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  1. I tried with 1 alt and didn't work.If you stop to think an alt account is just like a friend one...the leaderboards are just messed up.Sure tries are welcome but we oughta just accept this plat is gone. What happened to the retired trophy hunter thing though?...lol just curious.I like your approach to honesty btw.
  2. Didn't read the op post cuz I see it's talking mostly about the DLC trophies but I wanna say for anyone who hasn't started MP3 yet and may be in doubt about being able to get the online trophies in time.I was able to get all the ones that don't require time (weapons one and lvl 50) legit in only 2 days,I just played online for the 1st time monday and got the easiest trophies and yesterday tuesday managed to get the gang wars related ones.While yes luck is required to find people specially on gang wars,good team and all that...it's very possible,yesterday I played like 6 gang wars matchs in a row cuz people wouldn't leave,I actually couldn't believe when I got the trophies but MP3 is one of those situations where when you read about the online trophies they sound way more hard than they actually are when you play and understand the game,I know I'm not alone when I say this cuz this happened to me so many times with so many games.I must say though that I seem to be quite skilled on MP3...whenever I don't play with lvl 50s I'm the best playa of the match which made me earn the Deathmatch trophy easily so there's that too but just saying to anyone who is in doubt about starting it,if I was able to get them legit in 2 days (8 hours of actual play time) then let alone boosting. Now for the lvl 50 grind,hope I'm able to get it legit too but I must say I regret not playing MP3 before and get to try the online when it was more active (had the game sealed here since 2013 lol).I found the online quite fun and it's surprisingly well done,it'll be lovely if I manage to reach lvl 50 while having fun instead of boosting or score attack.
  3. I love this part..."Quebec then took the lead with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Odyssey, demonstrating its ability to drive the franchise even further" they just forgot to write...further away from what AC ever was. Really sad to see AC lose its identity like this,ubi is proving themselves extremely good at making game series lose their identity.Guess this is the final nail in the coffin for AC,I mean can't judge the game before even seeing it but as a AC fan the series died for me after Origins...odyssey and valhalla just use AC on its title to sell but the games do sell and the wave of playas that the PS4 gen brought seem to enjoy them so guess there are chances of this being a success. Well less games to buy is always a good thing lol.Just curious to see how it'll turn out,didn't expect them to go this route with AC.
  4. Was nice to see this post,logged in just to comment that I'm glad some people are aware of how disrespectful Sony has been with their customers since the success of PS4...just plain arrogant and greedy.Since 2018 all they did was show a middle finger to their old customers...that's when I quitted being their fan and after that it only got worse.This one to close the Stores is quite a blow,guess there's no cure for them anymore and people still want a PS5 ha...with their crappy decisions towards PS3 and Vita in the last years one can only wonder what's the point of putting money on their systems?...PSN and the Store was supposed to be connected between all devices/systems...there was literally no reason to take the PS3 and Vita outta the network,and they're doing that only outta being bastards because it doesn't cost them money...like you're gonna say it costed them money to keep allowing PS3 to message other Sony systems?...or that while on PS4/PS5 for us to see our friends online and what they're playing on PS3 and Vita?...bitch please.I know most people enjoy anti-consumer practices you can't help cattle after all but for me they're basically screaming in ma face "DON'T BUY OUR PS5". Oh yes and the idiots saying "no one cared before,no one cares anyway"...aah gotta love those who speak for everyone.I just bought recently Batman Arkham City DLCs that I hadn't before,always been buying from the PS3 Store specially DLCs...what if I buy a game with online pass that doesn't work?...where will I get me an online pass?...and now I have to rush and buy everything I want in 3 months cuz they didn't have the decency to announce this like 1 year before?...Sony are a bunch of scum.I hoped for Sony to lose this next-gen so they would learn again that we are the ones who put money in their dirty pockets but oh well microsoft had to be shitty competition again. Hope everyone manages to buy what they want before the closure.Cheers. PS:Oh yes if you're a fellow active PS3/Vita playa...add me haha.
  5. Shingeki last season is on Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiireee,damn what an experience!! Hajime is a goddamn genius.


    If you watch it too and don't read the manga feel free to add me on PSN if you wanna talk about it.Cheers.

  6. PSN ID: Welmosca Systems: PS3,Vita and PS4 Don't accept blank friend requests. I'm looking for active PS3 playas,Vita too but mostly PS3...if you play PS3 or Vita often feel free to add me and yep lemme know you're from here.
  7. Open-world you say?...can't go wrong with Infamous and Infamous 2...Infamous 2 has very few simple online trophies you just need to play user generated content. Assassin's Creed 2 Saint's Row 3 (You only need to upload your character to the servers for a single online trophy and looks like you still can) Farcry 3 (co-op trophies that can be done split-screen) GoW is on your list though...hmm then you should definitely play Darksiders and Castlevania Lords of Shadow too,2 of the best multiplat games ever. Lemme say...it's always awesome to see people still playing PS3 and moreover just getting a PS3 or to PS3 games now,recently saw a couple that only now upgraded from PS2 to PS3 and I couldn't believe it.If you plan to play PS3 often add me,I'm looking for active PS3 playas to be friends with.Cheers mate and have fun PS3 is the best.
  8. I know it's been a while that you posted this.I think you don't play old games online much do you? (haven't looked at your games)...every game literally EVERY game that is old and has a competitive online is like that,there will always be a handful of people playing it 15 to 20,people that are dedicated to that game like a religion they will play that game every day and usually just that game and every day you will find those same people playing sometimes a newcomer pops in but they soon leave cuz they can't stand the pressure...popular games like CoD are easy but underdog games usually 90% of its playas are cheaters and sometimes hackers.I have a huge backlog and since I only boost in extreme circumstances I usually do everything legit so I've seen a lotta that cuz I play old online games often lol.I recently had a wish to beat CoD B.O 1 again and went to play online too and wow the amount of people still playing it is astounding,I know CoD is popular but damn.Also an example...in 2020 I returned to KZ Shadow Fall to get all the online trophies,people only play DM now and guess what?...same group of people every single day,I played Shadow Fall for 4 months straight nearly every single day and those same people would always be there,it's funny cuz you even burn their IDs on your memory.You will always find these people who are dedicated to that game until it shuts down...I remember being shocked when the Resistance 3 servers were shutting down cuz I saw a guy asking "what are y'all gonna do now that the servers will shut down?"...the way he said was kinda like "life will be meaningless without it" lol so yup I don't understand how but there are a lot of people out there who only play a single game online for years and years and they only move on when that game's server is shut down.I've always had onlines that I dedicated myself to but never playing only that...always played something else along with it. PS:To me the online can be a beast but once you reach the lvl cap and unlocks everything it simply loses it's charm.So I just can't understand people doing the same and keep on playing forever hell sometimes they will create another account just to start from the beginning yes they're THAT dedicated no wonder some games now have option to reset all your progress.
  9. That's so messed up,I'm really outta time for gaming news to not know about this during all this time...went to replay Killzone 2 in early august and found weird that I wasn't getting message notifications on PS3 now I know why,thought ma PS3 was acting up got worried.This really sucks...badly now I won't know if ma friends are messaging me when I'm playing PS3 and will have to use the damn app if I want to send message to them...oh well Sony continues to disappoint.Things are getting seriously dark for PS3...need to get ma crap together and focus on PS3 games.
  10. Oooh how lame...guess the scam of recycled games will continue on PS5,was a naive hope thinking this cancerous trend would die on PS5.The worst part is that there will be dumb people supporting this crap even though there will be backwards compatibility. Shameful CD shameful.
  11. Cheers mate.I was reading the comments now and am surprised,didn't expect this much agreement about the last season sucking haha.
  12. Saw this in the main page and signed in just to leave ma thoughts. Disappointed with the ending,this whole season felt pretty meh and badly written with plotholes and things left unexplained...they delivered the surprises GoT is famous for but in this season felt like they didn't do it right.Jon character deserved more,they treated him like crap in the end...I must say though that I was surprised that wasn't Arya who killed Daenerys after they basically screamed she would in episode 5.Also one of the most disappointing things was Cersei's death...love how they made her likeable when she gets her revenge on season 6 but she was always a character to hate and I wanted to see her have a terrible death at the hands of Daenerys,specially after what she's done in this season.One thing that I liked about GoT is that the good guys lose unexpectedly but the antagonists always get what they deserve...it's frustrating to see the bad guys win over and over again and it takes a while but it's satisfying to see those bastards suffer.And Cersei who was an antagonist since season 1 and last one alive gets a quiet death with her love?...didn't even felt like GoT.Guess that was done to please her fans. I really liked season 7 but the show really went downhill after it fell off the books.2 years of wait...you'd expect them to do a better job with the writing for what is probably the most famous TV show in the world.
  13. Signed in only to upvote you and to... That makes me lol.The 1st Infamous is way above any other Infamous...the only thing the others have better is tech and that's that.
  14. If you plan to do it legit the accolades and medals come naturally and more than that they help a lot to lvl up and I mean a lot.About the DLC special events you can earn around 600k chips there which would lvl you up a lot but beware cuz they are glitched.For me only the 1st 3 events of the special event that is already in the game worked and that's that,the other ones never worked anymore and yes I tried all the things you could imagine to get them to work so beware and if it happens to you it'll be like this:You'll come in 1st as it asks you to but you'll still get "event failed" if that happens just give up and go play online.The online of Apocalypse is buggy as hell just saying.
  15. Hey did you solved your issues about connecting to the game?...anyway was reading this so came to share some information while there's still time.I did all the online trophies some days ago so I had to deal with a bunch of annoying crap since I did it legit.Thing is Apocalypse is buggy as hell...the most buggy game I've ever seen when it comes to its online portion,actually very disappointed with Evolution cuz I cannot believe they left the game in that deplorable state.1st thing to know is that the special events are glitched...for some reason they won't work as they should,you'll finish in 1st as they demand but you'll still get event failed and no chips,maybe something in ma save file caused that but I've asked about it to some people I met while playing online and all of them confirmed it doesn't work for them as well so yeah about 600k chips that you could earn there are unobtainable and I tried all you could imagine to fix it but it doesn't work.The leaderboards are buggy as hell too and about the online...there are constant bugs that forces everyone on the lobby to either quit the game and start it again or go offline and sign in again or you won't be able to play online anymore and that happens very often,if you at least can get to the main online screen where you can choose "Find game" "Matchmaking" if you don't see "Racing and Mirrored Racing" as options to choose there just quit the game and enter again or sign off and in again.You seem to not even be able to connect though I've never heard of that problem...always connected normally to the game. PS:About what MMDE said...not true lots and lots of people playing online.Played in full lobbies with 15 people plenty of times,saturday specially is full of people.