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  1. Does anyone still have to do LBP Karting online wins? Looking for someone to do them with ASAP :) 

    1. KANERKB


      am sorry to bring bad news but lbp karting's online is well dead they shut it off a lot while back now

    2. Scyther


      @KANERKB Are you sure about that? I thought it was like Arkham Origins; supposed to be shut down, but never actually was. 

    3. Crazy


      @KANERKB The online is still up, it was just in Japan that the servers were cut across all the LBP games

  2. Can someone post a picture of it?
  3. Yikes, that trophy is going to be incredibly more difficult if it is to follow the wording. I felt the Prestige Nightfall to be hard enough, can't imagine what it takes to do the Prestige Raid.
  4. So salty that I missed out on the God of War theme for PSX, it looks so nice 😞

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Crazy


      On top of that, I can't even redeem half of the codes I got because I've put in too many too fast :lol: 

    3. Scyther


      Lol. Really? I claimed all of mine, and didn't run into that. 

    4. Elvick_


      I can't redeem half of mine either. lol

  5. Most of the problems you listed here can be remedied by flicking some options in the settings menu. There are settings to change the marker system, as well as gamma and brightness settings to see better. Concerning the combat, it is certainly due to the over saturation of that style (seeing how you compared it to Shadow of Mordor). I for one, did start feeling some repetitiveness in the late game, but when don't you in any game? If you wanted more of a challenge or balance yourself out, you could have swapped out the armor. I don't know, just playing devil's advocate
  6. I really liked this year's show. Felt a lot like a podcast, that of which I'm a fan. It was a very hype, yet very chill PSX this year.
  7. You like your ultra rares. Very impressive!
  8. Only a little over 100 days then until we get to kick some Norse mythology ass 😎
  9. Speedruns are sick. They're my main form of entertainment on Twitch with streamers like Distortion2, BubblesDelFuego and Xem92. Seeing runners completely master a game and beat it faster than you can imagine is super cool, especially when it's a game that you've beaten yourself. The neat tricks, glitches and tech that they show off are super flashy and interesting. I've actually even picked up on tactics that they use in my own gameplay, and makes for an overall good time. Watching a ton of speedruns, it got me infatuated with the idea and led me to pick up on one: Ratchet and Clank (PS4). Here's my 'first' run on it if anyone is interested, not too shabby for a first timer (currently 43rd on the leaderboards).
  10. iirc; It should allow you to turn it off in the gameplay or difficulty settings.
  11. 1000 Top Rated 😞
  12. Skyrim, it's been a platinum that's been tempting me for years and the fact that you completed it in a little over a week amazes me
  13. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
  14. I'm thinking Batman: Arkham Origins is going to be one, no idea for the rest lol
  15. #105 • Destiny 2
    Finally got this one done with the funniest and nicest LFG group I've ever met. Made the raid incredibly fun and enjoyable for my first time :)