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  1. Does anyone know if this glitch works on PS5? or is this only working on PS4s?
  2. COD: Black Ops III COD: Black Ops II COD: Infinite Warfare WipEout 2048 Outlast 2 Mercenary Kings Fall Guys Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Furi COD: World War II Sports Champions Dead By Daylight Injustice LittleBigPlanet 3 Overwatch Batman Arkham Origins Payday 2 Downwell Warface Terraria Superhot VR Star Wars Battlefront Mortal Kombat 9 This is a pretty neat set to look at
  3. One of my favorite moments would be with Bloodborne. It was my first Souls game, I've heard all about the difficulty and I was really excited for the game. That first hour of playtime, exploring Central Yharnam, learning the combat and controls, and finding my way to the Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne, it was such an enjoyable experience. The rest of the game was just as enjoyable, but that first time dropping in was so memorable.
  4. 5 trophies from me! Knocked out some Killing Floor DLC and started what I could of Knack 2.
  5. I think the most unique trophy list I've seen in terms of icons is That's You. Really cool badges that make your recent trophies pop.
  6. I thought this would be a game that I regularly play even after getting the platinum, but I fell off pretty hard. I've tried getting crowns for the cool skins that have been getting released, but I can't play the game for more than half an hour without getting bored anymore.
  7. Black Ops 4, holy moly nice work on that one. It's a dream plat of mine, but the blackout and zombies will forever keep me from it.
  8. Finally managed to get it, along with the platinum. Pretty hilarious how once I finally complained about the trophy on Twitter, the next day going for it is the one that nets me the trophy. Even got it live on my stream which was nice.
  9. Shadow of the Colossus (PS3). I got the easier of the two, haha.
  10. Not incredibly hard but Grounded mode on The Last of Us was really memorable. Downwell Hard Mode. Outlast 2 Insane Mode without reloading camera. Until Dawn Rush of Blood Psychotic Mode. Batman Arkham Origins I Am The Night Mode.
  11. Super Meat Boy, good stuff.
  12. @Brettyboy888 You have to restart from area 1 whenever you game over.
  13. I don't get what you mean by a superior pair of gun boots, since you just switch the type of gun with the modules, but the way to beat hard mode is to play on the mode that gives more upgrade rooms. Just pick up every single one to increase your ammo and health. The reverse engineering power up also helps to switch the modules to either switch the type of blaster you get or switch the ammo to health. Knife and fork is also very useful if you make it a thing to walk over all the dead bodies you see. With all that, it really does just boil down to playing well. The more I played, I found myself doing the first area without taking damage, and the second with only 1 or 2 hits, etc. Combos are also a thing to keep in mind, since getting at least a 25(?) combo gives you +1 health and ammo. Good luck!
  14. Aside from Beat Saber, Moss is one of my favorites. Looking forward to getting around to that new DLC they released for it.
  15. Would the Mad House trophy be harder to get with the new Doctor?