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  1. This absolute unit. But seriously, Nathan Drake is the best. How can you not love him? P.S. isn't it pretty neat how Spider-Man is technically a PS mascot now? P.P.S We NEED a new PlayStation Character commercial like this one with this new wave of mascots.
  2. I'm hoping they have something pretty notable to start off the first month with no PS3, PSVita games. Hopeful prediction: Resident Evil 7, South Park: The Stick of Truth. Realistic predictions: Far Cry 4 / Titanfall 2.
  3. I don't really give up on games that I've already started unless they become unobtainable. More often than not I embrace difficult platinums, especially if it's something that I actually like and vibe with. However, there are the crazy exceptions like Furi, Super Meat Boy, and Injustice that I know I probably won't be doing anytime soon. 😅
  4. Speed Vector is a really good workout. I never got past the hurdle of nailing the controls down, and made for a somewhat bad experience, but for the sessions I did have I was really sweating.
  5. I simply leave the abhorrent beast that is my backlog in the corner of the room. Once every blue moon, it howls in the middle of the night to remind me it exists. Eventually, it gets tired of being ignored and coerces me to pull one from its stack and pop a platinum. PlayStation exclusives and AAA games are the repellent I use to put it back in its place.
  6. All I want is The Order 1886. I missed the boat on release and have been holding out on every sale that it's been on with the hope of it being a PS+ game some day.
  7. [Kingdom Hearts] I finished 100 Acre Wood in one session and went to fight the secret boss in Agrabah and died without saving... on my no dying playthrough. Now I have to do that whole spiel with Pooh again. Makes me wanna chuck the disc out the window.

    That's a whole hour and a half I won't be getting back, oh well.

  8. The worst game I played in 2018 was Fallout 76. The glitches, lack of attachment to any character, the abundance of fetch quests, piss poor co-op, and balancing made for a bad game. I still "enjoyed" what it had left to offer, but it still just wasn't a good game. I do think there's something there that they can make great, but they really screwed it up. I don't regret my time with it, but I'm glad to be finished with the game, accompanied by a nice shiny plat.
  9. Just as a note, you have to win the matches for it to count toward the trophy.
  10. Finally wrapped up Fallout 76, onto some better games!

    1. DamagingRob


      Big congrats! Game sounds like a train wreck. Lol. 

    2. MidnightDragon
    3. Spaz


      Both Fallout 76 and Fallout Shelter are train wrecks.


      Guess Fallout 4 is the only halfway decent one in recent years.

  11. Any one know if you have to down the player and kill them for it to count or can you just kill them once they're already down?
  12. Another unobtainable on my list!
  13. Really liked the switch up on the camera, and overall style of gameplay. God of War 2018 feels a lot more grounded and heavy, unlike the past games where I felt them very lightweight and "floaty." Pros: Environments, Combat, Story, Characters Cons: Story, Lake of Nine The story was great, but in my opinion there are some pretty questionable decisions and events that had me scratching my head. As for the lake, it was just annoying to navigate if I'm honest (Mimir made up for it). 😅 Overall, I really loved it and look forward to whatever else Santa Monica Studios has in store for us. SPIDER-MAN WAS ROBBED
  14. When is the Knack 2 co-op playthrough going to happen?