always connected normally to the game. PS:About what MMDE said...not true lots and lots of people playing online.Played in full lobbies with 15 people plenty of times,saturday specially is full of people.
  6. Doubt they'll recycle Twisted Metal as it wasn't much popular on PS3 and doubt even more they'll make a new one.Where did you get the information that it's their most fav/classic series?...pretty sure they'll announce the shutdown of Twisted Metal by the end of this year if not earlier. Think they'll let LBP live some more time as both still have a lot of people playing them and UC2 and UC3 are p2p...believe that's the only reason they're still up and running.But yes Twisted Metal shutdown is coming.
  7. Just discovered about the server shutdown and I'm really mad.Read in another forums that Sony didn't even announce the server shutdown properly,didn't even put in their site and that must be true as I checked in early june about servers shutting down and Starhawk wasn't listed in any site.Anyway it's total bs to shut down the server of so many games in basically the same time...Karting was already being shutdown in the end of june and ModNation would too but they extended.The shutdowns date are always given with months of anticipation but Starhawk shutdown not only came outta nothing but with the date above the date of Karting.Shows how disrespectful Sony is when it come to servers,they really don't give a damn about who's left playing that game...noticed that 5 years ago when they shutdown Resistance 3 which had less than 2 years of life.Only in 2018 they will shutdown 9 of their games and that is if they don't announce more.And now there is Motorstorm Apocalypse too...I had already planned to work on all Sony games I have left because of how crazy they've been shutting down all their PS3 games but with Wipeout,KZ,Karting and ModNation this year I thought they would left the others for 2019.Will make Twisted Metal and PS All-Stars top priority now...for real fuck Sony. Partially it's ma fault for not doing the online trophies of Starhawk way back in 2013 when I played it but I had read that all online trophies could be done in split-screen and then left it for later(dumb move).The funny thing is that I loved the beta of Starhawk and played the hell out of it but when I played the full game I had 0 wish to play the online...such a shame cuz the game had a wonderful online mode.Been working hard to not lose plats with the frenetic server shutdown on PS3 in the last years,since Wipeout shutdowns were announced I've been working hard on these shit and wanting to beat myself for not playing/finishing these old games earlier so goddamn I'm mad for losing the Starhawk plat.Sony is the worst when it comes to server shutdown.
  8. Currently listening to a bunch of soundtracks of games. Unravel Plants vs. Zombies Resogun Tearaway GTA San Andreas Assassin's 2 and more... Unravel soundtrack is otherworldly...a must listen to any fan of music.
  9. This is so true...you're 100% right.
  10. Saw this earlier this week and this is an absurd considering they raised the price to $60.If we're getting 4 less games per month they better drop the price below $50 but of course they won't since Plus is now a necessity for anyone who wanna play online on PS4. Also I'm glad some people here noticed that 2 big games like Bloodborne and Ratchet in a single month happened just to make it easier to absorb the news that we're getting less and paying the same shit. PS:Its true PS3 and Vita offerings haven't been that good as of late but there is always a good game here and there...better get a good game once in a while than none at all.
  11. Logged in just to say that your reply made ma day haha.Great one!! Damn man got bad news for ya Lost Planet 2 is already impossible.Looks like someone hacked the leaderboards so its not possible to get a nom de guerre.Its a bit sad but Lost Planet 2 was a "suicide mission" since the moment we thought about playing it lol.Good game though,it would be a shame to avoid it because you can't get the plat.
  12. Can't believe this ha amazing news,was replaying X5 some weeks ago on Vita.It's funny cuz I was talking with a friend how the X series deserved a collection way more than the old Megaman games.Ha I wonder what they'll ask from X5 related to trophies...people nowadays whine for any slightly hard game,they will give up playing X5 on the 2nd lvl lol.I see an ultra rare plat incoming hehe.
  13. Oh glad the plat can be obtained offline and lol didn't know the plat could be obtained so shamefully online...like having another playa give you the items ha and here I was all these years thinking someone with the Demon's Souls plat deserved respect,bet that more than 50% who have it actually had the plat handed to them by another playa. PS:I hope they aren't recycling it.
  14. Uncharted Lost Legacy Soundtrack and Horizon Frozen Wilds Soundtrack Both are amazing. Y'all need to listen "End of the Line" from Lost Legacy soundtrack...such masterful work of composion.
  15. Hmm disney taking over the television?...ha it was bound to happen.They got Star Wars and Marvel like it was nothing...today 20th Century Fox,tomorrow they will own every goddamn thing on TV in the US and people won't even know they're behind it all.It's funny though cuz it's not like they need it since most of them work for the same thing...believe they'll never take Warner Bros,its not needed.