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  1. So true!!! Outlast is great for that! & Corpse Party, always needed someone present for that haha. Me too! Totally adore the original, but playing the remake with someone who never played the original is a lot of fun too. Especially when you have an idea of what is coming and they don't! That's so funny, never would have considered that! Definitely going to do this. Kinda reminds me of playing princess maker 2 with my brother back in the day to see what she would turn into at the end..😯
  2. Haha that's a good one actually - loved watching Bloodborne & Nioh. Mostly because I would be the one being laughed at as I died, otherwise. 😬😶
  3. Hello! Hope everyone is looking forward to the weekend! 😍 Something I was thinking about today and was interested to hear people's thoughts (sorry if it has been asked recently!). What are some single-player games that you have enjoyed playing with friends? For example, some of mine: Puzzle games like The Witness or Artifex Mundi games. I like playing these on my own too but feels really satisfying solving puzzles/spotting things with someone else. The Witness had loads of these, especially finally cracking The Challenge at the end. Building games like Dragon Quest Builder & Conan Exiles. It's fun to design and create things together and nice having someone to chat to when grinding materials. Simulation games like The Sims 4 & Stardew Valley. Enjoy sharing the emergent storytelling and design, deciding who is going to date who, or do what, (....or be drowned in the pool...?) Stupid games like Octodad & Goat Simulator, because they're funny to watch! What are yours?
  4. Love this thread! My most recent one wasn't a playstation game, but Disco Elysium. That game really got its hooks into me (the calling into work sick kinda hooks 😶). Absolutely cannot wait for it to be ported to ps4 so I can play it all over again. Oh Kim 💜
  5. Seconding this They are pretty fun if you like those kind of games, and pretty quick platinums!
  6. I can confirm the online multiplayer still works on the same network. Tried multiple times on different network and couldn't get it to work!!
  7. Psn id : Ellie6969 I've added a few of you guys already I enjoy comparing trophy lists & seeing what trophies people are earning on the what's new feed. Mostly play Rpgs, open world, vns, sim & puzzle games but I'm open to anything!
  8. At this point it is looking like Trine is a winner! I adore Overcooked but hubby hates it. He can't handle people going off and doing their own thing and not following his orders 😂😂 I think he was traumatised by my brother shouting "I'VE GOT PATTIES" over and over when we already had like 100 patties on the counters and the floor... It's such a shame as does look like couch co op is on the way out; such good memories of playing Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance, Return of the King, Champions of Norrath. Loved all that stuff. Got my fingers crossed for some remasters.
  9. Bless!😍 Mind if I ask why the Plat is so annoying? A lot of playthroughs? Ahh Alienation is great, I should have popped that on my list of games we've played, that's my bad. I really wish Dead Nation was three player! Thank you for the rec though 🙂
  10. Oh cool, I'll have a proper look once I get off work then! Yeah good point, my old PS+ downloads are usually a treasure trove for this kind of thing, that's how we found Neon Chrome. Ahh that's kind, thank you - I have used co-optimus in the past but find I prefer to hear people's opinions rather than taking a punt on the scores!! That's a really sweet thought, he will be gutted if he reads that 😂😂 he's a big old trophy hunter. But maybe doesn't have the hand-eye coordination he did when I was a kid (sorry dad...) I have looked at moon hunters before actually and was put off by mediocre reviews. For a quick weekend stint though, could definitely be a good shout! Thank you!
  11. Torchlight 2 would be bang on but unfortunately think needs all players to be online? Which we can't unfortunately 😞 will check out Fat Princses though! Thank you!
  12. It looks like Trine is coming out on top...! I have very briefly played Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime with two players, and quite enjoyed it. Would you say it is better with three? Or more manic?? Castle Crashers is not one I've seen before either so will definitely check that out too. Thank you for your recs guys!! 😊
  13. Thanks Leenewbe, great suggestions - haven't played worms in years!
  14. These are great, thank you so much!! I think the only one we have played previously is Gauntlet. I've been interested in Trine for a while too but didn't realise it was three player 😁 I will have a sneaky snoop at these while I'm working! X
  15. Hi folks! Happy Friday! My dad is down to stay for the weekend so looking for some recs for decent (preferably short-ish??) games that allow for three player co-op, so I can play with him & hubby. Two players will need to be able to play couch, but third player can be couch or online. We have already blasted through the obvious ones like Diablo III & Borderlands, and played through Neon Chrome and Nine Parchments as well. Hack n slashy preferable but any suggestions gratefully received!! Thank you 😘