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  1. Any PSVR owners out there with anything to recommend from the VR sale? :) 

    1. DaisyVilla102


      Mine, ranked (with the type of controller needed).  I especially recommend the first three. :) 

      1. Headmaster (ds4)
      2. I Expect You to Die (either)
      3. Statik (ds4)
      4. Job Simulator (move)
      5. Tethered (either)
      6. SUPERHYPERCUBE (ds4)
      7. Carnival Games (move)
  2. I've been really enjoying Destiny 2, but man Trials of the Nine is the most brutal thing I've experienced in a while. Seems so unfair at times, makes me wanna put the game down and never come back lol

    1. Night Cast

      Night Cast

      I agree.


      I had a thought about it the other day on what could make it seem less brutal and more fair. What I came up with is to use weekly modifiers; extremely similar to the modifiers in weekly nightfalls. Like nightfalls the modifiers would change weekly. Examples would be modifiers like no hand cannons, no revives, no supers ETC. 


      I would at least like to see this idea tested out. It would spice things up a bit and it wouldn't seem like the same group of people winning over and over again. It forces teams to change their approach and adjust. I personally would want to see restricting the use of scout rifles as the first modifier.


      At this time, it almost feels like if you gather a group of decently skilled players who cooperate well with each other, give them all the MIDA-Multi Tool, Uriel's Gift, and a good rocket launcher (Sins of the Past!) they will probably win almost all their games week after week.


      Just a thought I had, I don't really know if it is even an idea worth trying out but thought I would share it anyways.

  3. Newcomer newbie NirvanaShift doesn't have one 🤔
  4. First 10 were all on PS3 and they were Ratchet and Clank : A Crack in Time Jak and Daxter : The Precursor Legacy Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus Sly 2 : Band of Thieves Sly 3 : Honor Among Thieves Spider-Man : Edge of Time Ratchet and Clank : All 4 One Phineas and Ferb : Across the 2nd Dimension (lol) Prototype 2 Jak II I think it speaks a lot about what I liked on PS2
  5. I'd like to sign up for Relic Finder with: Uncharted 4 : A Thief's End Uncharted : Golden Abyss Uncharted : The Lost Legacy
  6. I'd like to sign up for Abysswalker with: Dark Souls Bloodborne
  7. I'd like to signup for Member of the Alliance with: Little Big Planet 1 Little Big Planet 2 Little Big Planet 3
  8. I've completed 4 of the main games for Worst Nightmare Arkham Asylum Arkham City Arkham Origins Arkham Knight Arkham VR
  9. I'd like to be put down for Exo Soldier with 4 platinums and BO2
  10. #104 • Jak and Daxter : The Precursor Legacy  (PS4)

    Had a nice Saturday playing through this one again for the Trophy Hunting Day event. The platinum also managed to push me to trophy level 29! :D 

  11. 37 trophies from me. Almost snuck a platinum in there, but missed the timeframe by 10 mins