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  1. How many times can you recurse through the story and still maintain your skills and what not?
  2. I was going to "Like" your post for the title, but now I will "Like" it for the elaborate introduction. Greetings.
  3. I... have no problem driving, although I have seen it as a common complaint. Are we nitpicking? I mean sure there are the standard open world hiccups, but I have nothing to complain about yet. How exactly are you braking? Braking before the turn--braking during the turn? I hope you are not trying to make a high speed turn. From what I have noticed each car drives a little differently--and yes some happen to initiate a drift more than others--but nothing is uncontrollable. I am not sure if you have noticed yet, but you can press LEFT on the d-pad to widen your camera, which helps quite a bit. I have a preference for the motorcycles because they are the easiest to drive from Point A to B simply because you can just ride the middle of a lane and coast at high speeds through the turns. Even in cars, coasting through turns is helpful.
  4. I am down. I am not one to complain about free stuff.
  5. I will more than likely pick it up. It's intriguing enough to warrant a purchase, at least I hope it continues to be so. People complain about there not being enough new IPs then do not even bother to support novel efforts.
  6. Cowboy Bebop Initial D Mushishi Close third: Trigun. This and Mushishi seem to swap places often.
  7. I hated Dead Space, loved Dead Space 2, and have yet to try Dead Space 3.
  8. A handful of people here have added me, just remember to message me here or on the system itself if you wish to play, boost, whatever.
  9. Anyone who has the Persona 4 Area plat...
  10. I'm not partial toward New Vegas, as is the case with many. However, Fallout 3 and its predecessors are terrific. Fallout 3/GOTY, was, happily, one of the best selling pre-owned games this holiday.
  11. "You're looking at me upside down..."
  12. Re-playing Persona 3 (PS2) Final Fantasy XIV (PS3) Going to buy Persona 4 Arena tonight on the PS3.
  13. Has a terribly difficult name to pronounce.
  14. So long as I can still watch Mark's videos on his website then I am OK. Oh look, I can.