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  1. I Hope this isn't the final design because this thing looks awfull
  2. Ixion Saga DT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uF_Cjtkd84 11 Eyes Akame Ga Kill! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e23BunJcnlo
  3. Joined and happy to be apart of the psnp army!
  4. Probably the only game ive beaten 10+ times and loved it everytime Can't forget about this one, pretty hyped about the new one being recently announced
  5. Hmm so many to choose from but if I had to choose my current favorite would be Kurumi
  6. The one I used was a Diamond sword with the level 30 enchant Bane of Arthropods V and then went and hit a spider. level V or IV smite or arthropods on a diamond sword should work fine. smite is for undead mobs while arthropods spiders
  7. in no particular order these are the ones I can remember off the top of my head Final Fantasy 15 Final Fantasy Type 0 MGS V: The Phantom Pain Omega Quintet Yakuza 5 Bravely Second Persona 5 Disgaea 5 Edit: oh yea if non ps systems count then monster hunter 4G as well
  8. 4302 Unearned and 35.87% completion. Doesn't help that my genre of choice is usually jrpgs and I tend to impulse buy new games and only play them a couple hours.
  9. hmm was either Infamous or Metal Gear Solid 4. Been way to long to remember which
  10. I had the same problem but after looking around online I read something about holding the ps4 upright and giving it a couple good smacks on the side. Which sounded ridiculous but at that point in time i was gonna try anything and apparently it worked and hasnt shut off yet. Might be some kinda problem with the way the power supply is alligned.
  11. Pretty excited about the added library functions and the possibility of sorting friends(in a red post under a comment on the blog "Sorting games/ friends data is also a top discussion.").
  12. Nothing I partically hate however the ones that come to mind are Naruto, One Piece and any anime that either doesn't have an ending or is filled with fillers.
  13. All the deaths I can think of atm aren't exactly sad so I'll just put this here. School Days HQ Not exactly an anime(this scene anyway) but close enough
  14. I would/did go for the s5 since i personally prefer androids or iphones. I tried an iphone 5 once and about halfway through the 2 year contract it started getting all sorts of problems like power button not working 85% of the time and it started having battery problems as well. Things like shutting off around 40% left and saying no power. Will be the last time i ever get an iphone.
  15. Joined a few days ago although haven't really seen any point to the clans aside from having the nifty psnprofiles tag under my name between missions.