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  1. Can you earn platinum by playing solo?
  2. So this is just p5 with all the dlcs?Are they included on disc or downloadable only?
  3. Just hide behind the blue car near the small hill and kill all the enemies rushing towards you.
  4. Finaly did it with time 32:90
  5. Emily wants to play.Awful game
  6. Atelier Firis and then maybe TLOU Remastered
  7. Throw smoke grenade near the crate and loot it.
  8. She was abused by her father in the past so she gets kinda sensitive watching that trailer.It does not look like she has any problem with the game😄
  9. Wow I feel sorry for her Are you guys hyped for the game?I love David Cage games,only two months left! Also I never played Fahrenheit,should I play it?Is it good?
  10. I really want Skate 3,Motorstorm:Pacific Rift and Black ops 2 remastered for ps4.
  11. Probably Second Sight
  12. I wanted to try it, but I didn't. I am too lazy.
  13. Slender: Arrival
  14. Zombie doges - Call of Duty: World at War Silent Hill 3 - Double Head