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  1. How can I get more thieves to steal from me? Since I increased my prices and bought a load of plants, ive had 0 thieves in about 20 days.
  2. 1. Can Azraels atonement be played again after it has been completed? 2. Is it confirmed that Batman and Night-wing team moves count as unique moves?
  3. I have the same as you. Strange
  4. I controlled quite a lot at Colossus, there are two summoning circles and a lot of insects. Other than that I just controlled a few creatures on various missions. I think it popped on the second to last mission
  5. They definitely do not have to survive for the 20 creature trophy. many of mine died before the missions ended. For the controlling each creature separately trophies, I think they do have to stay alive. As I had controlled a leaper that died, and the trophy didn't pop until I captured it on another mission and it survived.
  6. I just finished the story and I have some things to say to help answer your questions. (Probably) There are no difficulty trophies, it can all be done on easy. The missions are fairly easy tbh apart from the second creator mission. Controlling 20 creatures was the hardest trophy but some how I got it. Either due to a bug or luck. The two trophies to make all bad/good decisions are definitely pretty hard. I didn't get either, but I'm aiming to get the good one on my second playthrough. It's probably just a matter of choosing the right dialogue options and choices, so it's easier than the 20 creature trophy. And yes, the trophies for each of the companions pop at the end depending on what you have done to them and how you treated them during the game.
  7. Which dlc is 3rd?
  8. Can any of the trophies for UC2 and UC3 be earned locally via split-screen?
  9. I downloaded the online pass from the free DLC and installed it, but its still asking me to redeem or buy it, but there is no option to buy it... EDIT Never-mind, I downloaded the wrong thing lol, its all good
  10. Is this true? Or do you need to win every challenge in a tomb at once to count? in one play through of said tomb.
  11. Trying to get 5 other players so we can get Radec's Revenge and some other hard trophies done. I don't have the KZ3 dlc so ill probably have to do these again, I'm doing this on KZ3 multiplayer. Radec's Revenge – Kill the ISA Kill 5 different ISA players in a single match while playing in Radec Academy Highly Decorated – Unlock Ribbons Unlock all Ribbons in a single match while playing Operations or Warzone Deadly Threesome – Triple Kill Get a triple kill while playing in Stahl Arms
  12. So I've had the game for about 7 months now, its always been fine. But a couple of days ago I had to reinstall/redownload all my games because of Vita reasons (that's fixed now) But the game is now unplayable. I have 0 stamina and unless I buy more with my remaining gold, I cant play any levels. The timer resets to like 30 minutes whenever it gets below 20, and my stamina stays at 0. WHAT DO I DO? UPDATE: The timer starts at 40 minutes. Gets to 20 minutes then jumps back to 40.
  13. So if you didn't know, you can gain more turns by completing the green guardian statue in your guild. The problem is that hardly anyone will help as you don't gain much from it in terms of keys and such. So my idea is to create a guild where we ALL only give gold to the green statue to gain turns when doing the treasure hunts.