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  1. Luckily, a majority of the new harder trophies I've already got unlocked from doing their old counterparts. Only leaves me with ranked stuff which shouldn't be too bad. Took a real long break from this game, so it should be fun getting back into it.
  2. A personal favorite of mine is Ratchet & Clank. I grew up with the games and just love the series to death. A more recent experience would be LittleBigPlanet, had a blast going through 3 with my brother and the games are always a good time with friends.
  3. Anybody else finally getting their trophy pass points on Sony Rewards? Unexpectedly got my gold and platinum trophy passes awarded this week, and they bumped my point count high enough to snag some PSN cards which is always nice. 👍

    1. PSXtreme_


      They have my account STILL all screwed up. Don't expect them to fix it to where I'll be able to redeem any points for anything...

    2. Hemiak


      The only credit I ever got was bronzes, one time. Even after I should have got the others multiple times, stopped caring. 

  4. It's Bound to Take Your Life Die for the first time 😔
  5. Marvel vs Capcom 3. Really neat platinum, and I'm incredibly ass at fighting games.
  6. Just noticed I reached trophy level 34! Must've crossed it with the Furi platinum which also marks my 144th. Next on the list is Kingdom Hearts 1. I'll finally be finishing it up after one last playthrough on Final Mix after 5 years of off and on playing. 😅

    I've noticed I've been enjoying gaming a lot more since entering university. Although I have to focus a lot more on school, I actually value my time with games now and make the most of it whenever I can play in my spare time.

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    2. ihadalifeb4this


      That's Crazy! Congrats!

    3. DamagingRob



    4. ResoluteRock


      Interesting, I felt like I’ve been enjoying gaming less since entering university. I’m always thinking about something else I could be doing instead.


      Nice job on the milestone!

  7. Do you know how much that would cost? lol
  8. I'm in the minority, but I liked it. I can't lie and say I wasn't expecting more, but once I realized what it's supposed to be, I really liked it. As a PSVR owner, new updates and games are exciting (Iron Man VR!). The last hurrah for the some of the last exclusives confirmed for this year was good too (Days Gone, Concrete Genie). I was already sold on them, but I honestly forgot Concrete Genie was a thing lmao. Looking forward to more of these State of Play broadcasts for sure. 👍
  9. This absolute unit. But seriously, Nathan Drake is the best. How can you not love him? P.S. isn't it pretty neat how Spider-Man is technically a PS mascot now? P.P.S We NEED a new PlayStation Character commercial like this one with this new wave of mascots.
  10. I'm hoping they have something pretty notable to start off the first month with no PS3, PSVita games. Hopeful prediction: Resident Evil 7, South Park: The Stick of Truth. Realistic predictions: Far Cry 4 / Titanfall 2.
  11. I don't really give up on games that I've already started unless they become unobtainable. More often than not I embrace difficult platinums, especially if it's something that I actually like and vibe with. However, there are the crazy exceptions like Furi, Super Meat Boy, and Injustice that I know I probably won't be doing anytime soon. 😅
  12. Speed Vector is a really good workout. I never got past the hurdle of nailing the controls down, and made for a somewhat bad experience, but for the sessions I did have I was really sweating.
  13. I simply leave the abhorrent beast that is my backlog in the corner of the room. Once every blue moon, it howls in the middle of the night to remind me it exists. Eventually, it gets tired of being ignored and coerces me to pull one from its stack and pop a platinum. PlayStation exclusives and AAA games are the repellent I use to put it back in its place.
  14. All I want is The Order 1886. I missed the boat on release and have been holding out on every sale that it's been on with the hope of it being a PS+ game some day.
  15. [Kingdom Hearts] I finished 100 Acre Wood in one session and went to fight the secret boss in Agrabah and died without saving... on my no dying playthrough. Now I have to do that whole spiel with Pooh again. Makes me wanna chuck the disc out the window.

    That's a whole hour and a half I won't be getting back, oh well.