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  1. Really love this theme for Shadow of the Colossus. Just the overall feel, music and the changing background. Plus, it's free
  2. Played KH1&2 way back on the PS2, but it's been so long ago I don't remember the story anymore Really want to play KH3 though, hopefully it won't take too long to replay the previous games
  3. I generally buy it day one or within a couple of weeks of release date. But that's because I like to get limited/special editions so getting it later might actually be more expensive and hard to find. It actually depends on the game as well. If it's a game that I've been anticipating for a while, then I get it almost asap. For others that I'm interested in, but not in a hurry to play, I wait for the Game of the Year editions (especially if it looks like there will be lots of DLC followups).
  4. Feel free to add I mostly play VNs and otome games now on my Vita.
  5. I'm looking forward to getting that limited edition. 700 pages worth should have plenty of interesting info inside. Hoping it'll be like the Crossbell Archives book where we get behind details and explanations of story/events.
  6. Am excited for any Utawarerumono games This series became one of my top fav games ever since playing all three previous games last year. Can't wait for the new story-focused one too! Really happy to see Utawarerumono doing well!
  7. Liking the new outfits overall, though I like Altina's Sen 3 one more for some reason. Can't wait to see the others Here's hoping Sen IV will have a satisfying conclusion for the Sen arc.
  8. Dragon Quest XI (starting on this soon) Horizon Zero Dawn The Last Guardian Final Fantasy XV (going to wait until all DLCs are out to start this) Chaos Child
  9. Can't wait for more info about this game Kondo said that right from the start of SenIV, there will be pretty shocking/surprising reveals for people who have followed the entire Kiseki series up til now. Wonder what it'll be.
  10. I just purchased Chaos Child for the vita Looking forward to reading through it since I've heard good things about it! Here's hoping it's not required to play through the previous game to understand.
  11. Yup it's Asuka from Tokyo Xanadu Pretty funny how you thought of Alisa, since I really like Alisa+Sharon combi from Sen
  12. Thanks! And I get a quote from Sharon! One of my fav. characters from Sen, nice!
  13. Can I be registered for Junior Bracer? finally got my first kiseki platinum for Sen1 heh. Hopefully I'll be motivated to get more going forward
  14. I change my theme often, currently using this one from Trails of Cold Steel 3.