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  1. @UxFxTxThrAsH Transformers: Devastation Over 70% of the trophies are ultra rares, the SS ranks and Commander difficulty, yeah no thanks. Good work on that one
  2. Does anybody know if you can play online with PS3 players using PS Now? I want to finish up Killzone 3's multiplayer trophies and was wondering if I could do it through that.

    1. Jaco


      You should be able to. I played a couple PS3 games online through it, while I had a trial.

  3. This was a little fun to find
  4. I thought you could map L3 on the Vita for these games to the back or front screens?
  5. WipEout HD One of the most intense racers I've ever played. Going through 2048 right now and I'm just barely making my way through the campaigns. Hats off to you!
  6. I'm going to stay indifferent on this, but if the licensing were to go to someone else I would like to see it go to Square Enix and have the guys that worked on Deus Ex, Eidos Montréal, do a game. I haven't really played the Deus Ex games, but from what I've seen those guys have a good style going on that would fit Star Wars perfectly in my opinion.
  7. It's a remake as in like, they built it from the ground up. I didn't play the original so I don't know exactly what the new content is, but I know for sure the inclusion of some trophies and coin collectibles are new.
  8. Neat, thanks for the tip. To speed this up even faster, you can do speed strats and kill the second colossus incredibly quick bringing the time to around 6-7 minutes if you get it down right:
  9. Return to Arkham is a sort of HD remaster of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, redone textures and stuff but nothing crazy. They also include all of the DLC and such
  10. Batman: Return to Arkham, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Watch Dogs 1 and 2. These are some that I really enjoyed and from cross referencing our lists, ones you don't have
  11. [Shadow of the Colossus] Is there anything I should take care of before killing the last Colossus? I've read that upon killing it you're put straight into NG+

    1. Xionx


      If you want all shrines you should do that. Its not missable because you can still get them in NG+ , but they reset ... so you have to pray on all in same playthrough .  last shrine is behind the door you can only open after killing 15th colossus , but if you go to far there is a point of no return .

      Like i said , its not missable , but better be done at this point.

  12. Shadow of the Colossus' Wander. I think it'll actually turn out to be a pretty fun time. Only really have to hide for half of a day when the sun's out and since I don't have any tramp stamps, Wander can't rough me up too bad
  13. Black Ops III for sure. I respect that grind for it