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  1. PLATINUM #106 - Raiden V: Director's Cut:
  2. PLATINUM #105 - Super Destronaut DX-2:
  3. PLATINUM #104 - Project Starship X:
  4. Thanks for the response, my man. I pray that they one day FIX this trophy glitch though so that everyone can Platinum it!
  5. Hey Smashero, have they replied back to you yet?
  6. Does anybody know IF this will work why Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare? I'm trying to knockout the 2 EXO trophies that require us to "flip" a map and was wondering if the Digital version of this game could be downgraded (so that I don't have to purchase a physical copy, LOL)...? Thanks.
  7. Hey boss, any updates from the developers :)?
  8. PLATINUM #103 - Mortal Kombat 11:
  9. Arcade Archives: Aero Fighters 3:
  10. PLATINUM #102 - Life is Strange 2:
  11. PLATINUM #100 - Uncharted 4:
  12. Yes, this happened to ME as well and I had JUST finished beating the campaign and I had earned 28 trophies at the time, too 😞! I had been playing this game over the past 2 weeks only for my game to somehow NOT be saved on either my hard drive or through my PS+... I don't know HOW this could've happened as I've never had any other game NOT save at all, LOL! P.S: Due to my frustrations, I'm just going to "hide" this game on my list until the day when I muster up enough willpower to want to replay it all over again (especially after finishing the campaign)...
  13. PLATINUM #99 - Lost Wing:
  14. PLATINUM #98 - Uncharted: The Lost Legacy:
  15. PLATINUM #97 - I, AI: