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  1. I was surprised that the store were I did order it did ship them a week earlier :3 Can't complain. However I probably won't finish it any time soon with Gravity Rush 2 (PS4) next week and Tales of Berseria (PC/Steam). Still need to finish Zestiria on Steam though before starting Berseria... Too much games and not enough time to play them
  2. Today and yesterday 6 PSVita games arrived, 5 in a big package with other stuff.
  3. Senior Bracer With Cold Steel 1 and Cold steel 2 (US versions) Want to play the Japanese versions of it someday, I did bought the LE's (with the drama cd's) of this year. Also have Trails in the Sky on Steam (unplayed).
  4. Haha I do plan to get Shallie Plus next month. But Sophie en Firis are exactly the same as there big console versions. I liked to play the older plus versions because they mostly did have some extra added content and characters to use. But who knows, maybe someday I get them also for the vita but not that soonish probably. Still need to play sophie on the PS4 (bought it at release) but I rather wait for the PC version and let my pc get the taste of the cute girls in Atelier... Reminds me I still have to play Rorona Plus which is installed my Vita
  5. Alchemy Sage will never be possible for me with the newer Atelier games coming to PC next year.
  6. The EU and US version do indeed share the same trophy list this time sadly. I own a US PS3 copy and bought this week the EU vita version. I've not tested if they share the savedata either though.
  7. Going to buy this game for the pc but it is releasing already so soon again... Still need to play Neptunia U on it while Trails of Cold Steel 2 is getting all my attention. Vert is your trash icon... SOLD!
  8. I liked One Punch Man a lot. Maybe i should give Mob Psycho also a try. Have the first two eps on my hdd but did not watch them so far.
  9. Yeah I bought the casual clothes pack and a few of those level up things for reduce the grinding on nightmare difficult in the end
  10. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 1 en 2. Both are available and can suit your wishes with exploration and gameplay I think.
  11. This would be great. The only reason I have two Vita's is because of it being locked to one id each time...
  12. Personal taste I guess in the end. I'm not saying the anime is bad, but it isn't really anything special either though. It felt sometimes like a mix of popular things and interest of anime, not like something unique/special that some people did suggest it was in the first place. It did started great with the first episodes but it went fairly flat after that. It was more like the same thing sometimes and then trying to be too much on the edge. I don't know how the novels are but the anime did come sometimes over as plain and simple, leaving out details just to look more mysterious/dark. It did sound promising but I have the feeling it kind of failed in what it tried to be (more like it tried too much things at the same time). This is of course just my opinion and I did give it a rating of 7/10. It's above average/good but not very good/awesome. Sometimes I tend to give it a 6 but that is more towards the characters and their progression in the story. It was sometimes out of the nowhere. It's probably true that you will need to read the light novels to get more of the story and world itself in the end.
  13. New Game! and Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! for me. Re;zero was okay but not worth the hype, for me at least. Emilia end is nice though.
  14. [PSVITA] Atelier Escha & Logy Plus [Working towards 100%/platinum] // The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel [EU version] [PS3] The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II (US Import) << currently my main title to play [PS4] Gravity Rush Remaster [replaying English version sometimes] [PC] Nothing really, maybe sometimes The Crew
  15. Atelier Sophie (EU retail) and Hatsune Miku Diva X (US retail)