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  1. PLATINUM #53: Red Faction - Armageddon:
  2. Red Faction: Armageddon
  3. Platinum #52 - Grid 2:
  4. Your Killzone: Shadow Fall PLATINUM!
  5. 1. Vanquish 2 2. Binary Domain 2 Thanks!
  6. PLATINUM #51 - God of War: Ascension:
  7. Ace Combat 7 (and the "AC5" remaster that comes with the pre-order) Darksiders 3 Rage 2
  8. Hey boss, what kind of Fan (brand-wise) did you purchase for your 'Pro and do you have a link to where we could possibly purchase one at? Thanks :)!
  9. Enjoys earning ULTRA-Rare Platinums that are in the shooting and racing genres...
  10. LOL, thanks for the explanation (and YES, I am definitely a Premium member, NiMeRa)! YOU are definitely a COMPLETIONIST that finishes nearly EVERY game that he starts!!!
  11. Hey Nimera, are you saying that I DON'T have a "Trophy Collection" (TC), LOL !?? If so, you should be able to see it as I posted the profile link and banner image in my Signature area, boss! Also, you can just click on my profile and view my collection from there, too.
  12. Has a MASSIVE backlog, LOL, and likes to play an assortment of games in various genres!
  13. PLATINUM #50 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2:
  14. PLATINUM #49 - Persona 4: Arena Ultimax: